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What are SPY Services: Top 20 SPY Services for Facebook, Google, Pop-Up, Native Ads


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Who it is for

  • 1. affiliate
  • 2. webmasters

Searching for working bundles, testing new creatives takes up to 80% of the webmaster's working time and a significant part of the allocated money. SPY services help to minimize labor and time costs (as well as save money). Today we’ll talk about what these services are and give a list of the best of them for each traffic source.

What is a SPY service and why is it needed

The SPY service is a monitoring tool that allows you to track the ads of other webmasters. In other words, these are espionage services with which you can peep the approach or even copy other people's creatives, after which you must unify and use them when working with your offer.


SPY service interface example


SPY services in marketing solve several key tasks:


  • Search for ideas and approaches. You can look at other people's ads, evaluate them in terms of performance and highlight profitable approaches. For example, a creative could use a good metaphor or eye-catching text.
  • Search and copy creatives and landings. With the help of SPY services, you can find, download, and even edit landing pages that other webmasters have used for their ads. Similarly, you can borrow creatives from colleagues. 
  • Collection of analytical data. SPY service will show statistics on views, clicks, campaign duration and many other parameters;


If you plan to copy creatives, don't forget to clear the metadata and make it unique with minor processing in any photo editor.



Otherwise, the SPY service is just a library with ads from various webmasters, which is constantly updated with fresh ads. You can search them by keywords and filter by geo, language, offer, landing page and many other filters.


Articles worth paying attention to in the context of this topic:


SPY services for working with Facebook

FB Library. The best SPY service to work with Facebook. The main advantage (besides being free): FB AI recognizes text in pictures. That is, if the keyword is not in the text, but is in the picture, you will see it in the search results. It can also be noted that in SPY the bundle appears after a few days. To the library right now. 


Cost: free


AdHeart. One of the largest ad libraries with a constantly updated database of promotional materials. You can sort your ads by keywords, 50+ languages, by GEO and link, by publisher, by IP, by content type, by buttons and many other parameters. You can upload creatives. There is advanced functionality for app promotion - you can search for popular apps and creatives for them.


Cost: $53 per month



AdSpy. Large ad library on Facebook and Instagram: about 100 million ads (database is growing every day), over 211 countries, over 80 languages. You can filter your search by many different parameters: text in the ad, gender, age, number of likes, country, language, media type (image/video), content management system, etc. You can sort the results by the number of likes and reposts, as well as by the age of the ad.


Cost: $149 per month


ADLover. Shows teasers placed through Facebook Ads and ads purchased directly from bloggers. The service is not suitable for everyone, so there is a trial period with limited functionality. You can filter ads by keywords, links, usernames, post creation dates, content, apps, language, and geo (40 countries available).


Cost: $20 per month


SPY services for working with Google 

SemRush. Service for monitoring ads in Google Ads and Bing Ads. Over 810 million domains, 20 billion keywords, over 35 trillion backlinks. Supports more than 140 countries, but the main vector is taken to the English-speaking countries. Filters by GEO, keywords, popularity, verticals. You can choose a vertical and track the most popular creatives. There are detailed analytics, including landing pages.


Cost: $119 per month


SpyFu. Several times recognized as the best tool for monitoring contextual advertising, SEO in Google Ads. With SpyFu, you can quickly find trending verticals, profitable keywords, PPC bids. Allows you to quickly find competitors' creatives: hosting site, landing page address. 


Cost: $39 per month


iSpionage. A powerful marketing intelligence tool for popular search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing. Positioned as an intelligent tool, so many routine processes are automated. Filter by keywords, PPC, date added, demographics, landing page, competitor ID, performance. There is reverse engineering - the option to search for profitable niches and the most requested keywords.


Cost: $59 per month


SPY services for working with TikTok

BigSpy. SPY service for TikTok, FB, IG, Google, Twitter, YouTube and other sites. The library has more than 600 million creatives, replenished every day. There are a wide range of filters - by keywords, regions, platforms, language, site types, creative types, etc. Collects information about activity and views, as well as the timing of campaigns. There is also a section with detailed statistics for each creative.


Cost: $9 per month


PiPiAds. A database of TikTok ads with the ability to search by various parameters. Ads available from TikTok, Etsy, Shopify, etc. 


Cost: $77 per month


TikTok Spy. Free service for tracking TikTok bloggers (influencers). There is a search for bloggers, videos, sounds, hashtags, effects.


Cost: free


TikTok Creative Center. Own database of TikTok creatives. It aims to inspire authors to create good content that will fall into trends. The service is free.


SPY services for working with Pop-Up traffic

AdPlexity Adult. A tool for monitoring Adult ads from the developers of the main AdPlexity service, which we will analyze a little later. This SPY works with banner and popunder ads. You can download a landing page in one click, monitor 75 countries of the world. From the filters, you can search by keywords, sites, affiliate networks, GEO and advertisers. 


Cost: $199 per month


Spy.House. Free SPY monitoring service for Push, In-Page Push and teaser ads. Simple, reliable, nothing more. Recommended for beginners by the entire editorial team.


AdMobiSpy. Tool for monitoring mobile ads. Checks 6 pop-ups and 23 ad networks, including Google AdWords. For example: StartApp, MobFox, Google AdWords, Vungle, AppLovin, Leadbolt, AirPush, MoPub, Inneractive, Adlabs Mobile, AppNext, Smaato, RevMob, UnityAds, etc. Filters by keywords, domains, links, redirects, apps, sites, OS , sex and age. 


Cost: $599 per month


SPY services for working with Native Ads and teaser traffic

AdPlexity. A universal SPY service for advertising networks with specific traffic, we mentioned one of its branches above. Supports mobile, desktop, push ads, as well as a monitoring service for e-commerce and advanced business tools.


Each source has its own Adplexity, for which you will have to pay separately. Filters by keywords, advertisers, publishers, affiliate networks and more. Tracks campaign timing, target devices, traffic sources, publishers, and more. Downloads landings.


Cost: $150 for one single traffic source


Anstrex.com. The SPY service monitors 27 ad networks and two formats at once: PUSH notifications and native ads. Tailored for affiliate marketing. Allows you to work with landing pages without downloading them to your computer. All the declared functions and filters of other services are present here without exception.

Cost: $70 per month

SpyOver. Service for monitoring and analyzing advertising in teaser and native networks. You can view ads and landing pages of competitors. The service shows detailed statistics for each ad from 150 GEOs. Can be filtered by keywords, ad networks, countries, language, devices, browsers, CPA networks, trackers. 


Cost: $149 per month


Use other cool SPY services that are not in the list - write the name in the comments, we will add it!



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