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What are the best proxies for CPA marketing and work with Facebook


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Hello! Today we understand what a proxy is in the work of a webmaster, what is the http and socks5 protocol, what is the difference between server, residential and mobile proxies, and of course we will tell you which proxy is best for a webmaster to choose to work with Facebook and other traffic sources. 

What are proxies and why are they needed

Let's start with the definition of the very concept of a proxy - what it is. We will not quote Wikipedia today, since everything that is written there will be extremely difficult to understand, and loading ourselves with unnecessary information in our time is not the best thing to do. Therefore, we simplify this definition to a minimum. 


A proxy is a thing that allows us to change the IP address. That is, the site we will visit will think that we are accessing it from a different IP. Based on this IP, depending on our needs, we can identify ourselves as a user from the USA, Brazil, Germany or any other GEO.



What are proxies for? Anti-fraud systems of advertising networks such as Google or Facebook forbid us to have multiple accounts, so in order for us to create many accounts and thus scale our advertising campaigns, we need to change our IP address. If we access all accounts from the same IP address, the antifraud system will understand that the accounts belong to one person and all of them will be banned.


Also, in order to deceive the antifraud system, we need to replace the fingerprint of our browser / computer. More about this in the article:"Antidetect browser: what is it, how to install and which one to choose for working with affiliate marketing". 

What is the difference between a proxy and a VPN

The main differences between proxies and VPNs in terms of online advertising:


  • Data protection. A VPN offers a higher level of security and data encryption than a proxy.
  • Traffic volume. The VPN processes all traffic from the user's device, including all applications, while the proxy only works at the application or browser level.
  • Server Locations. VPN offers more choice of servers in different countries and proxy is limited in this aspect.
  • Identification. A VPN provides a higher level of anonymity by hiding your IP address and other identifying information.


Proxy types

The main three types of proxies are server, residential and mobile.


  • Residential. IP addresses of home networks that algorithms associate with real users with reference to a real place, which is why they have a high trust. Plus, providers hang one IP on a bunch of clients. Ban everyone? Even FB won't. 
  • Mobile. Proxies with a clean reputation. You can sit from the desktop, FB will regard each user's request as a call from a smartphone. FB is extremely loyal to mobile traffic, but the price tag bites. 
  • Server. They are launched on the basis of virtual and physical servers in data centers around the world. Differ in the low price and high speed. The best in terms of price, but you need to carefully monitor the validity. Checker here.


Why you should not use residential or server proxies to work with FB? Because for each account you will have to buy a separate proxy. Plus, if you accidentally mix up the proxy and log into your account with the wrong proxy, you will most likely get a ban. Also, these proxies, namely the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, are used by bot farms and they do not have any trust. Some sites do not even open in principle when using these types of proxies. 

What is HTTP and SOCKS5 protocol

These are the most popular protocols. Again, we will not go into the technical details of how this works, because if you are not a technical specialist, then you do not need it. The main thing is to understand the essence and what works best: 


SOCKS5. Proxy servers that work with this protocol are initially anonymous, since they pass network traffic in their pure form, without revealing HTTP headers. Therefore, the server you are trying to access will not know about the use of a proxy server, nor will it receive your IP address. 


HTTP. The proxies of this protocol differ in the degree of anonymity. The following types of HTTP proxies are distinguished by anonymity:


  • Transparent proxies that do not mask the real IP address and do not hide the fact that a proxy server is used to access a resource. 
  • Anonymous Proxies. They transmit information that proxies are used, however, your IP address is masked and replaced with another IP address.
  • Elite proxies. They hide the use of proxies, and also reliably mask the IP address, which makes them the most secure among HTTP proxies. The server you try to access will assume that your connection is made directly, without using a proxy server.


There are also nuances with elite proxies, so I can only advise you to always take SOCKS5 and you will not have any problems in life. 

What proxies are best for CPA marketing and FB work

Mobile proxies are the best. They work only within one GEO. That is, if you are going to register a Ukrainian account (for example), then you need to buy Ukrainian proxies. It may not always be convenient, but it is reliable. Plus they give high speed.


To argue our position, let's briefly talk about how they work: 


Mobile operators allocate a limited number of IP addresses, resulting in multiple customers using the same IP address. Therefore, these IP addresses will not be unique, i.e. they can be repeated and used by many people.


Since many people are connected to the same IP address at the same time, Facebook or Google cannot block all these IPs, even if suspicious activity is detected from them. This can harm hundreds of other users who also use the site from this IP address.


Another advantage is that mobile proxy IP is not static. Every time you restart your 4G connection (e.g. turn on airplane mode on your phone and then turn it off), the IP changes.


These features make 4G (as well as other mobile connections such as 3G and LTE) a secure and efficient means of multi-accounting. By merging with thousands of other users, you become more natural, which significantly reduces the likelihood of detection and blocking of your accounts.

Where to buy mobile proxies?

Go to the Tools section on our website and take advantage of the offers from the catalog. The proxy services presented there work exclusively with affiliate marketing webmasters and know exactly their needs. 


Or go to our article with promo codes and take advantage of services that offer discounts for our readers. 



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