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25 promotional codes for advertising on Facebook, Google Ads and other advertising networks for webmasters


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Hello to all webmasters! We have collected here for you a bunch of promotional codes for a large number of services that can be useful to you when working with advertising from Facebook, Google Ads, push/pops networks, etc. Use it, save your budget, get more profit and read AffJournal.


P.S. The material was written with the support by ADLEADPRO and CPA Lenta

Promo codes for antidetect browsers

  • Octo Browser – convenient and fast anti-detect browser to protect your online privacy. It replaces information about the device and program that you use to access the Internet. Promo code CPALENTA gives 4 days of base subscription for free.
  • Dolphin{anty} – anti-detect browser designed specifically for webmasters who work with Google, Facebook and TikTok. Promo code ADLEADPRO, which will give a 20% discount on the first payment. 
  • GoLogin — anti-detect browser with cloud storage of profiles and access to accounts from any browser. Now the guys give 7 days of free use for the test, and with the ADLEADPRO promotional code you will have another 14 days to calmly water, feel the difference between paid and free tariffs.

Promo codes for SPY services

  • Adheart - FB Spy Tool with the largest database of promotional materials for promotion in Facebook Ads. Use the promo code ADLEADPRO to get a 15% discount on access to the service. 
  • SpyOver - teaser advertising monitoring and analysis service. Analyze competitor ads - be one step ahead. The easiest tool to analyze teaser ads. Use the promo code ADLEADPRO to get a 30% discount on access to the service. 
  • Admobispy - SPY service that tracks ads on Google Ads and Propeller Ads. Use the promo code ADLEADPRO to get a 30% discount on access to the service. 


Promo codes for proxy services

  • ProxySeller — private Socks5 & HTTPs proxies from $0.99 with no traffic limits and 1 Gb/s speed support. With the promo code ADLEADPRO, the guys give a 15% discount. 
  • iProxy.online - a unique application with which you can raise mobile proxies from your phone. Offers high speed, IP rotation, Telegram bot, API support and more. AFFJOURNAL promo code gives a 10% discount on service services.
  • Asocks.com - Proxy provider with mobile and residential proxies for any use case. No ip bans. Compatible to any soft. Asocks is a perfect fit to perfomance marketing, price comparison, data collecting and market research. Promo code AFFJOURNAL will give you an extra $3 to your account. 
  • Proxy Store - online service for renting individual proxies. Promo code TRUE-30 will give a 30% discount on all server proxies. 

Promo codes for cloaking and tracking services

  • Binom - it is a self-hosted tracker, which has an absolute leadership in the speed of processing clicks and generating reports. When registering via the link - the first month is free and -40% for paying the second month.
  • Keitaro - universal tracker for internet marketing. Work without cookies, reports based on 30+ metrics, domain parking, teamwork and many other options for profitable work. By promo code PROTRAFFIC20 -20% discount on the first purchase of any license for up to 3 months.
  • AdsBridge - tracker that automatically optimizes campaigns. There is a smartlink for 8 verticals and integration with CPA networks. Promo code ProTraffic25 25% off any monthly or yearly plan.

Promo codes for push/pops advertising networks

  • Kadam - the largest advertising network that uses the most modern technologies for a comprehensive solution of customer problems. By promo code ADLEADPRO + 7% to the deposit.
  • Adsterra - a global CPA advertising and affiliate network with a unique Partner Care approach. With promo code DWBFYQ4X get +100$ when topping up from 400$.
  • Galaksion - advertising network without bots, fraud and overpayments. With promo code ADLEADPRO20 get +20% on your first deposit.
  • Lospollos -advertising network with high-quality traffic at the lowest price. By promo code ADLEADPRO22 +$20 for the first deposit.
  • RichAds - a global self-service advertising network designed specifically for marketers. By promo code ADLEADPRO +10% on the first deposit.
  • Clickadu - digital advertising network for web and mobile channels with excellent expertise, unique capabilities, and experience in revenue maximization for publishers and advertisers. Get +$20 on deposits over $100 or +10% on deposits over $300. Promo code CLICK_PRO. 

Promo codes for mobile applications

  • PWA.market - multifunctional PWA app builder for any vertical. Promo code TEFTELKA gives a 15% discount on any tariff, except for Trial and Custom tariffs.
  • iRent.Market - service for renting and buying webview iOS applications for Gambling & Betting. In 2022, iOS apps using Justlink technology were rented by more than 3,000 people, and the average ROI reached 170%. The maximum conversion of INSTALL2DEP was 1 to 4. The promo code CPALENTA gives 20% to the account from a one-time replenishment amount in the service.

Promo codes for payment services (virtual cards)

  • Capitalist - free issue of a virtual card using the ADLEADPRO promo code through a  TG-bot 
  • AnyBill - cards for Facebook, Google and TikTok. Register using this link → write promo code ADLEAD to support @Alex_supportAB → you get 0% commission for the first three deposits instead of 3-4.5%. 
  • FlexCard - here you will also find cards for Facebook, Google and TikTok. Write to support code word is Adleadpro and get your free cards! (only for new users).

Promo codes for other services

  • pl.ad-red.ru — WhitePage automatic generation service. In a couple of clicks, you get a website with 7+ pages with unique pictures and articles, with a privacy policy, terms of use and information about the collection of cookies. Full support for FB and Google updates, 20+ topics and 38 languages. Adlead promo code get +50% bonus on your first deposit.



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