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What are Facebook ad accounts and how to prepare them for launching ads


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Who it is for

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After doing a little reserch on the forums, we noticed that people are trying to run ads from their own accounts or warm up / farm on their own, spending a lot of time on it. Although there are many shops on the market that sell farm accounts, logs, brutes, autoregs, business managers for a rather nominal fee. Below we will understand what it is and give some useful links to shops where you can find it all. Lets go!


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What are Facebook Ads accounts

The biggest problem is account bans. There are two types of bans on Facebook - for behavioral activity and for advertising activities. Sooner or later, any Facebook account gets banned, which requires a constant stream of new accounts: take care in advance where you will get them.


Let's go through the range in order and tell about each separately.


Farm account — imitation of user activity on a Facebook page to bypass the anti-fraud system. A Facebook account is the foundation for your advertising activities. Whatever you do, if the cabinet is initially bad, it will not work for a long time.


Autoreg — automatically registered account. That is, they are registered massively with special software using a proxy and a base of phone numbers. Created in bulk, there are both with a photo and without.



Brute account or logs — accounts of real or fake people hacked by password guessing. It is illegal to use such accounts. Most likely these are old abandoned accounts.


Own accounts with farm — a stable option that requires an investment of effort, but will provide a stream of high-quality accounts. It is necessary to develop our own pharma methodology, since all schemes sold on the Internet are a copy of each other and quickly become obsolete.


Rental accounts — this includes accounts of acquaintances and friends. As a rule, this is a proven (and free) option for a beginner. Also in profile chats there are people who rent accounts for a fee. There is no guarantee that a person will not see the data,bundle and provide a high-quality advertising account.


Purchasable accounts — many companies and webmasters with pharma departments offer to buy accounts. The cost is from $5 to infinity. Choose the middle option, since even expensive accounts do not guarantee endless work without bans. 


You can buy all of the above types of accounts from the guys from the store MakeMoneyFB (but not necessarily, since you can farm yourself if you have time. More on that below).


It is also worth mentioning separately about fanpage and business manager:


Fanpage —this is a public business page that is created to promote an offer. Without a Fan Page, you can't run ads. In fact, the FP is a community page, it can be created by any FB user. In FB itself, for some time now the Fan page has been called simply a page.

It used to be that FP is a mandatory but useless consumable. Webmasters made blank pages with avatars and charged ads from them. Over time, FB began to increase the requirements for the fan page trust. Literally in the summer of 2022, it was almost impossible to work without good “farmed” or age pages. If don't want bans - look for trust FP.



Business Manager — this is an account in the Business Manager service that allows you to manage resources more efficiently. You can add FB and Instagram advertising accounts to it and control them from one platform.


Farm accounts: how to farm accounts yourself

The basics of farming and creating a quality account from scratch are pure data. A simple and popular farming scheme: using the iPhone with further account transfer in the antidetect browser or a Chrome account on OS X.


Top tips for farming:


  • use clean proxies and a reset iPhone;
  • imitate user behavior and do not do everything at once;
  • carry out actions that users do (games, watching videos, chatting);
  • start with 30 minutes of activity in your account and increase it daily by 10-20 minutes;
  • do all actions related to advertising activities (linking a card, creating a BM) with breaks.


But remember that the above steps are not guaranteed as "the circuit is constantly changing". Here's what the instructions for a two-week FB account farm might look like:


Day 1:

  1. Create a profile in antidetect. We tie up mobile proxies.
  2. We walk on 20+ sites, work up cookies.
  3. Go to the FB website and register an account.
  4. Associate email and phone number.
  5. Delete the number and enable 2FA.
  6. Complete your profile.
  7. Walk inside FB for another 5 minutes and leave. 


Day 2: 

  1. We go in and walk for 5 minutes.
  2. We create the first post on the page (all photos, posts, etc. can be taken from other social networks).
  3. We join several groups, walk around them, leave a couple of likes and a couple of comments.
  4. Adding some friends. 


Day 3:

  1. We make 1-2 reposts from groups that we previously joined.
  2. Through the search we find a video on a random topic and watch it, do not forget to like it.
  3. Adding a few more friends. If they write, we keep the conversation going.
  4. At the same time, we register on several sites through an account in FB.


Day 4:

  1. We create a fanpage and design it properly. Throughout the farm, we make posts, we maintain the page very meticulously.
  2. We also make reposts from other relevant groups to our FP.
  3. We continue to farm the account - we scroll through the feed, like something, repost something, in parallel we go to other sites, and not just sit in FB. 


Day 5: 

  1. We upload the post to our page and repost it in the FP.
  2. During this time, a bunch of requests to friends should already arrive. We accept invitations and invite all friends to our FP.
  3. We launch games in FB, play for a while.
  4. We continue to be active in the feed, groups, correspondence with friends.
  5. Send 5 more requests to friends (send requests to people from the same city as the account).


Day 6:

  1. We knit the FP with the page on Instagram (we generate it from the FB side, you don’t need to create anything in advance).
  2. We continue to post in the FP.
  3. We continue to be active in groups, dialogues.
  4. We create BM.
  5. Keep making friends. 


Actually, we continue this way for 11 days, after which, until the 20th day, we go into the account and are active only once every 2 days. On day 21, we warm up the account by launching advertising for a couple of bucks, collect the setup and launch campaigns for our offer. 


And here is the activity log in the account. If it doesn't look as good as in the screenshot, then it's better to additionally farm your account before launching ads:

AffJournal editorial comment

Strong/trust consumables for running ads are the key to the success of any gray offer campaign. If you want to promote gambling, betting, adult, and other niches on FB while scaling efficiently, be sure to start from the basics – your ad account. Good luck!




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