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How to easily voice-over video creative without a narrator: selection of neural networks


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Who it is for

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As is well-known, better than a creative converts only video creative. The most effective video creative is the one with authentic voice-over in the language of the region where the campaign is planned to be launched. Voice-over allows you to provide users with more information about the offer and motivate them not only to click on the ad but also to take the desired action. However, where can you get this voiceover? We’ve gathered the best methods for voice-over in this selection.


Services to voice-over the creatives

Voicing a creative is easier than it may seem. There is a vast array of services, programs, bots, and lately, neural networks on the market that can qualitatively voice-over a creative in just a few minutes. The narration from most services is difficult to distinguish from the original recording, especially when the creative needs to be created in English. With other languages, services perform just as well, but it's advisable to try and test them in this case.




An easy-to-use service that allows free voice-over for texts up to 250 characters. Users can choose from over 70 voices and 30 languages. The pitch and tone range from digital to highly natural. 


The service not only voices the text but does so in a highly creative manner. You can choose how the text is read: in a whisper, loudly, with intermittent breaths, with pauses, or with acceleration. Most features, languages, and voice options are available only in the paid version, but the free trial is sufficient for small tasks.


You can save the finished audio track in MP3 format and then upload it to any convenient video editor for creating a video creative. 




  • Basic $5 per month
  • Premium $10 per month
  • Business: $25 per month




Text-to-speech service from the developers at Yandex. The program excels in speech synthesis and allows for text voicing in Russian, Kazakh, Uzbek, English, German, and Hebrew. In terms of functionality, everything is fairly standard. Users can choose the language, voice, reading speed, and intonation. In addition to the basic functions, several tones (joyful and neutral) are offered, as well as the ability to recognize language for dictation.


The service supports messages up to 500 characters. Yandex.SpeechKit can be used completely free of charge.




One of the most popular voice-over services among buyers. Zvukogram's functionality offers 61 voices and supports approximately 100 languages. Generation takes no more than a couple of seconds, and users receive an audio track in any convenient format. On the service's main page, users can explore voice-over examples and select a unique voice for their creatives.


For a more realistic sound, users can add emphasis and highlight important moments with pauses. The free version offers a smaller selection of voices, but upon registration, users receive a few tokens as a gift. The paid features are purchased with tokens, but for testing and creating simple audio tracks, the free period is sufficient.


Every 1000 characters cost 1 token. The cost of 1 token is 10 cents. A modest price for such a high-quality result.




A service for creating creatives in foreign languages. The service also supports the Russian language, but achieving naturalness in such tracks is extremely challenging. NaturalReaders is actively used by buyers specializing in launching advertising campaigns in Western markets.


The standard free version allows you to create short video clips up to 15 seconds in length. However, registration and a paid version are required for saving in MP3 format.




Wideo operates on the basis of a neural network and efficiently transforms text messages into speech. The service stands out with a wide variety of voice options and language support. Text can be voiced in a machine language or with the voice of a media personality, such as Snoop Dogg, for example.


Before using it, you can preview how a particular voice will sound. The service is free to use for three days, but before that, you need to link your card. The cost of an annual subscription is $100.


Sound of Text


A minimalist service for those who don’t require detailed audio track settings. The functionality of the service is extremely simple and straightforward. Thanks to Sound of Text, users can voice text in 50+ languages.


The creation of a track takes no more than 10 seconds. After generating, the track can be downloaded in MP3 format and used in any video editor. The service is completely free and is perfect for those who don’t need professional voice-over.




A neural network created for generating full-fledged musical compositions. It's not surprising that buyers have found use for it in arbitrage. The service allows the creation of unique audio tracks and voicing them with the voices of celebrities and popular characters.


At first, the functionality may seem confusing, but after a couple of clicks and generations, creating new creatives will turn out to be a breeze.




HeyGen is a neural network that recently gained popularity on social media. While the program doesn't offer direct speech synthesis, it allows for the translation of video creatives into any language while preserving the voice of the character and intonation.


Many enthusiast buyers have already tested the AI functionality and actively discuss the neural network in the context of customizing creatives for various GEOs.


To create voice-overs, simply upload the video through the editor and wait for the generation to complete.


Pricing plans:


  • Free – $0 (includes 60 credits for video generation)
  • Essential – $60
  • Pro – $300
  • Enterprise – custom pricing


The functionality of most services is similar and won’t pose difficulties in setup. Many services offer free access, allowing users to test each one and choose the one that best suits their needs.



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