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TOP 3 cases of how to make money on CPA-offers from Facebook | Affiliate marketing


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Who it is for

  • 1. webmasters
  • 2. affiliate

We always and everywhere say that we come from Eastern Europe, where the stars are so formed - there are many strong media buying teams that generate traffic to affiliate offers. We actually try to share the expertise of our community here. Below top 3 affiliate marketing case 2022-2023, where you can find out more how to make money on nutra offers and how much can you earn. 


P.S. Case in CPA marketing is an example of searching and scaling a profitable bundle with examples of used promotional materials, pre-landers, landings, promoted offers, etc. Read more about how to search for bundles is here


Case for $15,490: Become a potency trading master in Ecuador and make a long-term profit

Our focus is on El Patron's nutra-offer, potency, with a rather extensive flow period: here, the subject of the offer definitely allows you to pour in any season!



Brief information about the case:


  • Strait period: 21 October 2022 - 01 March 2023
  • Spent: $15,160
  • Earned: $30,650
  • Net profit: $15,490
  • ROI: 102%
  • Target audience: Men 45+
  • Geo: Ecuador
  • Net approval - 21.28%


It would seem that I take into account the timing of the flood of the campaign, the amount is small, but if you figure it out, then such a flood over a long distance brought an average of $234 per day. Which is also good. 


Offer selection

Before how to route traffic on nutra, we started looking for an offer. The choice fell on the classic theme of potency - El Patron. A tool whose name already declares its national flavor. For those who want to get to know the tool better, the form factor, method of application, composition and other necessary information to indicate on the landing page can be found in the offer card.


Average statistics for all partners: 



The choice of offer for such a long strait is obvious:


  • Extremely popular vertical with no seasonality in any geo.
  • High approval in affiliate program.
  • Relatively fresh offer.


One of the pre-landers offered by the CPA network:



GEO selection

This marketing case is also notable for the choice of GEO. Why Ecuador? They wanted to test potency on LatAm. All GEOs consistently show a high approval, but the choice fell on Ecuador: the experience of the webmaster allowed us to quickly launch on this GEO. For the entire time, the average approve, including trash, was 21.28%.



  • Tracker + cloaca Keitaro
  • Autoregs accounts + BM king account
  • Whites websites of restaurants in Ecuador


Campaign settings

Target and campaign settings:


  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 45-65
  • Placement: Facebook feed
  • Campaign budget: $60-120
  • Bay scheme: 1-1-1 (1 promotional material, 1 adset, 1 advertising account)
  • Statistics from the affiliate program account:



  • Average bet for the entire period: $12.35
  • Number of leads: 2483
  • Income: $30,654
  • Approval: 38.16% (dirty, excluding thrash, clean approve 21.28%)
  • CR: 0.53%


A long period of stable profit allowed us to increase the offer rate from $10.81 to $14.79. Thus, the average rate for the entire period was $12.35. This is what we see on the screenshot from the affiliate program for the selected period.


Examples of promotional materials

In terms of creatives, girls and simple text with the product's Unique Selling Proposition showed themselves best. From December to February, creatives with a New Year theme came in very well. The average CTR was around 15-16%.



Pre-landers were used only with hard adult. Based on the tests, we concluded that the medical approach gives a better quality of leads and a higher approval than adult. However, the envelope on adult approaches boldly overlaps these indicators.


As noted above, the rate was increased as the volume increased. It is also important to note that during the period of work, due to the pre-monetization, an additional $500 was earned. A showcase built in the affiliate program was connected.


In fact, you have a ready-made manual, how to make money on nutra. It is quite easy to repeat the case, because in fact all the classic approaches for potency are used here, and the promotional materials were not particularly complicated. Of course, personally, we always recommend taking a medical approach - for the sake of better traffic.


Case: $17,220 profit in one month on Potencialex. GEO Spain

Spain is one of the most profitable and competitive European GEOs. At that time, we were driving traffic exclusively to Reduslim, but our manager from the nutra affiliate program advised us to try the good old Potencialex. We decided to start with Spain, as we have a great background in working with a Spanish-speaking audience - and, as it turned out, not in vain.


Input data

  • Traffic Source: Facebook
  • Niche: potency
  • Offer: Potencialex
  • GEO: Spain
  • Spent: $13,280
  • Received: $30,500
  • Profit: $17,220
  • ROI: 136%
  • Discharge period: 01 July 2022 - 31 July 2022


Consumables and equipment for affiliate nutra

  • Cloaking: Keitaro filters - by bots, GEO and Web-proxy
  • Domains: DigitalOcean, Freenom
  • Proxies: well-known shops with Ipv6 / Ipv4, proxies tried to take cards for GEO bin
  • Payment: AdeerPay/Brocards
  • Whitepages: uploaded locally to the tracker, subject: nature and dentistry. In most cases, they were made on constructors a la webflow / mobirise
  • Accounts: Initially, the tests were conducted on autoreg accounts, when they found a working bundle, they transferred the setup to trust farm accounts.
  • We retested a lot of pre-landings, tried the adult approach, it turned out to be bad - low approval. The news+medicine templates proved to be the best, where we finalized the header, changed the personalities of the characters, added live photos to the comments, etc.



The working texts at Nutra creatives in 2023 were as follows:


  •  "Your wife will be delighted all night"
  •   "You won't be disappointed today"
  •   "How to do it 4 times a night"
  •   "For all ages"


CTR on such creatives was at the beginning of 30% and after the passage it dropped to 20%. Creative examples:


CTR 25%


CTR 30%


Before each new launch, the creatives were uniqueized using metadata cleaners. Identical creatives were never launched, some fragment was always added, for example, a circle, a square. It does not affect the final CTR / CR in any way, but it greatly affects the success of the bay.


CPM was not always stable. With a large budget, on average, it stayed at the level of $7, with small budgets - about $4-5.


In this nutra marketing case study, media buyers generated traffic exclusively through the FB feed at autobid, target 40-65 M. At launch, they started with a campaign budget of 3 addsets. From the start, the daily budget was set around $100 and then looked at the indicators, increasing before the start of a new day by 25-30%. We did not observe any particular problems with the price of the lead, it always kept the same. In exceptional cases, expensive leads came because of bad teasers. On tests with small budgets and regular accounts, they received leads for $2 each. All launches were made on the new day local time: it’s easier to fly into the auction and subsequently get a good lead price.


Statistics and finance

2 buyers participated in the bay. Screenshots from the accounts, unfortunately, have not been preserved, since they spilled a very long time :(


Screenshot from the personal account of the affiliate program



No need to look at the "freshness" of the offer. Even such an “older” offer as Potencialex works and will work for a long time, the only question is your approach to working with pre-landers and promotional materials. All success and good bays!


CASE $10 170 from FB to Colombia in 11 days

Best marketing study case from the point of view of a detailed presentation of the webmaster's thoughts when launching traffic to the Nutra offer. The focus of our attention is Colombia - one of the most profitable LatAm geos, and a promising offer from parasites, which is in high demand on the Colombian market. Worked for 11 days with a broad target for Colombia on Facebook, spent $4,850, earned $10,170 — ROI 110%, average approval 31.1%.



About the offer

Our choice fell on Omni Detox - a remedy for parasites. The drug effectively cleanses the body of toxins and toxins, strengthens the immune system and fights any kind of parasites in humans.


We chose this offer because:


  • This is a classic. Offers from parasites have always been popular in Latin America due to the low level of sanitation in the region.
  • Fresh offer. Omni Detox was launched quite recently, and many have not had time to work with this product.
  • Excellent performance. High stable approval and bet from $10.
  • Everything the audience likes. The natural composition and ease of use is what will help win the hearts of the audience.


Geo - Columbia

We chose Colombia not by chance, because now it is one of the most profitable LatAm geos, which has everything for a successful launch:


  • Loyal audience. Residents believe in the effectiveness of folk remedies and home medicine, they are not familiar with classical arbitrage approaches.
  • A fresh offer is a proven approach. Parasite has been successfully starts in Colombia for a long time, here we offer a new solution for the known pains of the audience.
  • Stable demand for nutra. Unsanitary conditions and poorly developed medicine make parasite remedies one of the most sought-after categories of offers.


All this makes Colombia an excellent region for nutra promotion. Before setting up promotion, let's look at the different stages of preparing a bundle - selecting pre-landers and landings, developing creatives, finding the necessary consumables, and creating a stream.




  • Tracker/cloaking - Keitaro.
  • Antidetect - Indigo.
  • Accounts are autoregs, and autoregs were also used for king accounts, just a little farmed.
  • Filled according to the scheme of 5 autoregs to one king, the bay and cards were added from the king, sometimes the prescription crashes — this one helps to get through it faster service.
  • They poured it onto an unheated, created literally yesterday FP;
  • White Pages - downloaded product cards from large online stores and loaded locally in Keitaro.
  • Domains - they tested everything, they didn’t feel any difference.
  • Promotional materials — we tried different approaches, in the end, the approach with a doctor proved to be the best.




  • Target - uploaded to a wide audience - 35+ m/f.
  • Low tide - 11 days.
  • Roi - 109.69%.
  • Low tide dates June 19, 2022 - June 30, 2022.
  • Number of leads — 2296.
  • Advertising expenses — $4,850.
  • Income - $ 10,170.
  • The average payout is $14.2.
  • The average approval is 31.1%.


Here are 3 cabinets with a normal spend and a lead price that you still have access to:



Our settings on FB



We always upload 1-1-1 with budget optimization at the campaign level.



The standard event is a lead.



We did not bother and exclude regions from the target.



​We almost always use auto-placement.



Statistics from the partner's office



It is very easy to repeat the case, in fact, you have a ready-made instruction in front of you - take it and upload it. But hurry, GEO sweetie, and everyone can download it without you!


Conclusion from the editors

As always, we remind you that on our website you can find the catalog of best natural health affiliate programs with the best offers on the market. Do not forget that in the presence of high-quality traffic, many managers are ready to bump your bid, which will have a commensurate effect on the profit of your advertising campaigns. Generate traffic to proven nutra affiliate networks and get the highest rates. 



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