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How to find a converting bundle on Facebook when the budget is minimal #sidenotes


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Who it is for

  • 1. webmasters
  • 2. affliates

What is the problem with searching and testing bundles? The approach with the bay on "maybe it will catch on" is not relevant today. Especially for those who fill ads in solo. And for teams with bottomless budgets, this is an unnecessary waste of funds. Therefore, let's now discuss in detail how to competently search for bundles and how much money is really needed for this. 

What not to consider when looking for a link

The bundle includes a lot of variables: GEO, offer, landing page, applications (if you drive for gambling), targeting, placements (we are talking about Facebook now) and creatives. To begin with, it is better to minimize labor, time and money costs.


To do this, we advise you to work closely with the manager. Naturally, the manager himself must be qualified and provide full information.

Work with the manager

-> GEO. Manager must ask, where has the ad been set up, what experience do they have and also provide info, which CPA network offers are profitable. If we can’t agree on one thing, we go to SPY. If there is trash only in selected GEO, it means that there is a weak competition, so you can try.  


-> Offer. If you don’t have unlimited budget, just take the best offer that can be provided by the manager as well. Remember, that managers often have their percent in affiliate program and they will not give a shit “to please the add”


P.S. The same goes for landings. We look at the statistics from the manager, give preference to the wheels of fortune, boxes and other gamification.

What to consider and how to deal with it

-> Targeting. You can test restrictions by regions, cities by standard of living, etc. 

-> Placements. If we are talking about Facebook Ads, then these are 2 sets of placements - auto and Facebook feed (well, or your own work).

-> Creatives. Do it yourself, order. There are a lot of manuals for working with Canva, including on our YouTube. According to the gold standard, we make at least 3 different creatives.


In total we get: 2 target options, 2 sets of placements, 3 creatives.


Total ligaments for the test - 12


For each targeting, we have 2 sets of placements and for each placement, a Creo.


As it has been discussed a thousand times already, in order to test each bundle qualitatively, you need to shed up to two conversion costs. That is, we multiply 12 by the amount of the payment for the offer - we get the budget for tests. If the payment is $30, then the tests need about $540.


Naturally, this does not mean that you need to take, immediately create 12 companies and drain $ 540 on Facebook. It is better to test each theory in turn. Maybe you are lucky and you will get a converting bundle already, for example, on the third launch. Then the remaining budget can be spent on scaling.


…or maybe not, but you will receive invaluable information for further analytics. Good luck!



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  • How to find a converting bundle on Facebook when the budget is minimal #sidenotes