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  • NOT another Nutra case for $15,155 from The Savvy Team or what can be achieved with one buyer under good terms of the guarantor of approval

NOT another Nutra case for $15,155 from The Savvy Team or what can be achieved with one buyer under good terms of the guarantor of approval


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Who it is for

  • 1. webmasters
  • 2. advertisers
  • 3. partners

This is The Savvy Team, also known as internal media buying ADLEADPRO. This is our first case in the public, but not the last one, since over the 2 years of existence we have gathered a lot of expertise in nutra and mobile subscriptions. Below we will talk in detail about our approach to working with FB, how we select offers and GEOs, what we focus on in creatives, and talk a little about the approval guarantor, which plays a key role in working with nutra (in our humble opinion). 


By the way, we need buyers for our WAP/mVAS, Sweepstakes, Antivirus media buy. If you work in fb, push, pops, teaser or banners - write to our HR


Now let's talk about the case. 


General Information

  • Dates: 23 May 2023 - 29 June 2023
  • Traffic source: Facebook
  • Offer theme: weight loss (we can't tell you about the offerer as we are still working with it on other geos)
  • Flow: COD
  • GEO: Slovenia 
  • Spent: $14 760
  • Received: $29 915
  • Net profit: $15 155
  • ROI: 102.7%


Statistics from Keitaro tracker


Please note that we had a guarantor in Slovenia of 55% (CIS affiliate programs give a guarantor of up to 40%). As a result, for these campaigns, we had a real approval of 41-53%, for the rest of the leads we got additional approval!


About choosing an offer and GEO

First, let's talk about the offer. Of course, at the moment we have formed a pool of advertisers, with whom we have historically developed excellent mutually beneficial relations. But it was not always so. Like many nutra teams, we have come across typical excuses for low approval: "submit the landings for proofreading… there are no errors in the landings, but the low approval due to the landings is still…" etc.,and not because the Call Center does not call leads.


Through long (and not very) searches, we found advertisers who give a sane guarantor of approval from the start and, most importantly, know how to REACH the guarantor (not everyone knows how to do this, or they don’t want to). In other words, look for those who are ready to give a guarantor and you will be happy. 


Regarding GEO: we chose Slovenia. GEO is good, but quite difficult in terms of scaling. We have long looked at Eastern Europe as a whole. The choice was quite large from the Czech Republic to Bosnia, but we liked Slovenia with a good rate of $31 and a guarantor from the start of 55%. In addition, the advertiser had this offer, although a long time ago, but according to him, there was not much traffic there. Therefore, we decided to take Slovenia, besides, we had proven landings. By the way, this is the landing to which in the end it converted the best. 



Which creatives and pre-landers converted

Worked mainly with video. Yes, clicks are more expensive than in statistics, but at a distance, videos show themselves more consistently and do not burn out as quickly. Plus, we connected Instagram in placements, where the video decides.


By texts: some ads were loaded with texts, half were loaded without any text at all. 

When used, they used the following plan of the phrase:


"You are being deceived by nutritionists, you are being deceived by the pharmacy mafia." Also, if we uploaded with a pre-lander, for example, as with the one above, where the story of a student girl Milica, then we wrote "Milica revealed the secret", "Milica made the dream of many women come true." Average CR - 1.95


Below are the videos that worked and those that didn't work. 


The ones that worked:






The ones that didn't work: 









We launched this offer without pre-landing in the classical sense of the word. As you can see, the user clicks on the ad, lands on a page with classic storytelling about a wonderful drug, and by clicking on the name of the drug, an order form immediately opens. The request is sent to the advertiser via API. All. 


About Zuckerberg and "the best source in the world" 

Like most guys on the market, during the search for a bundle, we launched on cheap Ukrainian setups. They took several autoregs and tied them to the farm. 


After that, they scaled with king + farm setups. But since we got into another storm, we decided to finish off the issue of agency accounts. We scoured the market, found cabinets with a good percentage. Managed to spend $6500 on one account. 


Spend table from the seller of agent cabinets


The plate of our summary table of buying for managing accounts


Well, let's finish, perhaps, with a little more proof of statistics.

Screenshot from the advertiser


In conclusion

Actually, this case can teach little to guys who have been successfully running to nutra-offers for a long time. The main message that we wanted to convey is that The Savvy Team / ADLEADPRO's extensive and trusted network of advertisers allows you to achieve top conditions. How did we achieve this? Regular trips to conferences, networking and a broad view of the market allow us not to focus on CIS advertising and find fair working conditions for both buyers and advertisers. 

Work with advertisers who give a guarantee, are willing and able to follow through. Or sign up for an interview in our media buying → Link to HR.



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  • NOT another Nutra case for $15,155 from The Savvy Team or what can be achieved with one buyer under good terms of the guarantor of approval