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Is it worth the candle: in which GEOs can you run push traffic for gambling


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When browsing through competitor ads on push notification spy services, one might get the impression that every other person is exclusively running gambling offers from this traffic source. But is it really the case that so many webmasters are profiting from push traffic, and if so, in which GEOs can you run push traffic for gambling? We'll delve into this topic in this article.


Regarding the compatibility of push notifications and the gambling vertical

Throughout the entire history of push notifications, this advertising format has been repeatedly pronounced “dead”, yet to this day, thousands of webmasters and advertisers continue to use it.


When Facebook undergoes turbulence once again, push notifications can become one of the alternative sources. By using this format, you can promote gambling not only through pre-landings and landings but also on WebView and PWA applications.


In contrast to other sources, push notifications allow and even require a more direct approach. Moreover, the most effective creatives tend to be highly aggressive. Creatives with bonuses and free spins for slots are particularly effective. However, as with other traffic sources, the information in creatives should not create unrealistic or incorrect expectations for potential leads, as this can  be a cause of misleading traffic.



I would like to point out that while there is a lot of inexpensive traffic available in push notifications, for a successful start in the “expensive” gambling vertical, you’ll need a substantial budget - $2000+. Most of this money the webmaster will need to allocate to testing offers and combinations.


Which GEOs convert on push notifications

In push notification campaigns, 70% of the success depends on the offer itself and the quality of the traffic provided by the advertising network. The choice of the right GEO also plays a significant role. Therefore, I’ve spoken with several webmasters who have been running gambling offers with push notifications for years and compiled a list of GEOs traditionally known for high conversion rates.


Finland and other Scandinavian Countries

Residents of Scandinavian countries have the highest income in Europe and have historically had a penchant for gambling. However, those who run campaigns using platforms like Google or Facebook may be deterred by the high cost of traffic from these countries. Therefore, push notifications can offer an excellent opportunity to earn in GEO with some of the highest payouts in the market.


Furthermore, starting in 2021, Google Play officially permits the download of gambling and betting applications within Finland. Additionally, in this GEO, offers with Maltese licenses are allowed to operate.



Canada and the United States

These are the top GEOs in the gambling vertical for those who are skilled at working with Tier-1 traffic. In the USA, online gambling is allowed with certain regulations in place, while in Canada, online casinos are permitted even if their licenses are from different jurisdictions. 



The United States and Canada both rank in the TOP-10 in terms of gross national product per capita. Additionally, according to data from the Statista portal, the United States is the global leader in the number of users who have subscribed to push notifications, and Upload Software reports that 90% of these notifications are opened.


Countries in Asia and India


Traffic in Asian GEOs is one of the most cost-effective in the market and is in high demand among advertisers and novice webmasters due to a large number of target audiences. Furthermore, Asians have traditionally been very inclined towards gambling. Over the past year, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam have firmly established themselves as the most popular Asian GEOs for push notifications.


In these countries, as well as in most Indian states, the online casino industry is not regulated, and the population understands English, which simplifies the webmaster's work with creatives. In the remaining Asian countries, language localization will still be necessary.




Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus perform well for push notification campaigns. Additionally, in 2023, it's relevant to target Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. In Ukraine, most online casinos have an official state license, but this doesn't mean that targeting other GEOs on this list isn't worthwhile. The key factor is that the target audience in these countries often lacks alternatives in the form of offline casinos. It's most profitable to focus on deposit-related campaigns in these GEOs.


Australia and New Zealand

Official statistics and a high level of payment capability indicate that 70% of the adult population in these GEOs engages in online casino gaming at least once a year. According to a Statista report, in 2020, the average Australian spent between 800-1500+ Australian dollars on online gambling. Additionally, while some states in these countries have legislative restrictions on gambling, it doesn't impact the local audience's love for slots and similar games.



When working with these GEOs, especially in push traffic, it's essential to remember that the local target audience has high expectations for creatives and offers. However, if you can find the right approach, your efforts will be rewarded handsomely.


Latin America

Countries in Latin America have gained popularity among webmasters and advertisers over the past two years, not only in the gambling vertical. Traffic here is inexpensive, especially in push notifications. Additionally, in LatAm the population is known for its propensity for gambling and spontaneous purchases and adventures. The ideal picture is complemented by access to fast internet and online banking.



Just like in any other traffic source, push notifications have their top-performing GEOs, and the gambling vertical is no exception. The GEOs described above are worth considering primarily for both beginners and experienced webmasters testing additional sources. These favorites have maintained their positions for an extended period, but it doesn't mean that there isn't money to be made in new GEOs.



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