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How to choose a CPA network for making money on affiliate marketing


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Who it is for

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Hey! If you are reading this, then most likely you have already read our material about what affiliate marketing is. The natural continuation of your path is to register in affiliate CPA networks and programs and look around what they can offer you. Let's say right away that our market is extremely diverse, so there are a lot of options for whom to send traffic to from a marketer. Below we will tell you how not to get lost in this diversity and consider the key market players. 


How to choose an affiliate program

First, about what parameters should be considered in general for affiliate CPA networks:


  • Minimum withdrawal amount. The smaller it is, the faster you can withdraw your earnings and recoup investments. For a novice webmaster, this can have a critical impact on the budget.
  • Withdrawal deadlines. Similar to point above. There are CPA - networks that withdraw once a month or two weeks, there are those who pay out on request. With whom it is preferable to work - you decide. 
  • Range and geography of offers. The affiliate marketing community is growing at a tremendous pace, and with it, the competition is also growing. The more unique your offer and the rarer the GEO, the more chances you have to drive traffic on a free auction and earn more ROI than your peers. 
  • Availability of auxiliary materials. Depending on the vertical, a webmaster often needs pre-landers, creatives, applications, and accounts. If the affiliate program is ready to provide these consumables, the cost of which often leads to negative ROI. This means that the CPA- network here is clearly concerned about the good profit of its webmasters.
  • In-house offers, logistics centers and call centers. It is worth adding to the points above that some affiliate programs also act as direct advertisers. For a webmaster, this is always an opportunity to receive generous bid bumps, get quick feedback and additional analytics on traffic quality.


Also, many affiliate programs have excellent relations with the owners of various auxiliary services (anti-detect browsers, transfer services, payment services, etc.), so always ask managers for additional promotional codes to further reduce the cost of purchasing specialized software. 


Below are affiliate programs that we have paid attention to and with which we are pleased to work. If there is something not in the list - write in the comments - we will add it.


TOP affiliate programs in the gambling vertical

Pepper Partners. Affiliate CPA network from guys from Ukraine, with an emphasis on the exclusivity of offers in the direction of gambling. The assortment includes 200+ offers for 50+ GEOs. A huge advantage is the constant work on new technological solutions that really meet the realities of the market and work on the quality of support. 


  • Offers paid by CPA, CPL and RevShare + exclusives that no one else has;
  • Free applications under the bay from trusted developers;
  • Telegram- bot for working with Facebook accounts;
  • Own CPM;
  • Multi-account for working in a team (if you are the owner of a media buying team, you can create one account within the platform and simply connect additional employees there);
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $25;
  • Payouts once a week.


To register, just enter your e-mail, after which your personal manager will contact you and help with the selection of offers and the integration of your campaign. 


Official site



CPA BRO. Large and high-tech players in the affiliate marketing market. At the moment, there are more than 700 iGaming-themed offers in the assortment with payment by CPA and RevShare


  • Smart landing page rotator, API integration, smartlink;
  • Agent cabinets in partner services;
  • Renting gambling applications from the in-house development team;
  • Expert managers whose actions clearly make it clear that the guys know how to work with traffic;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $200;
  • Payouts every Friday (money is credited to the account immediately after verification with the advertiser).


Registration is open to everyone. You need to specify the mail, contact in one of the messengers and after that go through a short interview with the manager so that he understands what your needs are and can offer relevant offers.


Official site



Alfaleads. Another expert affiliate program, through which more than one thousand affiliates have passed. The guys use a systematic approach, keep up with the times and are sensitive to current trends and changes in the market.


  • 100+ exclusive offers that are regularly updated;
  • In addition to iGaming, they work with dating, games and finance;
  • Webview applications for Android and iOS (there are also PWA constructs);
  • Advice from Alfa Defense's own legal department;
  • Bonuses for traffic volumes and private parties in the best locations of the world with cool networking;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $50;
  • Payouts to partners - every week on Wednesdays.


When registering, you need to fill out a questionnaire and be sure to tell us about your current experience with traffic.


Official site



TOP affiliate programs in nutra vertical

Dr.Cash. An arbitrage CPA- network that offers partners only the inside, but at the same time knows everything about it. The guys have a lot of experience working with offers on the adult theme, drugs to improve health and beauty.


  • More than 4 years of excellent work in the industry;
  • COD, Trial and SS offers for 242 GEOs with an average approval of more than 31%;
  • Landings, pre-landings, creatives and business consultations from the internal media buying of the partner network;
  • Postback and domain parking;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $1;
  • Payments to partners - within 24 hours from the moment of registration of the application.


To register, it is enough to indicate the mail and contact for communication in one of the messengers. There is no need to pass any interviews with the manager, the personal account will be available for work immediately.


Official site



Everad. Affiliate program of a full cycle. In other words, most of the nutra-offers are completely in-house with their own production, call centers and warehouses for 45+ GEOs. Basic work model - COD.


  • 150 exclusive offers;
  • You can monetize affiliate sites by CPA;
  • Ready-made news showcases and multi-accounts for teams;
  • Bundles from internal media buying immediately with landing and pre-landing;
  • Promotional codes from friendly services;
  • Free localization of your creatives;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $50;
  • Payments to partners - once a week.


Registration requires email and password. Access to your personal account is granted immediately. 


Official site



LeadRock. Affiliate network with offers for goods and nutra with an emphasis on the maximum possible payouts to webmasters. 300+ offers for European and Asian GEOs in the assortment. 


  • API integration;
  • Link builder, trafficback, domain parking;
  • Ability to work with teaser traffic, contextual advertising, doorways and social networks;
  • Blog with news for marketers and its own online school for beginners;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $30;
  • Payments to partners - every Monday and Friday if there is an application from the webmaster.


Registration is standard - mail and a contact by which you can be contacted. After approving offers only through the manager.


Official site



TOP affiliate programs in the sweepstakes vertical

ADLEADPRO. Affiliate network, direct advertiser and media buying agency all rolled into one. The main verticals are: in-house Apps, WAP-Click, Sweepstakes, Nutra, Dating and Finance with a focus on exclusivity in each niche.


  • Agent cabinets, maps and pre-landings;
  • Possibility to pour from any sources;
  • Great expertise in working with Facebook (regular manuals and training posts in the Telegram channel of the network);
  • Opportunity to get expert advice from internal media buying;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $50;
  • Payments to partners - 1 time per week.


Registration is super easy. You only need to fill out a questionnaire, after which the catalog of offers will be available immediately. Approve the offer only in agreement with the manager via chat in the messenger or through the ticket form.


Official site



ClickDealer. One of the old-timers of the affiliate marketing market. Starting from a small company in Ukraine, the guys have grown into a partner business mastodon with thousands of offers and an impeccable reputation in CPA.


  • 13000+ offers on a variety of topics. In addition to sweepstakes, the whitehat direction is well developed;
  • Own tracking system available to each partner;
  • Unique smartlink to sweepstakes and iGaming;
  • Constructor of webview applications;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $50;
  • Payments to partners - 1 time per week.


Registration is standard, but the account is approved only through the manager. Therefore, make sure that you leave the correct contact, otherwise the manager will not be able to contact you.


Official site



Advidi. Large CPA network focusing on in-house offers in such verticals as sweepstakes, dating and gambling. The main GEOs are North America, Scandinavia and Western Europe. 


  • One of the strongest portfolios in the sweepstakes vertical;
  • Flexible choice of advertising payment models;
  • Monthly replenishment of the assortment;
  • Competent support;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $500;
  • Payouts to partners - funds are credited to partners' accounts automatically when they reach $500.


When registering, you will have to go through all the circles of Hell. In addition to the standard fields, you will need to specify all possible personal data and talk about your experience with a specific type of traffic. 


Official site



TOP affiliate programs in the mobile content and utilities vertical

Gold Lead. Another multi-vertical affiliate program with a good choice in every niche. In addition to dating and sweepstakes, the guys have a large selection of mobile content and utilities. GEO-WW. 


  • Affiliate works with all types of traffic;
  • You can pour by CPA, CPI, CPS, CPL and Revshare (depending on the offer and advertiser);
  • Among the tools available are smartlink and APK applications for some verticals;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $1;
  • Payments to partners - you can withdraw immediately after checking with the advertiser.


To register, you just need to enter your e-mail, password, indicate the contact with the messenger, as well as indicate the verticals and types of traffic with which you have already worked. 


Official site



TrafficShark. Affiliate program for network CPA marketing and online advertising with a wide range of topics, if we are talking about mobile content and installs. The guys have a pool of offers for VPN, cleaners, antiviruses, streaming, shopping, insurance. 


  • In-house offers for dating;
  • Complete absence of hold in the install vertical;
  • Payouts up to $2.5 per install;
  • Ability to work with white apps from the top AppStore and Google Play;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $100;
  • Payments to partners - every Friday.


To register, just fill out a simple form and confirm your email. Offers can be viewed immediately, but only through the manager.


Official site



Adtrafico. Multi-vertical affiliate network with 2000+ offers worldwide. In addition to mobile content and installs, the guys have a lot of proposals for dating and sweepstakes. 


  • Exclusive offers from direct advertisers;
  • Mobile application on the phone with access to the personal account of the affiliate program;
  • Smartlink for dating offers;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $250;
  • Payments to partners - automatically, daily, without weekends and holidays


To register, you need to fill out a short form. Approving access to your personal account is automatic. But in order to take the offer to work, you will need to talk with the manager.


Official site



TOP affiliate programs in the dating vertical

Vortex. An international affiliate network that specializes in dating and gambling verticals. The guys entered the market in 2018, have already gained a huge expertise and are starting to develop in related areas - adult, betting, crypto.

  • 1000+ offers for 50+ GEO;
  • Free applications;
  • Page rotator;
  • Postback and easy integration with trackers;
  • Huge base of creatives and free localization;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $50;
  • Payments to partners - once a week.


To register, it is enough to indicate the name, e-mail, contact in the messenger and the traffic source in which you have expertise. After that, the manager will contact you and approve the account. 


Official site



Trafee. An international affiliate network that is primarily famous for its approach to working with dating and adult traffic. The guys have their own powerful smartlink, 2000+ offers and 100+ GEO in their arsenal.


  • Promotional materials in 20 languages;
  • Reception of traffic from any source, except for fraud and motivated;
  • Referral 5% of the profit of invited partners;
  • Integration of API and CRM systems;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $100;
  • Payments to partners - automatically every Tuesday. 


When registering, in addition to the standard fields, you need to specify traffic sources, which CPA networks you worked with and attach screenshots with the latest statistics.


Official site 



Datify.Link. Affiliate network ready to monetize your paid traffic through smartlink. But from the advantages - you can collect it yourself from the offers presented on the network. Then the manager will prepare for you later and give you a link. 


  • A wide range of topics: classic dating, adult sites, gay services, dating games, etc.;
  • Convenient payment models: PPL (SOI/DOI), RevShare and PPS (upon request);
  • Applications under Google Play;
  • Referral program - 5%;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $10;
  • Payments to partners - daily.


When registering, you need to specify your mail, traffic source, top GEO, username in Skype or Telegram.


Official site



TOP affiliate programs in the finance vertical

Click2Money. Financial affiliate network with a focus on long-term partnerships with webmasters - more than 160 converting products with high rates. Most converting GEO: Philippines, Vietnam and Mexico. 


  • Free apps and creatives from advertisers;
  • Self-written SMS service;
  • School of work with traffic for beginners;
  • Automatic ranking of offers by EPC;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $100;
  • Payments to partners - on request to any popular payment systems


To register, you just need to specify your email and password, as well as leave contact information on any convenient messenger. Approving offers through a manager. 


Official site



Aivix. Crypto-affiliate and just great guys who do not chase hype, but prove their expertise over and over again. One of the best cryptocurrency software on the affiliate marketing market, while Aivix provides the web not only with detailed information on GEO and sources, but also with all the consumables for draining.


  • Full support of webmasters until the first conversion;
  • Payouts up to $700 per lead,
  • Financial and crypto-offers for any GEO 
  • Gift shop for partners - accumulate bonuses and exchange them for macbook and other valuable things;
  • The minimum amount for withdrawal is from 1 conversion;
  • Payments to partners - once a week or as agreed on an individual schedule.


Official site



Leadbit. International multi-vertical affiliate network with offers on the finance vertical. The guys also have a lot of offers for nutra, sweepstakes, dating, adult. In total, the catalog contains 800+ different offers from advertisers. 


  • There are in-house offers;
  • Free apps for iOS and Android, localization and development of creatives and landing pages;
  • It is possible to negotiate higher rates after test bays;
  • The minimum amount for withdrawal is from $30;
  • Payments to partners - the payment schedule is agreed individually, you can agree on a daily withdrawal of money if you pour the minimum wage.  


Registration is the most common, and you can connect to offers immediately, without prior approval from the manager.


Official site



In fact, despite its vastness, the affiliate marketing market is quite narrow, where everyone knows each other. Therefore, creating scam projects to earn several thousand dollars is simply not profitable here. Reputation in CPA is everything at the moment, and every affiliate understands this. Therefore, be sure that whatever CPA network you choose, you will receive adequate service. 


And, of course, these are not all affiliate networks that are on the market. You can find more in our catalog. We also write detailed reviews for each CPA network, which you can read there. Good luck!



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