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How to choose an offer that will definitely convert? Casinos, information products, weight loss, bitcoin, microfinance, e-commerce after all. The huge variety on the market only confuses the novice webmaster. While narrowing down the list can be fairly easy with 5 basic questions.


We disassembled what are the main nuances to focus on, what are these questions and what conclusions can be drawn when analyzing hundreds of offers in CPA networks. 

Question #1. Does the offer solve the problem???

Not all offers in the affiliate network will necessarily be in demand among a wide range of users. Actually, that's why nutra and, in particular, weight loss is the second most popular vertical in affiliate marketing. 


Not as many people play in the casino as those who are worried about extra pounds (and maybe even knee pain). That is, if the question is whether to work with traffic for a casino or for a weight loss, it is better to choose the latter option. Because it fulfills a need. 

Question #2: Does the offer have alternative solutions???

This means not within the framework of CPA offers, such as changing one casino to another, but an alternative in the form of another product or service that solves the problem.

Here the analysis is more multifaceted, because if you stop at the same weight loss, then there are enough solutions to problems: a gym, a diet, some kind of information product with home workouts, etc. Here is the next question to ask → 

Question #3: Is the offer more user-friendly than the alternatives???

If pre-landing tells a user who often breaks off a diet and has not been able to sign up for a gym for years, that this weight loss program was developed by British scientists and will solve all his problems, this is a great option for a webmaster.


If in an offer with a portable heater you focus on economy, compactness and price, then it is unlikely that it will be outbid by expensive solutions that require the payment of a specialist. 


Question #4: Is there any WOW effect in the offer???

Yes, often the WOW effect is applicable to e-commerce, but it can also be found in other verticals. For example, not so long ago, a hype offer for weight loss in the form of gummy bears. 


Given that a person associates weight loss with restrictions, eating bears that look and taste like junk food will definitely trigger the target audience. 

Question #5: The offer has not had time to collect negative reviews yet???

For example, if you write a magnetic brush for cleaning windows on YouTube and watch a video with shareware approaches of webmasters, then in the comments you can find a lot of negativity about the quality of this product.


Previously, whether a magnetic brush converts or not was influenced by its unusualness and simplicity of solving the user’s problem, but already half of the Internet knows that this is a piece of shit (you can drive in the name of the offer and see what information is on it on the reviews). 



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