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80% of all traffic today comes from smartphones. There is not a single site or social network that does not adapt to this gadget. And, of course, making money online from your phone is also gaining popularity. Below we will tell you which applications and services pay for completing simple tasks, as well as ways where you can get money not only for ice cream. 



If you have already wondered how to make money on the Internet using a mobile phone, then it is important to understand that no matter how cool and expensive your gadget is, it is limited by its form factor. On it, you will not be able to work in professional graphic editors, work with large tables and databases, do programming and other online professions where a computer is important.


But it is not all that bad. You can also make money online from your smartphone. At a minimum, you will definitely be able to save up for your first computer or a new mobile phone. But you need flexibility of thinking and the right approach. Actually, let's move on to the collection.


Generating free traffic to affiliate programs

TikTok, Likee, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and similar apps give free traffic to content creators. The essence of this earning scheme is in the search, uniqueization and re-upload of content relevant to your offer with an affiliate link. 


Let's take a look at an example:


  1. You sign up for an affiliate program. For example, in ADLEADPRO, and you take an offer to work. The affiliate network manager should give you your affiliate link. For example, we could take an offer and draw an iPhone.
  2. Next, we go to any of the listed social networks and find content where they talk about the iPhone raffle. Downloading.
  3. Then, in the AppStore or Google Play, we download any application for re-voicing videos (you can also entrust voice acting to neural networks) and record your audio track for the video, encouraging people to follow your affiliate link in a pinned comment or in the channel description.  


You can unify this scheme as you like, but the main thing is that this is just one of the ways to make money on the Internet from your phone, while simply using someone else's content. You don't even need a website. 


Learn SMM and make money on social networks

The tasks of an SMM specialist are to increase brand awareness, attract customers, advertise on social networks, and in some cases, sell goods and services. Naturally, it is important here to navigate marketing trends, understand the needs of the audience and think creatively. 


Fortunately, there is enough content on YouTube on how to become an SMM specialist. Therefore, large investments are not required. At the same time, you can earn good money and, with more experience, move up the career ladder in some marketing agency.



Play2Earn: how to make money playing NFT games

Crypto- games are going through hard times (this is temporary), but when it comes to how to make money online from a smartphone, they cannot be ignored. The most popular examples of such applications are Axie infinity and Stepn. 


What is Play2Earn? In short, some developer releases a simple game for a mobile phone. To start playing it, you need to buy a game character/avatar for any crypto-token. As you level up, your character will cost more tokens, and the more the game gains popularity, the more expensive the token itself will be. 



But it is important to understand that in fact this is a financial pyramid and the main money is taken by the one who entered one of the first. Therefore, in order to earn in this way, you need to look for promising games that will "shoot" in the future.


Rise and fall chart of Axie infinity. If you entered in July 2021 and left in October, you earned x20 from the investment. 


Earnings on applications that pay

Let's finish off the theme of easy money with the theme of applications that pay their users for completing surveys, writing reviews and other simple tasks. A great option to pass the time on the road to study or the main job and earn extra money. We list the most popular: 


  • SB Answer. An app from Swagbucks, a popular site that pays to take online surveys. Actually, in the application you also need to take surveys. You can also leave reviews for products purchased from US retail chains. Payouts are credited in the form of Amazon, PayPal, Walmart vouchers.
  • Make Money. An app that pays for simple tasks. For example, like, watch a video, take a survey, write a review. 
  • Make Money: Earn Cash & Crypto. The application allows you to earn real money or cryptocurrency by playing games and music. You can receive payment with real money, cryptocurrency and vouchers from Amazon, PayPal, etc..  


In general, you can type in the phrase "make money" on Google Play and the results will contain a bunch of alternative applications to the above. 


Earnings on renting accounts in social networks

Above, we have already touched a little on the topic of affiliate marketing. In most cases, you would need a computer, but there is another way to make money with a mobile phone online that does not require the cost of buying ads.


The most popular traffic source in affiliate marketing is Facebook Ads. In order to attract as much traffic as possible, affiliates use many FB accounts. And they are willing to pay good money for them.


The point of earning is that you will generate Facebook accounts, fill them with high quality and use them for several months, and then rent them out to work with traffic on Facebook. If the account meets all the requirements (age from six months) - you can earn $ 10-13 per week. 


More than ten such accounts, and you can earn through your smartphone - $ 10 x 4 weeks x 10 accounts = $ 400, devoting just a few hours a day to this activity.



Fast promotion of channels and blogs

To blog on Telegram, Instagram, TikTok and other sites, the phone will be enough. At the same time, blogging does not always mean that you need to sit and record stories on the front camera or upload your dance videos.

Above, we have already talked about making money on the Internet using your phone and YouTube Shorts. This online scheme is essentially its analogue, with the only difference, the key goal is to gain an audience and further monetize it through direct advertising, affiliate networks or resale of promoted accounts, channels and blogs on the relevant sites. 


An example of what it looks like:


  1. You create a channel on TikTok (or another site that has a recommender system and enough free traffic).
  2. You generate content. In our case, these are cuts from films. The user becomes interested in the name of the film, where did you get the fragment from.
  3. According to the description of the video, he sees that he can see the title of the film in the Telegram channel via the link in the profile.
  4. It goes there, and further, either gets to the channel that you promote for free at the expense of TikTok, or to the bot that asks you to subscribe immediately to the grid of your channels.


By generating traffic and gathering an audience, you definitely won’t be left without money. 



Sale of game accounts

You can also get good money in the gaming niche, while doing it in your free time and for your own pleasure. We will not paint a lot, because everything here is elementary. You don't need to win anything to make money from your phone, just do your little research:


  • Go to sites like that sell game accounts.
  • Monitor the market, see which mobile game accounts are most in demand.
  • Download the game, upgrade your account/characters.
  • Sell your account and get money. 



Cryptocurrency trading without investments

Making money on cryptocurrencies is not only buying bitcoin at $15,000 and selling it when it is worth $100,000. In addition, you may have to wait for many years. The crypto market today is tens of thousands of projects with their own tokens and NFTs. And they all need only one thing - your attention.


Basic principle of money. If the currency has not received proper distribution and is of no value among a wide range of people, it dies. That is why the creators of new projects often give away part of the coins to users for free (in exchange for a subscription to social networks and other simple actions). You just have to accumulate such assets and monitor their growth in order to sell on time and get real money. 


Abusing deserves special attention. In this article, we talked about antidetect browsers and how they can be useful. In short, if the project developers distribute 20 tokens each, then having several accounts created through this browser, you can collect a large number of tokens and increase your profitability if the project "shoots". 



What few people talk about

We are sure that this is not the first article that you have read on this topic today. And we are sure that you are a little surprised why such banal ways as making money on mass liking, viewing ads and so on are not described here. But, as they say, sweet in the end.


At the beginning of this collection, we did not just put up a disclaimer and called for flexibility in thinking in generating such earning schemes. And to point you in the right direction, here's another bonus scheme for you.


Let's say you decide to use the first method and start working with free traffic from TikTok, Likee, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels. They began to record videos themselves or voice existing ones. Earning on affiliate programs is great, but in order to earn good money, you need passive income. How to reach it?


And this is where the very services for mass liking and other cheats will help. If you sit and do tasks there for hours, you will quickly catch depression and earn a penny. But if you shoot a couple of videos where you tell schoolchildren that you can earn decent money here and give them your referral link, then you can already monetize this traffic many times due to the work of others. 



Think with your head and you will be happy! Good luck, see you very soon. Don't forget to subscribe to our social networks. 



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