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How can a webmaster make money on push-subscriptions without their own website?


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Who it is for

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Push-subscriptions are beneficial for everyone. For webmasters, this is an opportunity to additionally monetize traffic on landing pages, and for publishers, it is an additional source of monetization. Recently, many partner networks do not redeem subscriptions, offering payment via RevShare. How it works, how much you can earn and what are the prospects for ordinary webmasters in this niche - in our material. 

Briefly about push-subscriptions

Push- subscriptions have been widely used by webmasters for more than 5 years. Yes, it’s fashionable now to say that push traffic is dying, but given that this is an internal Google system and there are no rumors about its shutdown, the source will live for a long time. 


Everything works very simply: the user sees a pop-up window when going to the site with an offer to subscribe to news / newsletter from the site, makes one click and then receives notifications (advertising) until he unsubscribes. 


In turn, for a webmaster, this is not only an additional, but also a fairly simple way to earn money: 


  • High traffic conversion. To subscribe, the user just needs to click one button on the site - "Allow". According to general statistics, up to 53% of visitors subscribe. 
  • Transparent system. Every second visitor is practically your subscriber, who will bring you profit every day by clicking on advertisements.
  • You can monetize iOS- traffic. Notifications come through calendars and advertisers are willing to pay solidly for this category of users. 


When connecting push subscriptions, the publisher does not lose anything, and at least it is definitely worth testing this method of monetization. And if there is a stable flow of traffic, there will definitely be no problems with the presence of subscribers. And the publisher can either sell the subscription base or monetize it with the help of advertising networks. 

Sell or monetize: which is more profitable?

The publisher has two options for what to do with their subscription base: sell or monetize. It is important to note here that young subscriptions (up to a week) convert best. Therefore, few people are engaged in buying out the base today and most affiliate networks offer to work on RevShare - the webmaster receives a fixed percentage for clicks from his site.


So the webmaster can get much more benefit for the “effectiveness period” allotted to the subscriber. As long as the base converts perfectly, the site will earn and squeeze out all possible profit. 


You can calculate how much your project can earn by monetizing push subscriptions using this calculator (not advertising).

How to make money on push subscriptions without your own website

The topic of monetizing push subscriptions also directly concerns webmasters who drive traffic to pre-landers, landing pages and doorways from Facebook and other traffic sources. As experience shows, the percentage of conversions from push subscriptions of the total number of users can be about 53%. Thus, you can place a subscription script on your website and receive additional income, in addition to deductions for leads to the main offer.


We also want to separately highlight the option of monetization, when webmasters are offered to work directly with the landing pages of the network: create a stream, take your link and upload it to a partner landing page, earning up to 95% of the traffic via RevShare. In addition, for high conversion, regardless of whether the user has subscribed or not, he will additionally be transferred to one of the offers. Such trafficback allows you to receive up to + 30% on top. 


Some examples of traffic domonetization by colleagues:


How much can you earn from RevShare subscriptions 

Of course, not everyone works with affiliate landing pages. Many affiliate programs and ad networks accept only publishers and only with a certain number of unique users per day, and the average RevShare rate rarely reaches 80%. 


Therefore, we recommend looking for networks that are ready to work with traffic from Facebook and other sources. Of the people we work with, we can recommend BroPush. We will not leave a link, so as not to be accused of advertising. Who needs it - find it on Google. According to the conditions, it is worth focusing on:  


  • From 80 to 95% on RevShare depending on the number of subscriptions / daily. That is, if in other networks the advertiser pays $50 for 1000 clicks, and the webmaster receives $29, then in BroPush partners take at least $42;
  • Work with subscriptions from doorways, pre-landings and landings (both yours and yours);
  • Money is withdrawn daily, and the minimum is only $10;
  • There are different types of monetization. For example, when safety is a priority, or when you want to cut all the dirt and cut down the maximum.
  • It is possible to track the profit from each user.
  • They give ready-made landings with connected traffic back to everyone who wants to make money on push notifications, but does not have a website. 

All screenshots of statistics are in front of you. Do you have any questions? Go to our Telegram chat  or leave a question directly in the comments.



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