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10 best cloaca services for dealing with the gray verticals of affiliate marketing in Facebook and Google


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Not so long ago, we published an article where we told, what is affiliate link cloaking in Facebook and Google.In the same place, we showed how easy it is to set up cloaking through the Keitaro tracker. This is a great option for beginners who don't yet have the money for good and expensive cloaking services for your URL. We recommend to read. Well, if you are looking for 100% protection from advertising network moderators, then we have prepared our TOP 10 best cloaking software on the market.  


Briefly: what is cloaking and why is it needed

Cloaking in the context of affiliate marketing is when one landing page is shown to the moderator of the advertising network, and another to the target users. Usually used to promote gray niches, such as gambling or nutra. For example, if it is forbidden to show adult nutra on Facebook, then the webmaster takes the moderators to the whaitepage of some clinic or fitness center (so that the creative is less relevant), and the user gets to a landing page with an advertisement for an adult product. 



Cloaking services allow you to customize the display of content depending on IP addresses, geographic location, user agent or other user parameters.  


It is important to note that the use of cloaking is a circumvention of the rules and policies of search engines and advertising platforms. If it is detected, sites can be removed from search engines, and advertising accounts are banned. 


What separates a good cloaking service from a bad one

Before moving on to that, I would like to add a little understanding of how cloaking services generally differ from each other: 


  1. Safety— ensuring and security of user data, confidentiality and prevention of unauthorized access to accounts.
  2. Support— helping users to use the tool effectively and deal with questions or problems that arise.
  3. Functionality flexibility in customizing cloaking options according to user requirements and strategies.
  4. Market reputation — a good service has a positive reputation among users and receives positive feedback from satisfied customers. 
  5. Price— reasonable price for the functionality provided by the service. 


And the most important thing: timely updating of the service databases for user agents, moderators of advertising networks and bot traffic. This is the most important aspect!


TOP 10 cloaking services for Facebook and Google

Below are the TOP services that have earned the trust of users over the years on the market.



CLOAK IT – cloud link cloaking service for Facebook/Instagram, Google. Current base of bots, VPN and proxies. Possibility of A/B testing. Integration with trackers like Keitaro. Through CLOAK IT, you can cloak WebView applications!


The starting tariff will cost $100 per month. 


Connection: https://t.me/cloakit

Telegram: https://t.me/cloakitpublic



Cloaking House

Cloaking.House – cloud service based on machine learning for traffic filtering and content protection. Suitable for working with any traffic source: TikTok, Facebook and other sites.


Base subscription cost: $30 per month


Social network: https://t.me/cloaking_house




IM KLO – one of the best Facebook/Instagram cloaking tools from the IM GROUP team. Supports integration with Keitaro tracker! To get acquainted, you can go to the demo version of the cloaca: https://imklo.im-group.biz/login Login: demo, Pass: demo.


Cost: $330 for a lifetime license. For this money, users receive lifetime support and updates. 


Contacts for communication:




Blackhole.space — a simple cloak where you do not need to download anything, install it on hosting, etc. Everything is implemented through the cloud. In your personal account, link the domain, specify links to the white and partner landing pages, and you're done. Filters both Mobile and Desktop traffic. According to the developers, up to 90% of the traffic goes to the Offer Page.


Price: $25 for 30 days (up to 10 connected domains) 


Social network: https://t.me/blackholechat 



Fair Lab

Fair Lab specializes in the cesspool for FB and Google Ads. The developers claim that their links are of incomparably high quality, and a neural network is used to analyze the transitions. Probably from here such a crowbar price tag. 


But don't let the price scare you. Firstly, after registration, you are given 72 hours to test, and secondly, you can buy 1 profile for up to 5 people. In this case, each will have an independent account. 


Price: starter package 399€ (up to 5 domains) 



Channel in Telegram: https://t.me/fairlab_club 

Support: https://t.me/fairlab_west 




PeerClick — it is a tracker with a cloacal function, also working through the cloud using SmartFlow technology. There is protection against spy services, fraud and bots. You can cloak Facebook, etc. All functions are available immediately after registration, but even if you choose the trial version, you still have to enter the card number first. 


Price: $0 (but not more than 100,000 clicks per month), there are paid versions for $99 and $249 


Links: https://telegram.me/peerclicken 



Just Cloak It

Just Cloak It — this is a big harvester for marketers, the main purpose of which is to filter traffic for bots and fraud. As for the cloaca, the service works with all social networks and Google services, supports mobile and desktop traffic, can be integrated with many trackers, has a zero redirects function, URL rotator and a target that will direct the user to the desired landing depending on the GEO. 


Price: starter package 399€ (up to 5 active companies) 



Traffic Armor

Traffic Armor — a platform that filters traffic from spy services, competitors and, of course, from advertising platform moderators. The cloaking supports filters by blacklists, bots, VPNs, spies, providers, etc. The service also supports uploading its blacklists, mobile companies, and GEO targeting.


Price: $129 per month (Click limits apply) 




Hide.Click – the cloaca works with Facebook/Google Ads, supports PHP and JS redirects for Shopify and Tilda services, etc., compatibility with Cloudflare/WordPress/Keitaro. Full IPv6 support.


Cost: from $95 (there is a trial for 7 days without restrictions). 


Social networks and contacts:




Zeustrak – a hybrid tracker that supports the function of non-redirect cloaking. Works with traffic from different sources: Google Ads, Facebook and others. Does not require installation and is configured in 5 minutes. Advanced filtering (including on external sites) and the presence of blacklists. Suitable for both individual and team use.


Cost: from $399 per month



Other cloaking services that may be of interest to the webmaster

Other tools and software that may be useful for cloaking: 


  • NoIPFraud — closed anti-fraud service, where gossip from blackhatworld.com is one of the best cloak for FB and other social networks. Also, a year ago, there were many cases on the network on how to cloak through this service in conjunction with the AdsBridge tracker, who are interested, knocks out on the first request.
  • BinomoCloaker — free service from YellowWeb webmaster. This is a pure cloaca, without tracking and other tinsel. True, in order to use it, it is desirable not only to know where to poke in FB, but also to understand at least a little in JS. Although the developer posted a full detailed video instruction, so you only need to repeat after him, substituting your links. 
  • Link Cloaking — it is part of the large Link Trackr combine, which includes a tracker, parser, pixel, URL rotator and many other useful services. The cesspool is configured in a couple of clicks, there is protection against bots, plus the developers have provided for targeting for different categories of users. You can also use an unlimited number of domains at the same time. 


Well, we remind you that many TDS trackers today are able to distribute traffic and hide landing pages from the moderation of advertising networks. But it is important to understand that they are primarily engaged in tracking, and not replenishing their user agent bases. However, for many beginners, Keitaro's free cloaking is really enough. 


How to Cloak Affiliate Links with WordPress Plugins

It is also worth noting separately that the term cloaking is often used in terms of disguising affiliate links by publishers in order to improve their positions in search results. If your site has too many links pointing visitors to external sites, Google and other search engines will rank your site lower.


Additionally, it may be necessary for: 


  • Increasing user confidence in links on your resource. If they have a beautiful and neat appearance, then the user will be more willing to perform the target action, since it will seem safe to him;
  • Link masking makes it easier to track outbound traffic. If you use a link masking plugin, you can see who clicks on your links and if your affiliate redirects are working. You can also use this information for your marketing strategy.


Let's take a look at some of the best affiliate link masking plugins available on WordPress.


ThirstyAffiliates — Plugin for managing links and monetizing a WordPress website. It is intended for website owners and bloggers who make money from affiliate marketing or other types of monetization related to placing affiliate links.


ThirstyAffiliates key features include:

  1. Create short links that can be used to redirect to long, complex affiliate links.
  2. Organization of affiliate links into groups depending on their purpos.  
  3. Create auto-rules to replace links in keywords. 
  4. The ability to track the statistics of clicks on links and income received from affiliate programs.
  5. Integration with other plugins and services such as Google Analytics, Amazon Associates, Google Tag Manager and more.



Simple URLs - a similar plugin designed to create and manage short links. It can shorten long affiliate links, track conversion statistics, create and configure redirects and redirects, there is integration with Google Analytics and access rights management for administrators of your sites. to track conversions and analyze traffic data.


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