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What is Pop-Up traffic: types, advantages and disadvantages, and how to start working with it


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Hello friends! We know that we write a lot about Facebook, but this is only because we use it ourselves and know exactly what we are talking about. However, many affiliates use a bunch of other sources that give just as much profit. And today we will try to talk about one of them (more precisely, about several at once) - this is Pop-Up traffic, or better, even Pop-Up networks. 


What is Pop-up, Pop-under and Clickunder

Pop-up — a type of pop-up advertising, which is divided into such formats as: actually, Pop-up itself, Pop-under and Clickunder. All of them are considered an aggressive type of promotion, as they are shown to users against their will. Let's take a closer look at the ad formats themselves:


  • Pop-up (pops) — advertisement ad that appears as soon as a user enters the site, scrolls the content of the page to a certain point, tries to leave the page, or performs another trigger action. 
  • Pop-under — a separate window with an advertisement page (or showcase) that opens under the main tab - usually the user sees it after he closes the browser window.
  • Clickunder — an ad window that works in much the same way as pop up ads. Clickers are not immediately visible to visitors, the advertising window appears after clicking on any part of the open page.


Due to the specifics and form of placement, clickanders, popunders and popups are not suitable for promoting offers, where the user has to think and weigh the decision for a long time. They work best with impulse products that can be sold with a single effective ad. This traditionally includes the following verticals: Gambling, Betting, Dating, Adult, Sweepstakes & Surveys.


Benefits of Pop-Up formats

Pops are an easy-to-learn ad format. Many webmasters start working with traffic from them, since you don’t need to create complex creatives to attract users – an attractive landing page is enough. It can also be noted:


  • A wide coverage of a diverse audience guarantees a large amount of traffic from different GEOs. Creatives can be adapted to any site regardless of its traffic volume, SEO optimization or content (porn sites, news sites, garden sites, etc.)
  • Pops are a cheap and fairly common way to drive traffic. They can pop up for any visitor to the site (regardless of whether he clicks on the ad or not).
  • When working with pop traffic, the webmaster works either by CPM (Cost-per-Mille) with payment for 1000 impressions, or by CPC (Cost-per-Click) with pay per click/transfer. This makes it possible to launch even with a small budget, since nothing is required from the user to open a pop-up. Pay-per-impression ad networks are more common. This makes it possible to launch even with a small budget, since nothing is required from the user to open a pop-up. PPS ad networks are more common.


To get started with popunder, simply browse through the directory on the site and select the ad network you want to run your campaigns on. Don't forget to use the promo code to get a bonus for test launches of ads.



Disadvantages of Pop-Up formats

Popunders are a form of advertising that can generate negative reactions from potential customers. Unlike banners, where the user can decide whether or not to respond to an ad, popunder ads appear regardless of the user's desire. This can lead to dissatisfaction and negative attitudes towards the product or service being advertised. You can also add to the disadvantages:


  • Difficulty in determining the Target Audience. The audience of popunder -traffic is huge and fragmented. Unlike social networks, where you can target interests and age, pops-networks do not provide such opportunities. However, the favorable price of advertising may well cover this disadvantage..
  • Susceptibility to ad blockers. This type of ad suffers most from AdBlock, however, popunders are still used despite this problem.
  • Bot traffic. Popunders can have more bot traffic, as this can seriously affect the budget of an advertising campaign. Ad networks are actively fighting the problem of bot traffic in order to reduce the percentage of its use. Nobody wants to buy empty traffic, and everyone strives to maintain their reputation with customers.


Therefore, before working with a particular advertising network, we recommend that you read the reviews of colleagues.


How to run ads on Popunder

Consider the example of any advertising network from our catalog. So that no one decides that this is native advertising, we will do without names. Register. Activate your account via email. Here we were given an additional bonus, which we will definitely spend on tests.


Next, give the name of the campaign, select the type of traffic. In this case, the ad network sorts premium sites and not so. The difference is naturally in cost. Next, select Popunder, although if you are interested in other advertising formats, please. We also indicate an affiliate link, where you can also add several macros if you track them through the tracker.


After that, the ad network prompts us to enter a postback link, again, if any. Next, you can set up targeting by GEO and devices. 


Then you can add your blacklists. If you are working with such traffic for the first time, then you will not have them. But later, when working with traffic, you can select sites that will not generate clicks and put them on the blacklist, thereby saving your budget. 


You can also see the recommended bid on the screenshot. That is, the network offers us to pay $0.712 for 1000 impressions. In other words, if we have an offer payout of $1 per lead, then if we have 10 clicks and 1 conversion from 1000 impressions, then we will be in the black (conditionally). 


Next, you can set up a schedule for showing your popunder.


After we set the scope of our advertising budget and send our campaign for moderation. You can then upload your creative and start tracking campaign results. Everything is simple. 

Editorial opinion

Pop-up advertise is an affordable, cheap, and easy-to-learn tool for attracting traffic. Many newbies start promoting affiliate network offers with the pops-format. 


But! Despite the ease of launch, low price, large volumes and variety of GEOs, the attracted audience is often non-targeted, and the conversion of such traffic usually tends to zero.


Pop-Ups can work well in some verticals and not at all in others. Webmasters often bypass this source, while the found converting bundle more than pays for the tests due to the cheapness of the traffic.



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