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The Internet is not only about memes with kittens or ads of crypto-courses from traders.  Millions of people set up profitable online businesses. Therefore most starters search for online money making ways, preferring new ones where they can succeed as well. So our article is about existing working schemes. If you still don’t work online - welcome! 


DUMP OF EARNING SCHEMES: how to check whether they are trusted or not.

New trends are appearing year by year. Firstly it was Instagram, then TikTok, then something else and so on… and it started. The fact: working money making schemes online, where you can receive an income, will be appearing while this sphere is developing. And it’s quite important to understand - who first come, first served. It means that if the scheme is widely discussed, connection has played a huge role.


What we mean: dumps of earning schemes can exist, but it doesn’t mean that we should just use it one to one. There is no sense to double check its efficiency; if it’s published - it’s verified.



Ok, but why are they sold and published? The most genial online money making way 2023 - sell money making schemes 😁


But seriously, the only advantage for you is that you take info as the basis and create something new, use it in another way or find a method, how to scale and give a new life.


For example, let’s take a look at dropshipping. This method is as old as all e-commerce, but people still continue making money as they use their unique ways.



Of course, no. Recently, we have published the article  “Is it worth buying affiliate marketing courses”, where we explained and showed with examples what can be sold to you and why there is no sense to buy it. Trust us, experienced guys, who wasted money and sources but nothing good came out.


So what to do? We have published numerous ways (or schemes) below for online money making. Just read them, sort out what is the closest for you and welcome to Youtube or Google for detailed learning of all aspects.


P.S. If you decide to choose money making on affiliate programs - this is what we do in ADLEADPRO, so our Instagram can be very useful for you.




Also, when it comes to dumps of money making ways, we would like to admit that not all of them, sold on the Internet, are legal. There are sources, which specialize in black schemes of earning money and they can be punished by criminal law. 


As an example, in 2018,  via special channels on Telegram (they have already been banned) money making methods sold not only gray, but particularly black online money making ways, e.g. how to receive deposits for non-existing apartment rent via social engineering or how to sell any goods via Darknet. Generally, be cautious. 



Any scheme that has been highly hyped, it is not something new in 2023, all of this, as we already considered above, is the reworked formula that was earned from the scheme, was popular earlier. Let's look at a few of these cases from this angle.


Crypto currency arbitrage and abusing

The point is that there are a few large and not so big exchanges. Some actives are traded on every exchange. Previously, arbitrators used to check shares, futures and so on, that belongs to the securities market; today young arbitrators purchase crypto from one exchange and resell it on another exchange at a favorable rate.


You can see how it looks like from small video on TikTok:


Btw, since we started the crypto currency topic, there is one more actual gray scheme for online money making 2023 - abusing. Money earning is different upward crypto projects often make bonuses and small presents to encourage users to join their project. It can be used via multi accounting - to pick more resources that may increase in price. This is crypto 🙂


INFO business 

Info business can hardly be related to new ways of money making in 2023, but info businessmen have never demonstrated such a scope before. No wonder as coaching brings a lot of money. If you take any worthy info course, multiple by at least 100 sales, - you will get the price of a nice car.  


From the pitfalls we would like to admit, that no one will buy Pogo Poppins’ info course if you are nothing of yourself and can not encourage the public's interest. But the beauty of this is that it’s not necessary to have your own upgraded resources such as targeted advertising a public for 1000 bots can also give a result. 


From the editor: when I was very young and was just studying copywriting (it was 3 years ago), this guy sold his info courses, and, as you see, he is not just a copywriter, but also a financial psychologist, even a mission 😄 I would say that this is the blackest earning on the internet, when you peddle your courses full of water to people, who came to Net due to difficult circumstances.




Every year, the entertainment sphere, particularly computer games, breaks records in terms of capitalization and sales. In addition, the generation, who has been playing video games since childhood, has grown up and they have money to pay to any school child who will upgrade the character, get an item or skin. 


Money making scheme allows to earn money on: 


  • account upgrades in popular games in order to resell;
  • account upgrades on mobile apps;
  • sales of in-game items that have any value.




Taking into consideration the fact that we have a big expertise in affiliate marketing and we definitely know that the CPA sphere will not disappear, it would be silly not to start with this. 



Affiliate marketing is a “white” (legal) online money making scheme, where it’s real to receive a big income. The point is to buy cheap traffic and then resell it for a higher price. Webmasters earn money on the price difference.


As an example, a company wants to attract more customers. It puts forward an offer, where it suggests to pay 5000 rubles for each lead (hypothetically). A webmaster responds to this offer. He sets up an advertisement on social media by himself and on which he spends 20 000. An advertising campaign attracts 10 customers. So a webmaster earns 40000, of which 20000 is his net profit.


A webmaster always purchases advertising, spending his own funds, no one provides him a budget. He receives money for the result only - applications, registrations, orders.



P.S. If you are suggested to purchase a money making scheme on affiliate marketing - feel free.. to ignore. Just go to our Telegram channel - everything is in the public domain there.



A trusted money making scheme that doesn’t require investments and where you, as as intermediary, take your commission:


  • You are looking for a direct manufacturer or a shop with a store with goods at wholesale prices
  • You launch an ad, set up your own online store and promote this product.
  • A customer sees a product and orders
  • You send him a product for your own price, but a product is purchased from the manufacturer for a lower price. The price difference is yours.


And everyone is satisfied - you receive an income on margin and the manufacturer receives an additional sales channel.


For example, such statistics are shown by our friends from Voodoo Ecom. The guys set up Facebook targeting for products from Chinese market places and sell them through their Shopify store. They get pretty solid turnover.



How much can we earn on it: 10% from the deal. Resale in online stores at Wildberries, OZON, Amazon, Ebay, Avito is also at your service.


Freelance Mediation

Today, there is more and more trust in remote workers and freelancers. The reasons are simple: the pandemic. Employers highly appreciated the prospects of not paying rent for office space and organizing work online. In this regard, the need for reliable performers is growing.


The money making scheme on freelance exchanges. The point is to become this very intermediary, which, thanks to the availability of qualified performers, will control the tasks execution and earn on the difference in the price that the employer is willing to pay and the price that the performer sets. After a while, this can easily grow into a real digital agency.


Purchase, resale and website promotion

Although some people are sure that social media and Youtube eliminated the demand, it’s not true. Oleg Artishchuk figured this out perfectly on his channel TochkaG, you can search if you're interested.


The main thing is that this is not a gray or black money making scheme on the Internet, but a real and fairly stable business. How it works:


  • You can launch your own website in any popular topic. We assure that any schoolchild can deal with it. And then fill it with content, learn SEO optimization and work on the quality of the resource in every possible way. Traffic arrived - monetize it using the CPA model (money making on affiliate programs, or sell your goods and services) or connect it to advertising networks.
  • Purchase a ready-made site on exchange and continue traffic increasing and monetize your resource. 
  • Purchase a website, upgrade it and resell at a more favorable price. Usually the site is sold at a cost equal to its annual or biennial profit.




As you understood, trusted online money making schemes can be different. It’s time for a masterclass. There is one case of thousands examples below, shared by our webmasters in our community. And it’s important to understand that most webmasters prefer not to expose their income in the media as it can lead to unpleasant consequences in some countries.


So, a real money making scheme by Timur Sharipov - the owner of Avalon team with a dump on an offer in the nutra (?) vertical (health products), where two buyers and he earned $94,718 in 2 months of the advertising campaign. How it looks like in reality:


  • Spent - $97832
  • Earned - $192550
  • Profit - $94718
  • ROI about 97%
  • Source: Facebook
  • Offer: Optifix / CleanVision (Vision)
  • Country: Philippines



Before Philippines, we had successfully dealed with this offer in Mexico. But gradually the audience was disappearing and something had to be done. We tried to scale the link to new GEOs. And the Philippines was the first contender.


A pre-lander was taken that had already shown successful results in South America, it only remained to adapt it to the new GEO. It looked like this: 



Below we added a discount carousel.Due to this, according to our calculations, we were able to partially minimize the loss of approval.Of course, this is not a panacea, since there were cases where, on the contrary, it negatively affected the percentage of approval. In a word - try testing.


When it comes to concrete figures, at the beginning CR pre-lander was around 2%, and price for the lid was from 1$ to 2$. ROI had been around 200% at this stage, but after scale it dropped to 100%.



As in 6-8 weeks, lid price increased up to 6% and pre-landing conversion was about 1.4 %, then the pre-lander was redesigned for a local TV news channel.



As a result, it didn’t have a particular impact on CR pre-landing, but approve as well as EPC increased to 12%. 



Those who have known me for a long time know that we work only with high-quality consumables, winning in the long run. In this case, these were limit-limited spend accounts in conjunction with a trust fanpage and Ukrainian farms.


A BM was created on a spand account, a personal advertising account was attached to it, a fan page was added via the invitation link (FP was created up to 1000 followers and age since  a year). The average setup span was up to $8000, there were centenarians for $20000+.


What about creatives and approaches

In Creo, we tested several approaches: with and without text, with a student who was on our pre-lander, and a standard teaser approach. We did not notice a big difference in quality indicators. All static, CTR was within 5-10%.




In total, in almost 10 weeks, we earned approximately $192,550 on traffic.  After the bundle, we also earned, but the ROI of 30-40% hinted that we needed to either change the GEO again, or look for new bundles and approaches. But that's another story. 




In conclusion, we would like to disperse once again the herd of pink unicorns and say that the basis of successful earnings in the network is work. And that the notorious laptop under a palm tree is very inconvenient: glare in the monitor and sand in the keyboard :)


Think before investing in dubious "dumps" and subscribe to our Instagram, where we tell you how to make money with your mind.



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