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TOP 100 traffic sources for launching CPA advertising offers


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We won't be discussing Facebook, Instagram, LiveJournal, Google Ads, and the like. Instead, we’ll share lesser-known foreign social networks, teaser, push, pop-under, adult, in-app, and other advertising networks.

Lesser-known social networks

Where to find an audience for Asian traffic? Are you targeting dating in Finland, Vietnam, or Austria? Find a social network with a suitable audience.


1. Ameba — A Japanese social network, a kind of blogging platform with games.

2. Copainsdavant — The largest social network in France, after Facebook and YouTube. Allows you to find classmates.

3. Irk Galleria — A popular social network in Finland. Somewhat resembles a mix of Odnoklassniki and Mamba.

4. Nasza Klasa — A Polish social network for classmates, with advertising.

5. Nexopia — A social network built on forums, popular in Canada.

6. Plurk — A social network in Taiwan for exchanging short messages.

7. Signal — An open-source messenger on GitHub that values privacy. No need to enter a phone number, name, or other personal information.

8. Skyrock — A French social network.

9. WeChat — A popular social network in China with shopping and messaging features. There is an English-language version.

10. Weibo — China's top social network, with around 300 million users.

11. Wer-kennt-wen — A German social network and communities with traffic from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

12. Zing — A social network in Vietnam that is more widely read than the local Facebook.

Catalog of teaser networks for driving traffic in CPA

Teasers are placed on news websites, showcases, blogs, and movie websites; teaser networks actively seek new platforms for placement. 


13. ActionTeaser — A teaser network with an auction payment model. Adult, SMS, and fraudulent advertising are prohibited. Retargeting is available.

14. AdBlade — An international advertising network with teasers and native ads.

15. Adlabs — A teaser advertising platform with Russian-speaking traffic. Among partner websites are resources like YAP, KP, Zaycev.net, and others.

16. Ads.Red — A teaser network with detailed targeting, auctions, and competitive prices.

17. AppSter — Sells adult traffic. Advertising WAP and viruses is prohibited. Traffic from the CIS.

18. Bidvertiser — An American teaser network with native advertising and popunders.

19. Directadvert — A teaser and advertising network with 15K platforms across the entire Runet.

20. Exoclick — An adult teaser network with international traffic.

21. Kadam — One of the earliest teaser networks, which has expanded to include banners, push ads, and even its own offers.

22. MediaVenus — A teaser network specializing in e-commerce, nutra, adult e-commerce, installs, and dating.

23. MGid — Recently, the teaser network MarketGid updated its design, merged into MGid, and transformed into an advertising network.

24. Oblivki — A teaser network that monitors the cleanliness of offers and incoming traffic. It displays ads in the format of native advertising (a small image and ad text).

25. RedTram — A teaser network with traffic from Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, which maintains its news showcase with teasers under its own brand.

26. TeaserMedia — Provides a preview of teaser formats before launching a campaign, with over 20 categories of partner websites. Payment is only for unique clicks. Teaser reach depends on CPM.

27. Teasernet — After rebranding and redesign, this teaser network expanded its capabilities and now offers 7 new advertising formats to suit any taste.

28. TrafficHunt — A teaser network for adult traffic that recently launched push notifications.

29. Visit Web — A teaser network with both white and adult traffic. Push notifications have recently been introduced, but the network specializes in teasers. There is an option to view the average click price for the last hour.

Catalog of advertising and banner networks

Below is a selection of active advertising and banner networks. Need a banner network with white traffic from foreign countries? Choose from the list which one suits you.


30. Adbuff — Positioned as an alternative to AdSense. Minimum entry budget is $1000.

31. AdCash — A foreign advertising network supporting formats like banners, native advertising, push notifications, in-app ads, and popunders.

32. AdClickMedia — An international advertising network specializing in banners and teasers, with CPM and CPC payment options. It offers advertising opportunities on websites related to topics such as home-based income, self-improvement, health and fitness, cannabis, finance, and cryptocurrency. The minimum campaign launch cost is $5. In addition to standard banners, it also supports email advertising.

33. Admachine — A mobile advertising network with pop, native, video, and banner ads, as well as push notifications. It supports iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS.

34. AdMedia — A global advertising network with impressive targeting tools and campaign customization options. It offers mobile and desktop traffic and supports banners, native ads, search engine advertising, remarketing, display and email advertising.

35. Adpushap — An advertising network with financial support from Microsoft. They offer unique advertising formats that bypass "banner blindness" and AdBlock. They openly publish successful case studies, demonstrating the effectiveness of advertising for various types of businesses in the USA (examples include real estate, car rentals, conferences).

36. AdsTargets — They place ads on partner websites and in their own search engine. Supported advertising formats include banners, links, and app advertising.

37. Adsterra —A platform for advertising in formats such as native, banners, push notifications, popunders, links, and pre-roll videos.

38. Aidem — A white foreign advertising network for advertising applications on platforms like Quora, ProductHunt, and Rumblr.

39. BlogAds — An advertising network specializing in advertising in foreign blogs, forums, and communities.

40. BodyClick — An advertising network with teaser, flash, slide, clickunder, and banner advertising. The network offers Russian-speaking traffic, detailed statistics for each click, payment for unique clicks, and prompt support.

41. ClickAdu — A premium advertising network with the Smart CPM model and advertising formats including popup, popunder, skim, push up, pre-roll, and push notifications.

42. Dedicated Email — An American advertising email network that sells traffic based on its email databases.

43. FrogyAds — A Danish advertising network offering native, popup, popunder, push notifications, classic banners, video ads, and interstitial ads (embedded in a video with a Skip in… button). They claim to have 480 billion interactions with ads on the network every month, and they recommend promoting sweepstakes offers, casinos, dating, Android installs, games, and e-commerce. Payment models include CPM, CPC, and CPV (visitors).

44. HillTopAds — A foreign network, not very well-known in the CIS community but still popular among webmasters. It offers push notifications, video advertising, popups, popunders, native advertising, links, and display banners. Suitable for promoting dating offers.

45. Infolinks — A U.S. advertising network with formats such as skin page, native advertising, embedded link banner view, stickers, and others.

46. Media Net — An advertising network that publishes ads on Yahoo and Bing search engines. Advertising banners appear in magazines like Forbes, Elle, Reuters, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire. Available advertising formats include contextual, native advertising, and display.

47. Midroll — A foreign advertising network that promotes ads in European and American podcasts.

48. Mpay69 — A click-under advertising network with adult traffic.

49. PropellerAds — A push, banner, and click-under advertising network with strong support for young webmasters. They offer webinars, online consultations, 24/7 support, and a comprehensive knowledge base on advertising. It has a user-friendly dashboard and flexible targeting configuration.

50. Ungads — A new advertising network offering push notifications, banners, pre-rolls, popunders, and native advertising. They provide fast moderation (up to 20 minutes) and flexible moderation approval rules.

In-app and mobile advertising networks. Where to buy mobile traffic?

51. AdAction — An international in-app network offering advertising in iOS and Android applications.

52. Admob by Google —  A platform for advertising in mobile Android applications from Google.

53. Airpush — A mobile advertising platform with a new push notification format. It supports in-app, video banners, overlays, and abstract banners.

54. AppNext — A mobile advertising network that, in addition to in-app traffic, has extended its reach to mobile devices, offering mobile videos with CTA, full-screen mobile ads, widget carousels, and app carousels integrated into website pages.

55. Cross Install — An American in-app advertising network with convenient customization for various smartphone formats, personalized targeting for selected audiences, and advertising in iOS and Android applications.

56. Duapps — A Chinese in-app advertising network specializing in in-app traffic, supporting platforms such as iOS, Android, Unity, and offering advertising formats including Banner, Video, Native, Interstitial, Trigger, and Offer Wall.

57. Leadbolt — An international mobile advertising network with in-app and mobile traffic worldwide. Payment models include CPI, CPC, and CPM. Advertising formats include mobile video banners, native advertising, in-app banners, and interactive banners.

58. MyAppFree — A global in-app advertising network with traffic from mobile applications on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.

59. YouAppi — An in-app advertising network with video, native, and static banners for advertising in applications.

Catalog of adult advertising networks. Where to get affordable adult traffic?

60. Adxxx —  960 million daily impressions, adult products and services. An advertising network with adult traffic.

61. Adamo Advertising — An adult advertising network offering dynamic advertising, banners, and pop sites.

62. EroAdvertising — A Dutch advertising network specializing in adult traffic, offering mobile and desktop advertising formats, and flexible targeting.

63. JuicyAds — An adult advertising network with native advertising, popunders, and classic banner advertising for adults.

64. Plugrush — An automated advertising network with accelerated moderation, easy campaign management, and classic banners.

65. Pushy Ads — Monetization of adult traffic through push notifications.

66. Slimspots — An advertising network with adult traffic and advertising formats including popups, popunders, banners, and redirects.

67. Traffic Factory — An adult-oriented advertising network with flexible targeting options and real-time bid adjustments, allowing you to acquire more traffic at a competitive price.

68. Traffic Force — An adult advertising network with 16 billion monthly interactions. Display, pop-under, pre-roll video, and push notifications are top advertising formats in the network.

69. Traffic Shop — An adult advertising network focused on mobile traffic, supporting advertising formats such as popunders, banners, and skimm.

70. TrafficJunky — A Canadian premium adult traffic advertising network, including on PornHub.

71. Tube Corporate — Another adult advertising network with hot 18+ traffic. It offers traffic from 10 popular adult sites, push notification campaigns, VIP services for premium advertisers, and a flexible rating and discount system for bids.

List of Popunder advertising networks. Buy popup, pop, popunder traffic

72. Popads — Popunder traffic advertising network.

73. PopCash — Popunder advertising network with a minimum deposit of $5. It offers 24/7 support, anti-fraud system, full campaign management and customization, user-friendly interface, and accelerated moderation.

74. PopMyAds — Popunder advertising network with basic settings, a minimum deposit of $25, auction bids, and standard targeting options.

75. Popunder — A popunder advertising network that has recently added 12 new advertising formats. Payment models include CPC and CPM.

76. Popunder Total — A premium popunder network with its own RTB system, round-the-clock support, accelerated moderation, low rates, and advanced targeting options.

Catalog of push advertising networks. Traffic from push notifications

What is the TOP list without push networks. Even partner networks  are opening their own advertising networks. We have selected 13 push advertising networks that interested us the most. Welcome to the list of push networks.

77. Admaven — The network positions itself as a full-stack advertising platform, with one of its directions being push notifications, 2,5 billion interactions, responsive support, and easy campaign setup.

78. Clickstar — This platform is created for monetizing your traffic through push notifications. You can buy push traffic, and recently, Clickstar allows sending pushes to its collected user base.

79. DaoPush — A newcomer in the world of push notifications, so they often give out promo codes and provide assistance with campaign launches. The interface is standard, traffic volumes are regularly updated, and click prices are slightly below average.

80. Datspush —  A push network from the Leadbit affiliate program, which became public last fall. They offer an open volume of traffic and an auction model for displaying notifications. The network is balance-dependent and accepts adult offers.

81. Evadav — An advertising network with a variety of formats, already beloved by international webmasters. They have recently focused on push notification traffic. It's worth considering for webmasters promoting dating, casino, and sweepstakes offers.

82. Ezmob — A cross-platform network with advertising formats including popunders and push notifications, as well as links and display banners.

83. Roller Ads — With 2 billion shows per year, this network offers Push, In-Page Push and OnClick format. The minimum bid is only $0,001, and it covers GEO-WW. Numerous cases of successful dumps - that’s what you need to know about this ad network.

84. Push Compass — An advertising network for push notifications and popunder banners with traffic from Asia, the USA, and Europe.

85. Push Guru — No, it's not a network from the creators of Guru Conf. These guys are young and not well-known among webmasters. Nevertheless, we were intrigued by their low click prices, a minimum deposit of $25, and the presence of cashback. Does anyone work with this network? Share your feedback in the comments!

86. Push House — An advertising network for push notifications with human support, large traffic volumes, and new functionality that developers are keeping secret for now. 

87. TrendingBid — A push network that offers live statistics and https://piratecpa.net/, in addition to pushes, clickunder traffic.

88. Yamads — An advertising network for push notifications with flexible targeting options based on GEO, profession, operating system, and traffic type.

89. Zeropark — Advertising network for push notifications, pop, and direct ads, with a calculator supporting multiple creatives in a single push.

Video advertising networks. Сatalog of networks that sell video advertising

90. Adsence Video, On Air — We couldn't miss adding the advertising network from Google with video advertising formats :) It supports linear video ads, TrueView, overlay, and full shot.

91. Select Media — A media platform with video advertising for Asian traffic.

92. Spotx — An international video advertising network with support for SDK, VAST, VPAID, and JavaScript tags.

93. Spring Serve —  An international video advertising network for placing ads on multi-platform devices.

94. Video Intelligence — A media advertising network for premium video traffic.

Buy traffic in search engines. An alternative to Google

95. Bing — The second most popular search network in the world, thanks to Microsoft's imposed search engine. It opens with ads every time it updates, it’s annoying, but nevertheless, the Bing search engine is popular among employees of large corporations who pay for a full license package of programs. A good alternative to Google, with lower cost-per-click rates.

96. DuckDuckGo — The most lightweight search engine, which sparked heated discussions on Habr about 5 years ago. It doesn't spam with ads but still sells them. Advertising can be connected through Bing Ads.

97. Kenshoo — An advertising network that provides e-commerce businesses with services for promotion on top search engines in Asia, the United States, and Europe.

98. Shenma — A mobile search engine in China with a platform for buying advertising. If you have experience with Asian advertising networks, consider mobile traffic as well.

99. Swisscows — An interesting search engine from Switzerland that, unfortunately, is not oriented towards advertising and doesn’t collect user data. We found it appealing due to one feature: site semantic mapping. We recommend giving it a try.

100. Yippy — Another ad-free search engine but with the division into clusters, creating a sort of tree of search themes.



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