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Facebook bans in 2024 continue and in some places have even intensified. However, there are ways to deal with them and reduce the risks of permanently losing your account. We’ve prepared a guide for you in which we’ll tell you all about blocks: the main reasons and ways to restore your well-farmed account. Let's go! 🚀


Why Facebook can block you

When your account is blocked, you can handle it with "minimal bloodshed" — fix the reasons yourself, write to support that there are no more violations. Your profile won’t be lost in this case. Let's go over what these reasons might be:


  • Facebook's advertising rules have been violated. This is one of the most common reasons. Blocking occurs when an arbitrageur accidentally or intentionally uses stop words, creates overly aggressive creatives, or landing pages. You can familiarize yourself with the restrictions in the official Facebook policies. In some cases, only the campaign is blocked, not the entire account. It’s sufficient to remove the violations and restart the campaign.



  • Prohibited business models. This is a separate type of blocking. Facebook prohibits the use of famous people and public figures in creatives, as well as misleading information (for example, claiming that the offer will cure a disease 100%). As with rule violations, the ban may apply to the campaign rather than the entire account. To unblock the ad and relaunch it, the violations need to be addressed.
  • Advertising activity ban. This type of blocking, like the other two, only affects advertising: the account itself is not blocked, but rather the campaign. This often occurs due to actions that Facebook deems suspicious, such as logging in from a different IP address or device, or having too large of an advertising budget. To lift the ban, you'll need to prepare documents such as a scanned passport or driver's license. These can be created using Verif Tools or similar services.



  • Risk Payment. This type of block occurs when Facebook detects errors and suspicious activities related to cards or payment data. To rectify this, you need to ensure that the campaign's GEO matches the card's location and verify that the balance is positive. You can also try linking a different card.
  • Bypass systems. This means that Facebook has detected the use of cloaking by the arbitrageur. In this case, unfortunately, the likelihood of unblocking is practically zero. Typically, the entire account is blocked rather than just a specific campaign.


In most cases, Facebook provides information about why advertising cannot be launched. It’s necessary to address and resolve the violations and then inform support that the issues have been resolved.


Ways to lift a Facebook block

Several types of blocks can be lifted independently without contacting support. These are cases where automated algorithms have checked the campaign, found violations, and blocked it. Since only the campaign is blocked, not the account, you can do the following:


  • Remove or change any elements in the campaigns that violate the rules.
  • Submit documents of the account owner (or a fictional owner, using document generators).
  • Check your payment methods and cards, verify the accuracy of the data, and correct any errors.
  • Restart campaigns and wait for 2-3 days. This helps in case of a freeze.


If these methods prove to be ineffective, you can contact live support. This should only be done if all violations have been corrected.

To contact support, you can click on the support link button. Sometimes, the Facebook account may not have such a button, or the account is completely blocked. In this case, you can write to support from another account and attach a link to the blocked profile.


How to file an appeal correctly

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write a letter to support in order to increase the chances of successful processing:


  1. Greeting Facebook staff. A polite opening will demonstrate a commitment to finding a constructive solution to the issue.
  2. Describe the situation. Next, inform that the account has been banned, specify its name or ID, and express your comment that the blocking is unfair.
  3. Provide beneficial information about yourself. You can write that you are an entrepreneur, a representative of a small business that promotes exclusively legitimate goods and services.
  4. Justify the erroneous nature of the blockage. Then, emphasize that you have not violated any rules.
  5. Offer alternatives. Depending on the type of block, you can indicate that you have found errors and have already corrected them. Or you can ask to recheck the profile and inquire about the reasons for the ban.
  6. Don't forget the call to action. At the end of the message, it’s worth asking support to unblock the account. You can also add that in the future, you promise to be especially attentive and not repeat mistakes.
  7. Express gratitude. A positive conclusion to the letter also demonstrates readiness for constructive dialogue. You can add that you hope for a prompt response.


A few more useful recommendations:


  • The letter should be concise. Ideally, two to three paragraphs.
  • Politeness. Aggression, profanity, and insults are unacceptable: in this case, you may not wait for the unblocking at all.
  • Proofs. As evidence of the problem or that the violations have been corrected, screenshots should be attached. For example, your creatives from which you removed prohibited elements.
  • The "Another" option in the ticket. It allows you to write a personalized message from yourself, without using a template. Other options in tickets are templates where you can fill in information. The support team is less eager to review them.


The "Another" option allows you to write a unique letter.


  • Business style. It’s important to adhere to an official business communication style and remove all emotions.
  • Express genuine surprise and misunderstanding. You can create a legend, for example, that you are an honest marketer promoting legitimate goods or services, and suddenly you were blocked for no reason.
  • Correspondence in English. English-speaking support responds faster.


An important principle is to convince them that you are a prospective client ready to spend a lot of money on advertising with Facebook, and that it wouldn’t be beneficial for Facebook to lose you.



Facebook often blocks accounts, even if the violation or error was accidental. In most cases, there are chances to lift the ban and continue using the account.



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