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How to make money online in 2023: 20+ options in one collection


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Hey! Each of our articles is devoted to how to make money on the Internet, and this material is no exception. First of all, of course, we specialize in affiliate marketing - we share life hacks on how to promote different products and take your commission, but here we tried to collect all the ideas for making money on the Internet that exist. We hope it will be useful to everyone 🙏


Why you should start making money online

A moment of motivation. Let's basically figure out why you should try your hand at the Internet and how it can turn out for you:


  • The main advantage is a huge variety of work choices. Nowadays, working on the Internet has ceased to be a haven for all sorts of geeks. The entry point has decreased as much as possible and even students can start earning, even mothers on maternity leave, even a builder filming construction life hacks on YouTube.
  • You are your own boss (unless it's remote). What time to wake up, when to take a day off, how many hours to take to work, and how many to rest. But here is the other side of the coin - the more time you spend on work, the more you earn, so it’s better not to overdo it with rest. 
  • Can work from home. No need to wake up early in the morning and get on crowded public transport. You can work right in your pajamas. Your home is your office. Make it comfortable for you. 
  • You don't need investment to work for yourself. Of course, this does not apply to all the options that we list below, however, to leave the office, you definitely do not need capital to develop your own business. A small airbag is enough for a while until you start earning income online. It is important!
  • Lack of physical labor. Naturally, if you work on the Internet, most of the time you will be sitting at your computer. But a subscription to the gym or swimming pool is better to purchase :) 


Nevertheless, there are difficulties and nuances in any way of earning. In our case, this is irregular working hours, the need for self-discipline, in some cases, the lack of stability in income. And sometimes even misunderstanding on the part of the family. 


How to make money online if you have no skills

Probably the very first search query made by a young person who is still in school or university. On the other hand, here we have also collected options that will suit the older generation, who are considering options on how to make money on the Internet without investments and preferably quickly. 


Boxes. Exchanges of clicks, likes and views

The easiest way to make money on ice cream on the Internet is exchanges with simple tasks. Why and who needs it? Today, the competition between Internet projects is huge and, often, in order to be noticed, you need to create the appearance of user activity.



For example, in order for YouTube to recommend your video to more users, it needs to see that users like it. So a blogger can replenish his account on the stock exchange and hundreds of people will watch his video, like it, subscribe or leave a comment for a small fee. You will earn money, and the blogger will get the activity/channel boost he needs. 


In addition to watching videos on YouTube, users are encouraged to subscribe to pages on Facebook or Instagram, download an application, join a Telegram channel, and stuff like that. 


Where can you try to earn: profitcentr.com, seosprint.net, profitcentr.com.


The payment is small, suitable for schoolchildren, students and just those who are curious to try to make their first money on the Internet. 


Distant work

This option is more suitable for those who worked at least at some job, or for someone who is highly motivated. 



Distant work via the Internet was popular before, but after the pandemic, many employers really appreciated the benefits of having a remote staff: no need to pay for office rent, endure related costs, such as stationery and computers, paying for printer ink, electricity bills, etc. d. 


How to make money on the Internet remotely: everything is simple, go to job aggregators, put "distant work" in the filters. If there is no experience at all, then you can consider the vacancies of a call center operator, tester, personal assistant, moderator, secretary, assistant and any other options where you can learn everything during the trial period.



Also remotely there is a demand for programmers, copywriters, journalists, translators, designers, illustrators, SMM specialists, layout designers, editors, but we will touch on this niche below. 


P.S. Another advantage of remote work is that you can combine several vacancies, thereby earning more. 


Earnings on online -surveys

If the option above seems like a big step, then online surveys are another opportunity to earn some money and maybe even have fun.


Who needs paid surveys? Marketing companies that need to conduct a survey among a specific audience.


Completing a survey usually pays no more than $1 (either with Amazon or PayPal coupons), so to earn an adequate amount of money, you will have to take a huge number of surveys. How much is enough for you - a rhetorical question. 

However, it is an opportunity to work without obligation in your spare time. To increase your earnings, you should register on all possible sites and apply for all available surveys. 


Here is a list of popular services that pay for surveys: Satoshihero, Swagbucks, Marketagent, ySense, Surveytime, Oprosi.online, i-Say, iToken, LifePoints, Panel Station, Univox Community, InboxDollars, TaskPay, e-Research-Global, Prizerebel.


By the way, you can also find survey apps on Google Play and the AppStore. Working through your smartphone may seem more convenient, especially if you are taking surveys on the way or back from your main job. 

Used items for sale at Enjoei and its peers

How To Make Money Fast Online - That's Right, Sell Something! A good option for those who want to start their own small business. What is interesting is where you will get the clothes to sell. For example, SecondHand networks are well developed in many countries. In these stores you can find items from exclusive brands for cheap in almost perfect condition and resell for more on sites like Enjoei and analogues.

Create your information resource and earn on advertising

If you are looking to the future, and not chasing quick money, this is the best option. Complexes about appearance? Bad speech? Don't worry, there are options where you don't have to play on camera. 


YouTube channel

Today, an extremely popular way of earning money among guys from Eastern Europe. The bottom line is that YouTube monetizes content in different ways. The most expensive advertising in the US and Western Europe. Accordingly, it is preferable to make content for such countries.

For example, what are the average prices in the context of three countries: 


  • India: $0.69 per 1,000 ad views
  • Russia: $1.38
  • US: $5.66


To enable monetization, the channel must gain 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing in 12 months. On average, channels reach such indicators when videos gain a total of about 200k views. 


An example of a channel that earned $6,854 here.

The only "pitfall" is copyright. To generate content similar to the one on the channel above, you need sources that cause monetization to periodically crash (from the video, not from the channel). 


Maintaining a personal blog and creating websites

Getting income from the site is one of the oldest tools for making money on the Internet. And over the years, many options have accumulated on how to do this. Let's go through the main methods:


  • Monetize through affiliate programs, ad networks and Google AdSense. Once you've created a website, optimized it for search engines, and started getting traffic, you can make money from ads. To do this, you can use advertising networks (such as those on our website in the "Ad networks" section), as well as CPA affiliate programs or an affiliate program from Google, receiving for each click. The cost of a click depends on the theme of the site, country, etc. Keep this in mind when creating a project.
  • Sale of goods and services. In general, when we were able to interest users and bring a regular flow of users to the site (how to do this is a topic for a separate article), you can add your own or other people's products (from CPA networks, for example) and receive additional income from their sale. 
  • Sell Advertising. Many projects focused on one specific topic successfully sell ads for niche products. Write reviews, make commercials. Such content for brands is in high demand. because it does not cause rejection and does not suffer from banner blindness. Due to this, it costs much more. Half of the sites live precisely due to this.
  • Buying and reselling websites. Well, the most interesting thing for those who do not want to develop a resource from scratch is that you can buy a ready-made project, pump it up and sell it for more. Well, or leave and earn on it further. But it is important to consider that buying a ready-made website that brings in money usually pays off in 1-2 years.


By the way, this also includes the purchase and resale of beautiful domains. For example, when we created affjournal.com, we could not find a domain for a long time, because many interesting options were already taken, and without working sites. And we didn’t want to buy a domain for an expensive price. It was a short speech, how we came up with the name :)

Earnings on the page in Instagram

In principle, it's no secret that Instagram stars earn millions of dollars every month on their pages. For example, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson asks for $1 million for one post on his page. Of course, such a price tag is justified by the number of subscribers and in order to filter out "irrelevant" advertising, but still. 


What are the options for making money on the Instagram page at the moment:  


  • Direct Selling Advertising. We think everyone has seen posts advertising cosmetics, various services, clothing stores, brands, and more. In a sense, this is a feature of Instagram, since everything that relates to the visual and appearance of people goes well on social networks, where the main content is beautiful photos.  
  • Sale of services. If you have some skills or a mini-business, promote it through Instagram and get a constant flow of customers. 
  • Instagram Shopping. Social network developers have long noticed that Instagram has become one of the main platforms for e-commerce and created separate profiles for online stores.
  • Sale of AR masks. The masks that Instagram users love to use are created by third-party developers who make money from it. The Spark AR Studio platform allows users to create their own interactive augmented reality filters without much technical knowledge. 


It is also not necessary to create an Instagram page and promote it for a long time. You can use the Facebook Ads account and run ads inside Facebook or Instagram on offers from affiliate programs or on your own products. 


Freelancing and online services

We already touched on this topic earlier, but let's talk about how it works on the example of our media resource. A whole team is working on AffJournal. It includes an editor, a copywriter, an SEO specialist, a designer, a developer, a video editor, a person who voices the video and several translators (since we have an international resource). And we still have a small team for a project of this scale.


Each person in the team earns money. We cannot say how many of the ethical considerations, but let's say this - for the guys this is the main job with an average salary in the country. 


Similar to our project, if you have any competencies, you can find yourself a job in similar projects on a permanent basis or go freelance - that is, perform one-time work for various Internet projects. 


Where to look for such a job? Usually on freelance exchanges: guru.com, fiverr.com, freelancer.com, upwork.com


What does it take to successfully start freelancing? ☝️We, like many before us, started with such sites and the procedure is always approximately the same:


  1. You register, look at what tasks are generally on the exchange. You also pay attention to the top performers of the exchange and their occupation. That is, you understand what specialty is in demand.
  2. Then you go to YouTube or buy online courses and start mastering your specialty. To make it easier, you can find several groups on facebook where representatives of your specialty hang out and in the process of communication you can learn a lot of useful tricks.
  3. Then you agree to a few cheap orders to fill your hand and form your first portfolio.
  4. Gradually stuffing your hand, gaining experience and rating, you climb higher in the rating of exchanges, constantly increasing the price tag and the quality of work. 


But to be honest, freelancing is not for everyone. Stable earnings only for units of performers. In this regard, remote work will be the best option if you value stability. 


What professions can you learn on your own to make money on the Internet

Perhaps the best way to make money online is to learn an online profession. Above, we have already touched on the topic of freelancing and how to start making money on it, but let's also talk a little about what specialties are generally in demand on the Internet.


The main role here is assigned to digital specialists, since the Internet is primarily a place where people exchange information, and everyone involved in structuring, properly packaging and delivering this very information will not remain without income here.


You can see all the professions in digital marketing above, but we will go through the main ones: 


  • Copywriter and editor. We combined these two positions together, since, as a rule, good editors are born from good copywriters. The copywriter is the person who wrote the text. He finds information according to the topic, structures it and writes original material, according to all the requirements of an SEO- specialist..
  • Editor. The one who sets the tone for a media resource chooses what he will talk about, what topics to raise, what to put on social networks, what and how to announce correctly and in what style to present. It is also usually the organization of general media work processes on it.
  • SEO -Specialist. The one who makes magic, or rather makes it so that among hundreds of other materials on the same topic, you open this one. Using analytics tools, the SEO specialist understands what criteria Google ranks the materials by and gives the terms of reference to the copywriter to write the text in accordance with the requirements of the search engine.
  • Web -designer and developer. Extremely important specialties in digital marketing, because without them nothing would simply work. Yes, they can be replaced using ready-made templates. But it is much more pleasant to interact with resources with custom solutions, nice appearance and usability. 
  • Video editing, voice acting and translation. Each of these specialties is also ancillary in content production and information packaging. If you are reading this text in Portuguese, then you know that it was originally written in English. And if you watch the video on the main page of the site, you can see the work of the video monitor and the person who does the voice acting.
  • Tester. This is the question of how to make real money on the Internet without special skills. At the same time, it is one of the most important specialties. And, although we don’t have such a person in our team, his presence is extremely important. When you launch a project, especially if it involves sales and advertising costs, it is highly unacceptable for any element of the site to be broken. If the "Buy" button on the site does not work, then you will waste money from advertising. The tester is responsible for identifying all breakdowns and troubles. 


It is important to choose exactly the profession in which you have an interest and desire to develop. Work should first of all bring pleasure ... and money :)

Make Money Advertising Other People's Products: Affiliate Marketing

So we have reached the most interesting way, which, as you already understood, our resource is dedicated to. What is all this affiliate marketing of yours anyway?


Affiliate marketing is the story of how to make real money online without having your own business. There is an affiliate program that presents offers with products from a variety of online businesses. Every business lives off of customers. The affiliate program pays webmasters for bringing clients to business. The business pays the affiliate program, which takes its percentage, and gives the rest to the webmaster.

An example of offers from the ADLEADPRO affiliate program


Where can a webmaster get clients? Customers are people and people are traffic. You can generate traffic in any way:


  • run targeted advertising on social networks;
  • set up contextual advertising in Google Ads;
  • generate your own traffic sources (YouTube channels, TikTok, Instagram, websites, blogs);
  • use traffic from ad networks presented in this directory.


This traffic will cost the webmaster money that no one will give him. He must pay out of his own pocket. But the main feature is that the cost of traffic will cost the webmaster several times less than he will receive from the affiliate program for the clients brought. The difference between buying traffic and selling it forms the income of those who work with affiliate marketing. 



It may seem that the scheme is difficult, but in fact everything is simpler than it seems. Although not without nuances. How it looks in practice, you can see in this case. 


Read more about affiliate marketing in this section or in our social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Telegram.


Make money with dropshipping

Thinking about how to make money quickly on the Internet - try the time-tested method - buy-sell, or Dropshipping. It is somewhat similar to affiliate marketing, however, the work model and offer options are very limited here, moreover, if in affiliate marketing the target action is the application left by the user, after which the business itself organizes the delivery of the goods, then in dropshipping, logistics falls already on webmaster. 


How it looks: 


  1. First, you need a product that you will promote. To do this, you need to find a direct manufacturer or supplier with wholesale prices. Although many guys just carry goods from AliExpress 😁.
  2. Next, you need to set up an online store on Shopify and link it to Facebook (the most popular link).
  3. Now all that remains is to run Facebook Ads for the products that you have set your markup on and accept applications (not without nuances, of course).
  4. Then you buy the product from the manufacturer at its price and send it to the client.
  5. Profit! You sold a product with a markup of 100+%, the client got what he wanted, the manufacturer established a distribution channel. 


In addition, for motivation, there are guys in Ukraine - Voodoo Ecom, who have been doing this for many years and just look at the turnover their Shopify stores are showing. 


Make money in the gaming industry

Another option on how to quickly make money on the Internet from home is to play games :) There are three ways to do this - create a popular game, become a top cyber athlete and farm game accounts and unique items for the purpose of subsequent sale. We’ll discard the first two options right away, since it’s too late to talk about it, but farming is quite a realistic scenario today. 


What is the meaning? The gaming industry as it has been for decades. Several generations have grown up, who already occupy high positions, have a high income, but still love to play games. Due to being busy, they will not upgrade characters, farm weapons and other manipulations that take a lot of time.


It is easier for them to buy a game account with upgraded characters and play in their free time for their own pleasure. This is a great opportunity to earn money for those who have this free time. 


Prices for some game items can reach several thousand dollars:



How to do it? We go to resources that specialize in selling game items and accounts. We select the category of goods for which there is a demand. We download the game, play and try to upgrade the character in order to sell it as expensive as possible. 


Links to resources for the sale of game goods: funpay.com, ggsel.com 


Create a digital goods store

Another option not related to the world of games, but related to digital marketing. Those who are engaged in advertising on the Internet are constantly and in dire need of advertising accounts. This is especially true for Facebook. Some guys make entire businesses out of it.


The essence of the business is that they hire schoolchildren and students who register new Facebook accounts, after which they sit in them for several weeks imitating real network users. Thus, the seller receives trusted accounts in the eyes of Facebook's AI, from which it is best to run ads.


The cost of some accounts can reach several tens of dollars. The "stronger" or more trusted the account, the more expensive it will cost and the more advertising the buyer will be able to run from it. 


We will write more about this in a separate article. Subscribe to our social networks and add the site to your browser bookmarks. 

Selling copyrighted photos and videos

An excellent option for those who are involved in the production of photo and video content to earn additional income on the Internet. Often designers, advertising agencies and video creators need original sources to work with. It is unacceptable to use the same photo or video materials for many brands. Therefore, they either make materials themselves or can find them on photo stocks. 


How to make money on this? The algorithm of actions is the following:


  1. Register for photo stock. To do this, you can consider such popular sites as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Dreamstime, Getty Images.
  2. If necessary, pass the exam (as on Depositphotos). To do this, you need to upload a few examples of the materials that you plan to post. Moderation will consider them for compliance with the rules of the site (no noise, minimum size, commercial value, etc.).
  3. Choose a shooting style/theme. Lifestyle, staged photos of business coaches, thematic works (medicine, sports, cooking, etc.), holidays, subject photography, abstractions are in demand on photo stocks.
  4. And lastly — upload materials to a photo stock, send for moderation and wait for sales. 


Speaking of sales. You can sell your work under two types of license: Rights Free (you can sell the right to use the image, that is, sell it as many times as you like) and Rights Managed (the buyer receives exclusive rights to the photo). 

Investments in cryptocurrency

Listing all the ways to make money on the Internet, of course, it is impossible not to mention the cryptocurrency. And although this year was not the most successful for the markets (we know from our own example), this does not mean that the crypt should not be taken seriously. Many who understand the topic, have analytical thinking and an understanding of how the markets work, have been able to earn a lot of money on cryptocurrency.


Since it’s crypto winter now, we won’t advise any specific tokens and coins, and we don’t have any moral right to do so, however, we can speak more freely about the methods of making money in the world of cryptocurrencies. 


Ways to make money with cryptocurrency:


  • Maining. The most popular and quite profitable scheme for obtaining cryptocurrency. Give the computing power of your video cards, browser, cloud server or ASIC farm for the extraction of new coins and the stable operation of the network, you will receive a reward in the form of a cryptocurrency that you can exchange for fiat money on any exchange. The only problem is earning money with an initial large investment.
  • Trading. A popular and rather old form of earnings. Only, unlike the guys from Wall Street, you need to trade not with stocks, but with cryptocurrencies, earning on the difference in the exchange rate. To do this, you need to register on one of the exchanges, for example, on Binance and replenish the deposit. 
  • Cryptocurrency arbitrage. The price of a coin on one exchange may differ by several percent from the price on another exchange. The task of the arbitrator is to drive the cryptocurrency from one exchange to another and earn on the price difference.
  • Staking. You buy a certain amount of cryptocurrency (depending on the specific project) and earn money by simply storing it. This is necessary for the stable operation of the network and developers are willing to pay a small fee for this. And if the project goes uphill, then the value of your assets will grow. 
  • ICO. Buy cryptocurrency of projects that are just entering the exchange. Often at the start, tokens of young projects give good x, and then everything depends on the behavior of the development team.


Most of the listed methods involve an initial investment, but there is also an option to enter the world of cryptocurrencies without money - this is Airdrop. When a project is just starting up, it needs to distribute its tokens to a certain number of people who will start using the token for mutual settlements, staking, etc. By performing simple actions, you can get cryptocurrency at the dawn of the project in the hope that it will "shoot".


You can also earn more cryptocurrencies on airdrop using the anti-detect browser. Using multi-accounting, you can collect more "gifts", thereby accumulating resources, which can then increase in value. 


What is an antidetect browser and why is it needed? 



The material is super rich. Unfortunately, to reveal in detail each topic in one article is an impossible task, but gradually, we will reveal in detail every idea for making money on the Internet in our next materials. Subscribe to our social networks and follow the announcements 😉.


Well, for those who have just embarked on this path, we can only wish for non-standard thinking, since there is no magic pill on the Internet and everyone earns only by hard work and the development of their own professional qualities. Bye Bye. 



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