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Hello! If you are looking for information on how to start earning real money on your passion for online games without investments, then this material is definitely for you. There are a lot of ways: win and get income from the prize money, use mobile applications with additional monetization, sell game items on the site to other players - there are a lot of options. We will analyze each of them in detail in this article, plus we will give examples of popular games that bring income to players right now.


Earnings on games using the play2earn system

As we have already told in our other articles about making money on the Internet, play2earn games have helped thousands of crypto-enthusiasts and just gamers around the world earn money. If it seems to you that the hype of this topic has passed with the collapse of the game Axie Infinity, then you definitely haven’t followed this market for a long time. 


New play2earn games appear every week


How to make money on the Internet by playing play2earn games: everything is arranged here as in typical financial pyramids. That is, those who entered the game among the first, they received the most favorable conditions.


The in-game money is usually some unpopular crypto-token, the value of which rises rapidly as the popularity of the game grows. To start playing, you will have to buy a few of these tokens to purchase an avatar or other in-game item. 


Thus, starting to play first, you buy in-game currency for cheap and download your avatar. As the avatar is upgraded, the popularity of the game grows and the value of the crypto-token grows, you get a profit. You just have to sell your avatar and withdraw money through the crypto-exchange. Also, in play2earn games, they can pay money for completing quests, so you are not always dependent on the demand for your avatar. 



For example, look at how much players could earn in Axie Infinity if they entered it at the very beginning and left it at the very hype. 

Buying at the beginning and selling at the peak - players get fabulous profits


At the time of writing, the following games are relevant:


  • Star Atlas. A space game where players can build and operate spaceships, as well as trade on the space exchange.
  • Splinterlands. A collectible card game where players can fight each other using their cards. Players can earn DEC tokens and NFT cards.
  • The Sandbox. A construction simulator where players can create their own virtual worlds, sell them and earn SAND tokens.
  • Guild of Guardians. A multiplayer role-playing game where players can fight monsters and complete tasks for which they receive tokens.


If you read this in many months, then we advise you to simply subscribe to a few YT bloggers who are constantly reviewing the latest in this market, as the situation in the crypto industry is changing rapidly.


Earnings on your website and affiliate links

You can earn money on the Internet on games in very original ways. They don't even have to be played. You can make a website. There are a lot of templates and engines today and you don’t need to resort to the help of developers. A site connected to Google AdSense that generates about 2,000 unique visitors per month can bring in about $150 per month, provided that it is taken care of


That is, a site with a traffic of 10,000 or more visitors is already a profitable business, and if you replace Google AdSense with other advertising networks from our catalog or promote game offers yourself through your site, this is an even more profitable option for monetizing your work. 


How it works:


The advertiser can be various mobile game developers who want to get more traffic to their application on Google Play or the App Store, which has a built-in subscription system or internal monetization through in-app advertising. 


Examples of offers from the ADLEADPRO CPA network on gaming topics.

Thus, you can more effectively monetize your traffic from the site and earn more!


Sale of in-game items and accounts

This way to make money online by playing games is similar to what we talked about above, but it is more stable, since this option is usually provided for games with a huge fan base that is ready to pay real money for upgraded accounts and in-game items. 


These are, for example, CS.GO, World of Warcraft, Battlefield, Dota 2, Clash Royale, FIFA, Forza Horizon, GTA 5 Online, Fortnite and others. 


How much can you earn from one unit of goods on the example of the game Fortnite


There are many marketplaces for buying and selling items and accounts of popular games. Some of them include:


  • PlayerAuctions - the world's largest online marketplace for buying and selling game accounts and in-game items.
  • G2G - platform specializing in the sale of virtual goods, including game accounts and in-game items.
  • EpicNPC - a forum where users can buy and sell game accounts and in-game items.
  • Gameflip - an online store that allows users to sell and buy in-game items and game accounts.
  • PlayerUp - platform for buying and selling game accounts, including mobile games and MMORPGs.


It is important to note that some game companies prohibit the purchase and sale of in-game items and accounts, so you should read the rules and policies of the game before buying or selling. In addition, there is a risk of fraud and unsafe transactions, so you should be careful when using such sites.


Earn money by installing mobile games

In part, this way of making money on games on the Internet intersects with affiliate marketing, which we mentioned above. The bottom line is that many mobile application developers cooperate with CPA networks and order services to promote their applications in the AppStore and Google Play. 


The logic is simple: the more your application is searched in the store, the more often it is chosen among competitors and the more users download it, the higher it will be in the ranking. And the more users there are, the easier it will be for developers to monetize traffic within the application.


In fact, on sites with various tasks, you can easily find something like "download such and such an application, create an account, play the game for at least half an hour, or upgrade a character to level 7 and no less". 



This type of earnings is interesting in that you essentially try various games and just get money for it. And by the way, these are the most paid tasks on such sites.. 


The only disclaimer is for those who are looking for an easy part-time job, since it is unlikely that they will be able to earn big money on this. 


Similar tasks can be found on sites such as:,,


Streaming games and creating game content as a way to make money on the Internet

If you are in the slightest interested in the gaming industry, then you have 100% heard about the record incomes of streamers and the lets play genre. Actually, according to the leaked Twitch database on the Web, you can find information about how much you can potentially earn on online streaming just by playing games on the Internet. 


Some steps to help you get started in this niche:


  1. Identify the game your audience will be interested in and choose your streaming platform: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming and Mixer.
  2. Buy equipment: good computer, fast internet, microphone, webcam and streaming software (OBS or XSplit).
  3. Create a channel. It's important to create an effective profile that reflects your style and personality.
  4. Plan content. It is important to create regular content in order to attract an audience to your channel. Plan your streams in advance and use social media and other channels to promote your content.
  5. Interact with your audience. It's important to respond to your audience's comments and questions to keep them interested in your content.
  6. Expand your content and improve your skills. 


Then everything depends only on your charisma and ability to work with the public. It is also important to note that the first audience is recruited extremely long and difficult, persistence and regularity are important here. 



It is also worth noting that it is not necessary to become a streamer. You can find many channels on YouTube, the owners of which create content for their favorite games. Here are some ideas for creating videos: 


  • New Game Reviews: Detailed descriptions of gameplay, graphics, music and other features of new games just released.
  • Tops: compile lists of the best games in different categories, such as "top 10 strategy games", "top 5 best MMORPGs", etc..
  • Guides: game guides to help players improve their skills and reach new levels, such as "how to deal with the boss in the game", "how to get more experience", etc..
  • Unboxing: unboxing new games or game-related merchandise such as figurines, posters, collector's editions of games, etc..
  • Discussions: discussion of news and events related to games, as well as discussion of controversial issues such as politics in games and cultural issues.


I hope these ideas inspire you to create interesting content for your channel!



Сybersport: a professional highly profitable niche and sports betting 

Here we will designate two options at once, how to make money on games. Real money - tens of millions of dollars are now spinning in professional eSports, where you, as part of a team, participate in tournaments and win prize money and, secondly, bets on these same tournaments. Both options have the right to life, we will analyze them in more detail.. 


In general, becoming a highly paid esportsman is something like a childhood dream. Nevertheless, today there are enough examples in the media field that this is possible not only at the local, but also at the global level. Ordinary guys from ordinary families who just dreamed of doing what they love and making money. Here are a few steps that will bring you closer to your dream:


  1. Find your game: choose a game that you really love and that you can express yourself in. After choosing a game, learn all its features and try to become a real master in it.
  2. Level up your skills: devote your time to practice and improve your skills in the game. Become an expert at your game.
  3. Join the community: start chatting with other esports players. Join teams or create your own to compete.
  4. Participate in tournaments: take part in local and online tournaments to test your skills and gain experience.
  5. Finding Sponsors: find sponsors to help you cover travel and accommodation costs for tournaments, equipment, and more.
  6. Work on your image: be professional both in and out of the game. Create a social media profile and start posting your gaming achievements and connecting with your fans.
  7. Participate in big tournaments: to become a professional esports player, you need to win big tournaments and attract the attention of professional teams.


It is important to understand that becoming a professional esports player is a long and difficult process, but if you are persistent and talented, then anything is possible. Good luck with your esports goals!



As for betting, it is important to understand that it is possible to make money on eSports betting, but as in any type of sports betting, it is not guaranteed and involves the risk of losing money. To make money on eSports betting, you need to know and understand not only the rules and mechanics of games, but also monitor the statistics of teams and players, analyze their games and predict the outcome of matches.


One of the important aspects when betting on esports is bankroll management. You should not bet all your money on one match, it is better to distribute your budget between several bets in order to minimize risks.


In general, making money on eSports betting is possible, but it requires careful preparation, analysis and control of your financial resources.


Mobile apps that pay money

Well, in the end, one can also note such an option as making money on applications with various tasks. In fact, there are few tasks where you need to play games, however, if you need additional income, then this selection will definitely not be superfluous here (it is better to register in several at once):


  1. Swagbucks
  2. Mistplay 
  3. Gamehag 
  4. Coin Pop 
  5. AppNana
  6. HQ Trivia 
  7. Big Time 
  8. CashPirate 


These are just some of the many mobile games that you can earn money from. We mentioned more options in the article about making money online.  


Letter from the editors of AffJournal

Above, we have described all the best ways to play and earn real money playing games on the Internet. If you know other ways, you can additionally describe it in the comments below. We will be happy to add it to the selection under your authorship. Otherwise, given that we primarily work with affiliate marketing, we strongly recommend that you try to promote game offers by placing ads on Facebook, Google&YouTube, TikTok, push&pops networks. There's money here 💪.


P.S. Don't forget to subscribe to our social networks 😉.



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