Facebook launch scheme with rental and autoregs accounts


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Who it is for

  • 1. webmasters
  • 2. affiliate

It's no secret that rental accounts have significantly more trust, compared to even 30+ days of farming. In addition to the fact that the age of accounts is from 1 year, and while advertising is pouring, the account owner continues to use it and, accordingly, farm. Not to mention the ability to pass checks without drawing in templates. Here is a scheme of how to work with a rental account in conjunction with a couple of auto-registers and get a ready-made setup for working with nutra.


The essence of the scheme:


  1. We buy the cheapest UA auto-registers (accounts registered by the software) and access them from any proxy (you can use static proxies).
  2. We create 2 business managers on auto-registrations and send an invitation to our rental account to a temporary mail. 
  3. We take a rental account (seller contact in Telegram @AccStore_manager) and enter it into the anti-detect browser through UA mobile proxies.
  4. We link the rental account to two business managers through invitation links.
  5. We bind the card (the author knits cards of Kazakhstan) and you can start advertising.


This setup has been working for more than a year when launching on Nutra for the purpose of "conversion" and "traffic". The scheme was shared by @yodatraffik. Like/Subscribe. 


Setting: working with auto-registration

We buy an autoreg in the shop, enter it through cookies into the antidetect browser and launch it. It is desirable to find with the presence of prof. mode. Without it, Risk Payment can fly out. 


We create business managers. In each business manager, we create one fan page.


We send invitation links to the mail (the author advises the temporary mail.tm). In the business manager, click Users → People → Add → insert the previously created mail → give Admin access and transfer rights to the fan page.

We repeat the same with the second business manager.


Advertising cabinets will be created later on a rental account!


Setting: linking a rental account

We go to the mail, we see a letter of invitation to become an administrator in the business manager. We click on the blue button with the left mouse button, copy the link and save it somewhere for now.

Next, we launch a rental account, insert an invitation link into the browser profile line. We confirm the invitation. Enter your account password if facebook asks. 


Enable 2FA and link a card

Now we go to the tab with all business managers, go to the previously created ones, immediately turn on two-factor authentication (not critical, but an extra trust for FB will not hurt).

We create an advertising cabinet on our rental account. Time zone - Europe/Kyiv, currency - Ukrainian hryvnia. We immediately transfer the rights and proceed to linking the card. 


All. As you can see, with this setup and a normal map, you can start without holding. You can move on to launches.


  • Proofs that the scheme is working → on the @yodatraffik channel
  • Offers → https://adlead.pro/
  • Manager → @adleadpro_support



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