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Guide to doorway traffic: what it is, how to work with this source and how relevant it is in 2023


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Who it is for

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«Doorway arbitrage (affiliate marketing) died in the noughties» — this phrase can often be heard on webmaster forums and to some extent they will be right. Today, Google algorithms quickly pessimize such sites and provide almost no traffic. But, as is often the case, the most stubborn webmasters find loopholes and continue to generate traffic even in such harsh conditions. In this article, we will look at how to make money on doorways in 2023, what are CPA doorways and, of course, give recommendations on how to create them.


What are the doorways in affiliate marketing and how it works

Doorway site — this is a site automatically generated for specific key queries, created with one goal - to get into the top of the issue, collect traffic and direct the visitor to the offer. They always create a grid of doors, since not every site shoots. 


How do doorways work: competent optimization, even with a lot of other shortcomings, allows doorways to get into the TOP of SERPs, and then the next step is small: the user sees the snippet, goes to the site, and from there to the offer. And sometimes it immediately redirects to the desired landing page.


Finding such sites is not difficult. You just need to enter a couple of "specific" queries into the search engine:


Doorways in the top 10 Google search results


Here is the most banal, but at the same time tenacious doorway example. Click on this link



As a result, you will run into a transition to the offer page (by the way, an offer with a smart link). We have one, and you?


Dating offer landing page, which is flooded from the doorway


How much do doorways differ from ordinary "white" sites?

Max VirtProfit: On information topics, most often, you will distinguish. But if the "owner" of the doorway is very confused, then it may not be distinguished. Videos generated by dorgen can no longer be distinguished, especially if the description of the videos is chosen relevant to the content.


Alex Yan: Yes and no. You can make a doorway of very high quality, like a full-fledged white site. And you can make a garbage dump with a thousand pages, where each page will have a lot of text and a spammy title.


How long do doorways live?

Max VirtProfit: Some doorways have been living with me since 2017. I do not rule out that the generated sites can live up to 10 years.


Alex Yan: It is always different, it all depends on the search engine under which the doorway is going. Of course, there are many more factors that need to be taken into account, for example: what the doorway is based on, its basis. I do it on different ready-made CMS, the most popular is WordPress! Approximately doorway lives from a week to several months.


What are doorways

They are usually divided into white doors, gray and black. The darker the “shade”, the more absurd the content of the page will be and the faster it will fly out of the index. Therefore, today, whatever one may say, doorway content should be given at least some minimal attention. Now let's look at the available arsenal of doorways.


Textual. One-pagers, less often multi-pagers, which are filled with keys and referral links. Here is  site example along the gambling vertical.



As you can see, the casino showcase hangs on the site, and below we just have an unreadable set of queries, sometimes very absurd. We found him on the request “beat casino deposits roulette” in 9th place in the search results. Who knows, maybe for some more successful request, he will hang in the TOP-5.



FanPages in social networks. It is not possible to set up a redirect here, so webmasters create fanpages that are close in topic to the offer, fill them with content and keywords. It will take longer to work with such doorways than with text ones. But users can easily find them, including inside the platform. All thanks to the love of search engines for social networks. 


Here is an example of doorways-fanpages for microcredit offers that are in the top of Yandex search engine results.



YouTube. YouTube doorways are videos optimized for specific requests. Link, as always, in the description. Such doorways themselves occupy good positions in the TOP of the issue, so you don’t have to spend money on promotion. Doorway pages examples inside: one  and second.



Download doorways. One more example, how to earn on doorways. The scheme looks like this: the user gets to a page where he intends to download some file. Clicks "Download" - and it redirects to the offer.



What verticals are poured through doorways

Since doorways provide targeted traffic, they can be used in any niche. Basically they pour on the following verticals.


Adult/dating. Doorway on acquaintances was attached above. Such sites can attract a lot of traffic with the help of low-frequency queries. According to the adult doorway they do not live long in search engines, so you can look at the alternatives. For example, the use of YouTube and related offers. Here is an example YouTube doorway for adult farm. If you scroll down, the web got great coverage at first, but then something went wrong.



Gambling. Above, we have already seen one of the examples of gambling doorways. Here is another example of an offer for a Vulkan casino that ranks high in the Bing search engine.



Click "Register" - we will be redirected to the offer.



Essay. Doorways in  Essay is one of the main sources of traffic. Investments here quickly pay off, since there are much fewer bans than in the same gambling. But in order to reach more or less good turnover, the webmaster needs to stock up on several thousand doorways. By the way, purely by chance, under the essay, I came across such a fanPage doorway at the request "order a course essay dissertation online quickly inexpensively with high quality."



Can doorway traffic be called quality?

This question was answered by gambling and betting partner AffMamba, which accepts doorway traffic.


In your experience, how profitable is a doorway traffic source for gambling and betting?

Doorways were popular 10 years ago. Now it is believed that they have already outlived themselves. In the niches of gambling and betting, the opposite is true. But if earlier it was realistic to earn $1k per day on doorways, now it is much more difficult to do so. The reason is site bans and a large number of competitors. This is a profitable source of traffic that can give ROI 500+ and higher, but only creative and patient guys who can find fat drops and come up with really unique keywords can earn on it, and not just take them from WordStat. So, if you are asked what is doorway traffic, you can safely answer that it is very expensive. 


What you need to create a doorway

How to make doorways? To create a doorway, we need the following things: 


Domain. Among experienced doorway developers, the most popular are the so-called drop-domains (those whose registration period has expired, but still have a trust in front of the search engine).You can search for them here or here. Of course, you can take a free third world country domain, but don't expect a trust from them. 



Hosting. It should be selected depending on the number of expected visitors. To save some money, you can choose hosting here and use the offered promo codes. You can find options with a test for a month.



Keys. Serpstat — one of the most popular solutions among doorkeepers.



Site template. Here it is important to understand what is a doorway website. Most often, these are ready-made perfectly optimized templates in dorgens (programs that make doorways). You can buy them on the specialized branches of the doorway forums.


Optimized text. In general, you need to start with doorway pages seo. The text can be generated in the software. We insert all the collected keys into the program and get a purely doorway text. 



Affiliate link. The last stage, where you just need to set up a redirect to the offer. Both a clickander and a redirect will do.


We also need a dorgen, but more on that below.


On what domains to do doorway

Consider the main types of domains that are used to launch doorways.


Important! Doorways on subdomains of the same domain quickly catch the filter and disappear from the index.


Drops. A drop is a domain whose registration period has expired and the owner did not renew it. The domain registration expires, after which it becomes available for re-registration. These domains have history, trust, and most often links. Therefore, drops are better than freshly registered domains.




  • Accumulated trust in the eyes of search engines;
  • Legal way to get an advantage at the start.




  • Drop prices are often higher;
  • The need to constantly look for drops.


You can check the domain, for example, through the service WebArchive. We drive in the name of the domain and see its history and the year of the first registration. The older the domain, the higher the trust to it. 


Clean domain. That is, no one has previously registered. Ideally, you need to fill in a white site on a fresh registered domain and only then put a doorway on the domain. If you skip this step, the doorway will take longer to enter the index. According to doorway workers, head-to-head indexing can take up to six months. 




  • Cheaper than drop;
  • No need to waste time searching.




  • Additional load in the form of a bay of white sites.


Free domains. Pages or entire sites created on the basis of services that allow you to post information on their servers. It can be portals like Blogger and others. 


You don't need to pay for a domain - you just register a profile and upload a doorway. Of the advantages, we note that sometimes doorways based on services are indexed faster and better. 


  • Advantages: it's free.
  • Disadvantages: To bulk register free domains, you will need a program to automate this process. Subsequently, there will be additional costs for proxies and administration of these domains. 


"Broken doorways". They are created by hacking websites, FTP passwords and other illegal things. A doorway is uploaded to someone else's hosting, and due to someone else's trust, the doorway is quickly indexed and rises in the search results. 


  • Advantage: trust and free domains.
  • Disadvantage: it is absolutely illegal. We do NOT recommend using this method.  


Most doorway developers in 2023 use drop domains. This is a white and affordable way to create a quality doorway. Yes, the doorway must also be of high quality! Sometimes the use of freehosts (free domains) of 2nd and 3rd levels is practiced. Such, for example, can be obtained on freenom.com


How to collect keys for a doorway

We will show what is a doorway in SEO, how to save money and collect keys for a Russian-language gambling doorway for free. But before that, let's give a few words to the experts.


Is it possible to take keys for doorways in Yandex.Wordstat (analogous to Google in the RU segment)? If not, why not?


Max VirtProfit: Of course it is possible. Why not. High-frequency is simply better not to take. It is unlikely that a doorway will go anywhere on them.


Alex Yan:I don't use software, I've always worked on Google search results! I took the keys from the hints in the search. 


Should beginners immediately use Key Collector/Pastukhov's Base, or can I start with Wordstat?


Max VirtProfit: It's also possible. The more keys the better. Any keywords you need to use, which one you can get to.


So let's open Yandex.Wordstat.


Step one: enter the high-frequency key:



We start from this key: we go down and select low-frequency queries. It is on them that the doorways are promoted. To find additional low-frequency keys, you can click on any situational request or write a similar request.



In the second tab, we received several more similar queries that are written out in the final table.


Important! In the second column, sometimes there are requests that can also be useful when creating a doorway. If the request is relevant, we take it too.


Next, we look for keys with tails: these are the same keys, only with a longer and more precise wording. 


Example of low frequency-key: «слоты онлайн играть и выигрывать рф».

Example of low frequency-key with a tail «слоты онлайн играть и выигрывать рф рабочее зеркало сегодня». 


You can find such tails through the Yandex search engine. We go to the main page and drive in the search for the beginning of the key:



As a result: we get another pack of keys, which was not in Wordstat before.


Step 4. We collect everything in a table. We structure all received requests. At first, you can collect semantics in this way so as not to spend extra money. In the future, we recommend getting a parser for keys and search hints.


Is it more difficult to bring doorways to the first lines of search engines?

Max VirtProfit: Doorways 2023 – ordinary sites, in fact, so I don’t see any features in their promotion. Links from fat / good donors give results to both white sites and doorways.


Alex Yan: Google is not. Yandex - Yes.


In which search engines do you recommend promoting doorways?


Max VirtProfit: Basically, everyone I know works on tier-1 GEO, so they are promoted in Google.


Alex Yan: Google.


Guide to creating doorways

If it seems to you that it is possible to generate 100 doorways by hand, it is better to immediately discard this thought. Experienced doorkeepers launch from 100 to several thousand sites a day, so manual work in this niche will not bring any results. To make doorways on the conveyor, they came up with special services - dorgens.


Dorgen is a software that creates doorways according to a given template, arranges and links them to each other, and sometimes even fills them with content automatically.


Which dorgens are used in 2023: 


  • PandoraBox — there are a lot of doorways on Pandora;
  • JakoDorgen;
  • Thunder;
  • Tdsse.


The cost of a dorgen varies from $70 to $300. It all depends on the functionality, support for autocomplete templates and other features from developers. We recommend that you read the reviews before buying a dorgen, pay attention to the update of the software and its relevance for 2023. Some products have demo versions. 



Another option for working with doorways to buy a site auto-completion script, it is very often sold on Freelance platforms, and also posted on clubbing.


What budget is needed to start generating traffic from doorways

Max VirtProfit: A couple of years ago, $800 would have been enough. Now definitely not. First of all, if we are talking about doorways on drops, only $200 will be spent on software. A doorway server is another $100 per month. Tracker is desirable. Directly on the drops now need a big budget. If earlier out of 10 domains one or two doorways could shoot, now out of 50. Accordingly, in order to achieve a positive result, you need to do a lot and monthly. Even if you take not the most expensive domain zones, then it is $200-300 per month.

The next point is that the time period for the appearance of traffic has increased. On average, now traffic appears in about six months (or does not appear at all).


In total, we consider: for a year, the minimum will be needed: domains - $2000, server - $400-500, software - $200. It comes out to about $3000.


Alex Yan: You don't need a lot of money. You need experience that is gained over the years. Someone makes doorways on freely available microblogs and zero attachments!



We hope that when you read this, you have already been able to figure out what does doorways mean and understand that this is a vast topic that will not fit in one article. How to index doorways, how not to fall under filters, how to catch up with behavioral factors - all this is in the public domain, but it could already be outdated. Also remember that really working solutions rarely go public. So go ahead and good luck.



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