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Affiliate Marketing and Free YouTube Traffic: How to Make Money from CPA Offers by Making Videos


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Who it is for

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Today we will continue talking about free traffic, which newcomers are so eager for. The best way to get it today is, of course, social networks and video hosting sites with a content recommendation system. That is, you do not pay a single dollar, while receiving traffic. Of the minuses - a lot of wasted time, which, fortunately, a beginner usually has a lot of. In general, the scheme is quite simple, we will rather focus on examples in our material. Let's go!

Briefly about the audience of YouTube

At the beginning of 2023, the YouTube audience is 2.6 billion users (54.4% are men, and 45.6% are women). 77% of the total number are users from 15 to 35 years old. It is the second most popular social network after Facebook. 


Among the views on YouTube, the largest share is made up of videos in English (66%), the second most popular video in Spanish (15%), the third - in Portuguese (7%).



About the prospects: video content is a trend of recent years. For example, marketers using video ads see 49% higher conversions. Videos increase engagement on social media, are easier to watch, and are favored by zoomers. Moreover, many zoomers stated that it is easier for them to find a solution to their issue on TikTok or Youtube than to read an article. 


Where to get video materials to generate traffic from YouTube

In the era of neural networks, it is not necessary to buy equipment for a home studio in order to shoot videos on YouTube. And before the advent of neural networks in our lives, webmasters did not shoot videos in 99% of cases. 


Here is an example of a nutra offer video that generates traffic to affiliate links. Please note that the video consists entirely of a video sequence from stocks, and the neural network took over the voice acting. 




Neural networks that will help you make high-quality video: 


  • Neural network GEN2, which will convert any of your text into a video. Just write a good description. Link on YT, how it works. 
  • Neural network NeuroDub — will translate your text to any desired GEO.
  • Neural networks Wav2Speech, NaturalReader, Amazon Polly or Speechelo — voice your text in a pleasant voice, without computer smack. 


Also note that the video has collected more than 100K views. Given that this is traffic from a search query, the conversion rate should be at least 0.5%. That's 500 leads. With a payout of $10 per lead, you can easily calculate that this video brought in at least $5,000. 



What verticals are in demand in traffic generation for CPA offers

The short answer is any. Absolutely any subject is suitable for the YouTube format. You can find an approach for any audience: casino streams, crypto trading, microloans, game reviews and a call to install an application, health guides with a backlog for a nutra offer. Everything that your imagination is enough for - everything will give traffic. A couple of examples to support our words. 


An example of working with gambling. Highlights clips from Twitch streams and other platforms are published.


In this case, the video scored 30K+ views in just a day. Affiliate link below.


In this case, we found a funnel where the webmaster redirects users to the Telegram channel with bonuses for several offers.


Crypto example. Futures trading video. Perhaps a real streamer, perhaps just a webmaster playing on a demo account.


Under the video, there is a link again to the Telegram channel, where you can additionally warm up the audience and convert the user to another offer. There is also a direct link to a crypto broker.


You can pour on almost anything except blackhat and scam. We tried to find cures for incurable diseases - there is nothing, which means that the moderators are working and such videos are deleted almost immediately. 


How to grow your channel to get more traffic

Growing a YouTube channel is not so different from growing your own website. YouTube, as well as search engines, is trying to determine the topic of the video and the interest of the public in it. The higher the interest, the more traffic you get. Let's take a closer look at how to get a trust from YT:


  • YouTube checks the technical compliance of your content with platform standards - image quality, bitrate, description and title. Already, 720p resolution is, in fact, the minimum required norm, but it’s really worth starting to shoot immediately in 1080p resolution. 
  • As practice shows, quality sound is much more important for the viewer than the picture. 
  • In addition, it is important that the video lasts more than 10 minutes, since YouTube inserts video ads only in ten-minute and longer videos, and therefore is interested in promoting them. 



Once the technical quality of the content has been determined, YouTube starts to drive a small amount of traffic to your video and, depending on the user's behavioral factors, will increase or decrease the amount of traffic.


Under behavioral factors, YouTube looks at the user's reaction, the average time spent watching a video, the user's actions while watching, etc. If someone suddenly does not know, then likes and dislikes matter only for the audience - for the platform itself, any reaction will be valuable. 


Like many similar platforms, YouTube likes to share traffic with those partners who are trying to drive their own traffic to the video. Therefore, many channels try to cheat YouTube at the start and pay for live views, likes and comments to various aggregators like Viboom. This approach makes the system get confused and give more traffic to a particular video. Sometimes the number of views from YouTube can reach 50% of the ordered cheat. The nuance is that bought views have weak and frankly failed behavioral factors, as well as bought likes. The views remain, but they drag the average video viewing time to the bottom and tell YouTube that the video is not interesting. Likes are most often placed with a 1-10 second view and, subsequently, are unscrewed by the system back. 


The advantage of this approach is that live users, which YouTube itself will give, can subscribe, and the cost of a subscription due to cheating can be cheaper than the subscribers that you can get using the Google advertising network. So a similar approach can be beneficial when creating a viral video or video on a topic with a short lifespan. Various news videos, discussions of hype events usually do not interest anyone after a while. It is pointless to cheat views on reviews or guides.



So, to successfully work with YouTube, you need to choose a topic with a sufficient audience on YouTube and find your own way to generate content. Channel development can take time, so it’s better not to sit and wait, but to work on other channels in parallel and test different topics and approaches. Most importantly, the video should be useful or entertaining throughout the duration of the show. More interest from users means more traffic. More traffic means more earnings. Good luck! 



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