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  • $6073 on potency (Morocco) with Facebook: case from in-house buying Cash Factories

$6073 on potency (Morocco) with Facebook: case from in-house buying Cash Factories


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Who it is for

  • 1. webmasters
  • 2. affiliates

We got our hands on an impressive case for $6073 from the in-house buying of the Cash Factories affiliate network. We’ll share what creatives, consumables, and services were required for this. Figures, proofs, and screenshots are attached.


Brief information about the case:

  • Campaign period: 01.07.23 г. – 01.09.23 г.;
  • Affiliate network: Cash Factories;
  • Offer: Farmaprost;
  • Rate: Initially $12, after the boost $15.5;
  • Source: Facebook;
  • GEO: Morocco;
  • Expenses: $7066;
  • Revenue: $13139;
  • Profit: $6073;
  • ROI: 85%.


The buyer split-tested two offers: Ego Max and Farmaprost. The same creatives and promotions were used in the campaigns. The performance metrics for the second offer were better, so over time, Ego Max was deactivated.



At first, both video and static creatives were used. To create static creatives, consumables were obtained from made.porn, processed through Stable Diffusion, and additional masks, text, and capsules were added using Photoshop. Here's why all three services are needed:


  • Made.porn provides unique images;
  • Stable Diffusion helps blur shapes and reduce the percentage of skin;
  • Photoshop is used for text and additional adult content masking.


Here's what we got:



Part of the creatives for Farmaprost. All images here are 18+. To see the original, follow the link.


There are many intricacies with creatives at the start, but they pay off. Custom creatives have significantly fewer issues with rejections compared to images from stock photos with Deep Art Effects filters. The uniqueness of creatives and adult masking allows bold creatives to pass moderation.


Natural creatives without processing also pass, but one needs to know how to select and present them correctly.



Creative 18+, the original image is here.


It’s harder for video to pass moderation, so we combined several approaches:


  • Text masks;
  • Background gaps between frames every 1.5 - 2 seconds;
  • Semi-transparent layers.



The examples of video creatives:



For both types of creatives (static and video), the cost per lead was the same for the first 3 weeks, then statics stopped performing. We had to fully switch to video creatives.


Screenshots of dashboards.


Fighting rejections

On accounts that Facebook rejected after ad spend, we submitted an appeal, made minor edits to the ad, and resubmitted it for re-moderation after a few hours. In this example, Facebook rejected the creative 2-3 times, but when the buyer added an offer photo to the preview, the rejections stopped.



Part of the ads passed moderation after minor changes. In other cases, it was necessary to update the video. Sometimes, compressing the video through any service was enough. Compressed it, uploaded the same creative, and that's it.


About the pre-landing: the buyer took some pre-landers from the affiliate network and launched them in a split testing with pre-landers that had performed well in other GEOs.


The examples of pre-landers from the affiliate network.


Prostatitis wasn't performing well, so we kept only the potency/enlargement. We used only combined pre-landers with a timer.



On the pre-lander, we used 18+ images. Uncensored screenshot is available here.


How we refined the promo:


  • Added a header tailored to the GEO or the logo of the local urological association;
  • Translated the article, meticulously localized the comments;
  • Loaded the content with before/after photos with the product;
  • Reconstructed articles into promo segments using ChatGPT.


Leads from the fan page

The pre-landers that we didn't mind burning, we placed on the fan page in posts and in the page information.



Some users don't order immediately, they subscribe to the page and leave a lead after some time.


Statistics on leads that came through the fan page.


Target and scheme

We targeted a broad audience “M40+” with auto-placements. Initially, we used 1-3-2 and 1-5-1. When statics stopped converting, we switched to 1-3-1. No headlines or descriptions were included in the ads.


When accounts were disabled after ad spend on Rick Payments or Policy, we simply reissued the blocked account and uploaded the same ads via POST-ID to the reissued account.



To reissue an account, you can transfer it to BM. However, it's important to later discard this BM. It's crucial to maintain access to the log and ensure it's not linked to the policy.


A new pixel was created, sometimes delegated from a blocked account. Domains and creatives remained unchanged. When launching using POST-ID, nothing needs to be changed in the combination, you can even skip customizing the creative.


The setup is straightforward: for each Ukrainian king, there are 10 ad accounts. We take accounts from BM, add profiles, and invite the king. Fan pages were taken from the “archived accounts”. Despite the bold creatives and rejections, the kings lived for 2+ months. We ran ads directly from the logs.

Additionally, we linked the entire set of accounts from BM to regular 2021 auto-reg accounts from djekxa.ru. We don't use backup accounts for running ads, they simply act as a repository, transferring access when needed.



The cost per lead fluctuated on each account every day and stayed in the range of 0.7 to 1.5 dollars. Typically, dirty traffic comes from adult content, and advertisers aren’t very fond of it. To improve the quality, we targeted an older audience (40+), implemented validation, and removed hyperlinks from headlines. The advertiser provided a boost and increased the cap.


Here are the final figures:



Working with adult content and potency is now more challenging than it was six months ago. It's important to set up account management correctly and constantly test fresh approaches in creatives because “trends” die quickly.



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