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12 years in the market and exclusive brands in the assortment | Huffson Group Review

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Hello everyone! It's been a while since we've had a review, but today we have a great reason to do so because we'll be talking about a brand that has been in the affiliate marketing market for over 12 years. The information below will be particularly relevant for those who drive traffic to casinos, as the offers we'll be discussing are unlikely to be found anywhere else, as Huffson Group promotes them on exclusive terms.

  • Year of foundation:


  • Payment frequency:

    Once a week

  • GEO of offers:


  • Minimum for cashout:


  • Verticals:


  • Payment systems:

    WebMoney, Tether, Bitcoin, Capitalist, Neteller, Skrill, Paxum, Credit Card, Wire

  • Tools:

    Postback, SmartLink

Before we begin, it's worth mentioning that Huffson Group operates in a semi-private mode, so don't let their lack of publicity bother you. The guys are interested in experienced affiliates, and all of their offers are tailored to Tier-1 GEOs. So, if you have little experience, first practice working with iGaming traffic on Tier-3 GEOs, and then come back here for pleasant rates.



Review of the Huffson Group offers

It's worth mentioning right away that you don't necessarily have to focus on the rate specified in the offer conditions. At the beginning, the team needs to assess the quality of your traffic, and if it's satisfactory, you can negotiate individual terms. Just keep in mind that Huffson Group is ready to build long-term relationships with experienced partners.

Well, now let's take a look at what's available in the affiliate network's dashboard. Important note! This is not a complete list, but only the offers available to new registrants. There are a total of 50+ carefully selected offers in the affiliate network.



Let's not dwell on Vulkan Vegas and Ice Casino. These brands have been around for a while. For example, our editorial team is hearing about Shazam for the first time. Perhaps because this casino is oriented towards the USA market. It’s worth noting that there are relatively few gambling offers for the USA due to the strict regulations in that market. And what is most surprising is the terms: a minimum deposit of just $25 and a welcome bonus of $7500.


Yes, it's understandable that players in the USA are quite spoiled, which is why such terms exist. Nevertheless, for those who know how to work with this GEO, the terms are quite interesting at the start.


Understandably, English-speaking Tier-1 GEOs may be challenging for many, so let's take a look at another offer where 15 European GEOs are accepted, ranging from the Nordics to Western and Eastern Europe. The hold is only 7 days! And the minimum deposit is 10 euros. 

The smallest rate is $80 for Romania (which is above the market), and it goes up to $250 for Germany.


Also, pay attention to the allowed traffic sources. If you work with adult advertising networks, push notifications, or like to advertise on brands, you can take on this offer. However, of course, you understand that attention to the quality of your traffic will be corresponding.



For the rest of the brands, the situation is more or less similar, so we won't dwell on this for too long. We hope we've been able to provide you with a general understanding. You can explore the rest yourself after registration.


Why it’s worth working with Huffson Group

As a tradition, let's summarize everything mentioned above and highlight additional features that are available in this affiliate program:


  • Presence of multiple integration options — Vast, postbacks.
  • Additional tools for work — PWA applications (very relevant during the demise of WebView), SmartLink, and rotators.
  • The opportunity to receive ready-made promo materials from advertisers.
  • Flexible promotion options. This is probably the main point, as here you can negotiate (through a manager) to work on CPM, CPC, CPA, RS, or Hybrid. Moreover, there is a wide selection of GEOs, especially for Tier-1 countries with rates higher than the market!
  • Custom platform. The guys don't use traditional Affise or Scaleo, but have built their own flexible engine, which is tailored for gambling traffic. So, for those who lack the flexibility of resale affiliate programs — welcome.



Also, the manager promises an individual approach to monetizing all types of traffic in a win-win format. So if you have traffic and you're not a single-deposit partner, you can work with these guys.


And finally, it's worth mentioning the simple registration process. Just fill out the form on the website and submit your application. Or simply contact support on Telegram. But remember, ease of registration doesn’t guarantee approval of your application. Tell them as much as possible about yourself in the introductory letter: what traffic sources you work with, how many leads you generate daily, etc.



How to withdraw money from Huffson Group

Payments are made once a week upon reaching the minimum threshold of $100. However, the payment schedule can also be individually discussed with your manager. Exceptions are always made for partners with high volumes. You can receive payments via: WebMoney, Tether, Bitcoin, Capitalist, Neteller, Skill, Paxum, CreditCard, Wire.


Also, don't forget that in gambling, special attention is paid to hold, as the profitability of your traffic becomes evident only over a minimum period of one and a half weeks. Carefully review the offer terms, as hold is always prominently stated there.


Feedback on Huffson Group

We'll be honest with our audience and note that there ARE negative reviews about this affiliate program online. But it's important to understand that over the years of operation, there will always be a dozen "resentful" webmasters who couldn't figure out the payout or simply tried to commit fraud.


When something bad happens, people always make more noise about it. But real money likes silence. However, whether to work with the Huffson Group or not is up to you to decide. Below are a few positive comments from partners.


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Editorial opinion

The distinctive feature of Huffson Group is the protection of advertisers' interests and collaboration with experienced affiliates. Despite the lack of broad media coverage, the platform offers ample opportunities for partners with volumes of quality traffic and those willing to work with exclusive casino products. So, for anyone tired of dealing with reselling and seeking fair compensation for quality traffic, we recommend testing it out!










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