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14 years in the market with exclusive offers and verticals | CrakRevenue Review

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To be honest, we don't know any affiliate network that has been operating for more than 14 years. Not even for over 10 years. Most likely, this is due to limited experience and interaction with the North American market. Well, let's correct that! Today, we’ll talk about the best adult CPA network from Canada — CrakRevenue.

  • Year of foundation:


  • Inhouse offers:

    Jerkmate, Fapchat, SlutRoulette, Dating Smartlink, Exposed Webcams, Filf, Chatmate, LiveFreeFun, YourLocalCupid & SexMessenger

  • Payment frequency:

    Bi-Monthly Net 7, 15 or 30 basis

  • GEO of offers:


  • Minimum for cashout:


  • Referral program:

    Earn a 5% lifetime referral commission

  • Verticals:

    Cam, Dating, OnlyFans Models, Gaming, Health

  • Payment systems:

    MassPay, Bitcoin, Paxum, PayPal and Wire (bank transfer)

  • Tools:

    20 Promotion Tools

Traditionally, let's figure out how this platform can be useful to affiliates, what types of offers are available, how payments are handled, and whether there are any negative reviews online. Let's go!



Review of offers on CrakRevenue

Let's start with the offers, as they are the foundation of any affiliate network. No matter what services are provided, if there are no good offers, further discussion is pointless.


As you may have already understood from the screenshot above, the main verticals in CrakRevenue include dating, webcam, and health products. Additionally, there are offers for OnlyFans and gaming. In total, there are 500+ offers. Let's go through the dashboard and highlight some interesting options.



After registration (it's convenient that you can log in simply with Gmail), navigate to the offers section. You can either open the entire list or use filtering by verticals, payment models, target platforms, traffic sources, and more.


First, it's interesting to look at the offers for OnlyFans. In Eastern Europe, we have very few affiliate networks with offers in this niche. As seen from the offer details, the main option is to drive traffic on RevShare with commissions ranging from 15-35% of the value of subscriptions. There's also a PPS option for $6.

Overall, the target audience for the offers consists of Tier-1 countries with a solvent population familiar with the OnlyFans platform. There are a lot of girls. Here we could test a showcase option where users are offered a choice of girls, thereby increasing the CR.



If you need offers for OnlyFans, look for them on CrakRevenue! Remember that. Let's move on!

Of course, we couldn't overlook our favorite vertical - nutra or supplements. For the first time in our practice, we encounter offers in this niche on a RevShare model. Upon closer inspection of the offer description, it becomes clear that they’re designed for taking supplements in courses, which makes the RevShare model sensible. Each additional purchased bottle is a profit for the webmaster. By the way, the cost on the landing page is almost $70. So, with a 30% RevShare, affiliate earnings are quite promising.



Also, there is an exclusive CPA offer at $40 per conversion. It's a very high rate, considering it's adult nutra.



In the dating vertical, everything is pretty standard. There are many SOI offers covering almost the entire world with payouts ranging from $0.4 to $4 depending on the GEO and dating service.



It's also pleasing to see the presence of PPS offers on a WW basis. Here, users are required to enter their credit card information and pay for a subscription, service, or access to the portal.



And it's definitely worth paying attention to the Cam section with the Jerkmate offers! Besides being able to drive traffic to popular portals in this niche, the guys at CrakRevenue also have an additional tool for optimizing your traffic. How does it work? Essentially, for each offer, there are several landing pages (there are 24 of them in the screenshot below). You can choose several or all of them, based on your own experience or on EPC metrics, and drive traffic to the link. The system will automatically select the appropriate landing page for your user, based on their parameters.



It's also worth noting that there are offers for sexual minorities here, with different payment models and rates similar to iGaming. Additionally, pay attention to the EPC on some offers, which indicates that the offer converts excellently!



And finally, for those who like to drive traffic through SmartLink, it's also available here! All the details can be seen in the screenshot.



Finishing up the offer review, it's also worth noting that the guys also have CBD offers, but apparently, they’re only available to verified partners. So if you have traffic for CBD, reach out to your manager! The contact information is provided in the table above.



Why it’s worth working with the CrakRevenue

Many of you have likely already drawn some conclusions for yourselves about whether or not to work with this affiliate network. Nevertheless, we’ll additionally highlight a number of interesting details about CrakRevenue:


  • Live Cam Widget. A cool tool for promoting OnlyFans offers. The exclusive algorithm continuously updates the performers based on model popularity, number of viewers, trending top cams, and overall conversion rate. Watch the video on how it works.



  • Survey Machine. Exclusive tool that allows you to create customized Surveys based on your specific needs. The user is invited to complete the survey by answering several short questions. The user completes the survey after answering all the Qs. For the user’s participation in completing the survey, the user is offered a series of ‘Rewards’ as a thank you & incentive. There are typically about 4 ‘Rewards’ and all of them are CrakRevenue related Offers/Offerings. Your user gets to pick which one he or she wishes to take advantage of/redeem.



  • The presence of the average EPC metric on each landing page. We personally consider this metric to be crucial in our work. It provides more information than any other. Knowing the source from which other partners are driving traffic to the offer allows us to roughly plan our budget for the campaign. And the source can be obtained from your manager.
  • In each offer, the flow is specifically outlined. Since not everyone has experience working in the North American market, this information will be very useful.



Moreover, in your personal account, you have access to a large number of various tools and codes for effectively promoting your offers through your websites.



How to withdraw money from the CrakRevenue

As for payouts, you can receive money through several methods: MassPay, Bitcoin, Paxum, PayPal, and Wire (bank transfer). Payout frequency: Bi-Monthly Net 7, 15, or 30 basis.


Just to clarify, you can add a payment method in the "Profile" section under the "Billing Information" tab immediately after filling out your profile's complete information.



Feedback on the CrakRevenue

Although the affiliate network has been in the market for over 14 years, we couldn't find any significant negative feedback about it online. Generally, if you've been in the market for such a long time, it's a sign that your service and all business processes with affiliates are well-established. So, we're confident that there's no need to worry, and you can trust these guys with your traffic with a calm heart. As proof, we've included several screenshots from other platforms.

Also, don't forget to leave reviews about CrakRevenue and other affiliate networks in the comments section below. We’d greatly appreciate it!



  • #dating

  • #onlyfans

  • #models

  • #gaming

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Editorial opinion

CrakRevenue emerges as a leading Adult CPA Network, backed by a robust 14-year industry presence. Notably, its exceptional payouts, exclusive offers, and cutting-edge promotional tools set it apart. For affiliate marketers seeking reliability and growth, CrakRevenue's AI-supported analytics ensure informed decision-making. The platform's global outreach, spanning 200+ countries, presents a lucrative opportunity with proven, high-converting international offers. With a coveted spot in the mThink Blue Book top 5, CrakRevenue promises affiliates a trustworthy path to success, making it a compelling choice in the competitive affiliate marketing landscape.










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  • 14 years in the market with exclusive offers and verticals | CrakRevenue Review