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Affiliate program from direct advertiser with RevShare 55%+ | SpinBet Partners Review

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Success in arbitrage largely depends on choosing the right affiliate program. A good affiliate program not only presents high-quality offers but also assists in selecting them wisely, provides converting promos, bumping rates, and other useful features. All of this is available in SpinBet, which will be discussed below.

  • Year of foundation:


  • Inhouse offers:


  • Payment frequency:

    7 days, 15 days, 30 days or 60 days

  • GEO of offers:

    WW. Main: PL, RU, KZ, UZ, DE, CZ, CH, PT, CA, AU, TR

  • Minimum for cashout:


  • Referral program:

    5% Sub-Affiliate

  • Verticals:

    Gambling & Betting

  • Payment systems:

    USDT TRC20, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, Piastrix, QIWI, Local RU cards

  • Tools:

    API, postback

Let's explore the conditions offered by this affiliate program, how many offers are available, and whether it suits everyone. We'll also take a closer look and see what people are saying about SpinBet on the internet. By the way, this affiliate program was formerly known as Z-Partners.


Review of offers in the SpinBet Partners affiliate program

In SpinBet, there are over 500 offers. The main verticals include betting, casino, and poker. Additionally, TV games, virtual sports, and bingo are also available. Offers are most common for traffic from the CIS, Eastern Europe, Turkey, and some Tier-1 countries such as Switzerland, Canada, Portugal, Austria, and Germany. The affiliate program doesn’t accept traffic from both “traditional” regions like Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine, Kosovo, and from Israel, the USA, France, Ukraine, the UK, and the Netherlands. Please check with the manager for the complete list, as it may change.


The offers are not visible to the public. You can connect to them through your personal manager in the following way:


  • You describe your traffic source, planned volumes, and acceptable collaboration conditions;
  • The manager proposes you a selection of suitable offers for testing;
  • You choose the offers, and they are added to your personal account.



Then you can receive links, create flows, and launch traffic.


In SpinBet Partners, the following payout models are available: CPA, Revshare, and Flat. Moreover, they are offered in both pure and hybrid formats. For instance, if you are running traffic from contextual advertising and targeting, you’ll be offered offers with payment based on the CPA model for deposits. In this case, you’ll need to meet the advertiser's KPI.


And if you are promoting a website or placing blocks with affiliate links on other resources, you can expect Flat + Revshare. In other words, you’ll receive payment for the placement of the affiliate link itself and ongoing revenue from players' losses.


As for the payout amounts, the revenue share depends on the number of acquired players and the quantity of deposits.



By delivering good results, it can be increased up to 60%. Payouts for the first deposit usually range from $20 to $60, but on some offers, they can go up to $150.


Important note! In SpinBet's revshare model, there are negative rates: if your player wins, causing a loss, a corresponding percentage will be deducted from your earnings as well. However, overall, winnings are a rare occurrence, so both the bookmaker and the webmaster may experience a temporary loss but remain profitable in the long run.


Negative rates can be completely disabled if the webmaster achieves the following monthly metrics:


  • More than 1000 registrations of new players;
  • More than 100 first deposits;
  • More than 200 players actively making deposits.


In addition, the total amount of deposits made by the partner's players must exceed $20 000.


Why it’s worth working with the SpinBet Partners affiliate program

There are several reasons to pay attention to this affiliate program.


Firstly, there is a fairly extensive selection of offers that managers will select for your traffic source. The team knows which advertiser converts best on various advertising networks, CFT, websites, and other sources.


Secondly, almost all traffic sources are allowed here. This includes contextual, targeted, teaser, and push advertising, as well as traffic from streams, search engine optimization of websites and applications, Telegram channels, and email newsletters. Only incentivized, scheme-based, and fraudulent traffic is prohibited.


Thirdly, the affiliate program provides not only landing pages but also creatives such as pre-rolls, banners, and text materials.


Section of promotional materials for advertising campaigns.


For bloggers and website owners, there are promo codes in the corresponding section of the account. If you need unique advertising materials, they’ll be created for you.


Fourthly, the affiliate program offers flexible collaboration terms in respect of selecting offers and payment arrangements.


Bonus! SpinBet offers new partners a 50% revshare from the start for the first two months to quickly demonstrate good results during this period.


How to register and start working with SpinBet Partners

To register, click on the “Registration” button at the top. Optionally, you can choose the Russian language.



As a result, you are redirected to the registration form.



After filling in the fields, you confirm your email, and attempt to log in. You receive a message that you need to activate your account. Click on the support contact button, and you’ll be prompted to choose a manager.



You choose and write to him or her. Mention where you learned about the affiliate program, what traffic sources you work with, and the average traffic volumes. Managers usually work even on weekends, so if you register on Saturday or Sunday, you won't have to wait until Monday. Don't hesitate to register even if you are a newcomer to betting or arbitrage in general – it’s in the affiliate program's interest to provide you with advisory support.


Accounts may not be opened for webmasters who are detected engaging in artificial inflation, persistent violation of the affiliate program rules, or if they refuse to provide traffic sources or impersonate others. However, such instances are rare.


How to withdraw money from the SpinBet Partners affiliate program

Partners can independently configure the order and frequency of their payouts. Available payout periods are one week, two weeks, one month, and two months. The default setting is a monthly withdrawal, but after discussing it with the manager, it can be arranged more or less frequently. Withdrawals can be done automatically or on request.


Payouts are made to QIWI, Neteller, Piastrix, Cards, Skrill, WebMoney Z, USDT (TRC20), and also to a bank account. The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 euros.


Feedback on the SpinBet Partners affiliate program

There are no reviews for SpinBet in the Runet. However, in the English-speaking segment of the internet, there are reviews for SpinBet, which were still Z-Partners at that time.



On the AskGamblers forum, there is a discussion where one of SpinBet's partners complains about fraud from the affiliate program. However, during a two-month investigation, it’s revealed that there was no fraud, and the partner received exactly the amount due to him according to the affiliate program rules.


Here is the conclusion of the forum administration after the investigation.



Advertisers, in general, are also satisfied with the work of the SpinBet Partners affiliate program.



These are the reviews on the SpinBet website. No negative reviews from advertisers were found on the internet.


What do you think about the SpinBet affiliate program? Write your feedback if you have collaborated or are currently collaborating. Help readers make the right choice.

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Editorial opinion

Most affiliate programs in the gambling vertical are dedicated to casinos and similar games. Despite this, there aren't as many betting offers in the market as it may seem at first glance. There are even fewer advertisers in the betting industry willing to work with beginners. SpinBet is one of the few affiliate programs where there are not only numerous betting offers but also the opportunity to work with them, even if you haven't dealt with betting before.










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