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  • 5000 offers in one place. Review of the multi-vertical platform with a SmartLink | iMonetizeit

5000 offers in one place. Review of the multi-vertical platform with a SmartLink | iMonetizeit

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We’ve been familiar with iMonetizeIt for over 4 years now. It was then that we first approached their booth at one of the conferences. The history of the affiliate network itself spans over 10 years in the public domain. During this time, the team has expanded with verticals, thousands of offers, cases!!!, and a bunch of useful tools that will be beneficial to most webmasters.

  • Year of foundation:


  • Payment frequency:

    NET 7, 15, 30

  • GEO of offers:

    WorldWide (200+)

  • Minimum for cashout:


  • Referral program:

    5% (referral's lifetime - 3 months)

  • Verticals:

    Dating, Nutra, Sweepstakes, iGaming, XGames, Niche Dating

  • Payment systems:

    USDT (TRC20), USDT (ERC20), BTC, Paxum, Dana, Skrill, Wire Transfer

  • Tools:

    SmartLink, free tracker, API, advanced campaign settings (Back button redirect, Enter pop-up, push), free mobile apps for Dating, XGames, iGaming, Multi-account, Telegram bot, etc.

As you already understood, today, as tradition dictates, we’ll review what offers are available in this affiliate network. This time we also need to list all the verticals, what interesting features the platform offers to webmasters, what is the minimum withdrawal amount, and what webmasters themselves say about iMonetizeIt. Let's go!



Review of offers in iMonetizeit

When reviewing iMonetizeIt, it's essential to emphasize the quantity and diversity of offers. As well noted within the platform itself, the guys position themselves as a CPA Marketplace.

Here you can find offers to suit every taste in dating and sweepstakes verticals — these niches dominate the catalog, along with nutra, gambling, and vouchers. In total, we counted over 5000 offers.



To navigate through all this diversity in iMonetizeIt, there are plenty of filters available to find the offers relevant to you. You can filter offers by GEO, verticals, payouts, accepted connection types, and other parameters.



For example, by clicking on the "Countries" filter, you can select either a region or individual countries. By the way, for those looking for offers in Africa, there are over 350 offers available for this continent.


This is all pretty straightforward, as you’ve encountered this numerous times in other affiliate networks. The main feature of iMonetizeIt is IMI SmartLink. As explained by the manager:


“Nowadays, it's the best way to monetize social traffic. The unique traffic distribution algorithm is the perfect solution for those who want to save time and intelligently distribute traffic when working with sources that have difficulties with targeting. The smart platform will do all the work for you.”

Well, I'd really like to test it out! Such a feature would be perfect for working with sources where targeting is difficult, such as driving free traffic from TikTok or YouTube Shorts.


To create your SmartLink, you need to navigate to the corresponding section, select the vertical, domain, token, and click ID to pass data about the clicks. For this, you'll need to add domain names in the relevant section of the affiliate network beforehand. If necessary, the created SmartLink can be shortened right away.

By the way, another distinctive feature of the iMonetizeIt platform is that eCPM is provided both for individual offers and for each vertical as a whole.



Why it’s worth working with  iMonetizeit

Above, we went through the platform's features and offers. It's difficult to give a complete overview as it’d take hours, or even whole days. We're confident you can explore it on your own. So, let's focus on the service instead. After all, that's important too!


From what we've seen, we'd like to highlight:


  • Free mobile apps for dating, gambling, and XGames;
  • Payments to popular payment systems both automatically and on request;
  • Convenient Telegram bot for efficient account management;
  • Built-in free link shortener;
  • Free repository of creatives;
  • Additional traffic monetization. Backbutton prevents users from leaving the pre-lander and redirects them to another offer. Push subscriptions monetize users who haven't completed the target action but have subscribed to push notifications;
  • Advanced and detailed statistics on offers, SmartLinks, and conversions.


By the way, another reason to pay attention to iMonetizeIt is their numerous cases! You can find links to them right in the admin panel or simply visit their blog, where you'll also find a lot of useful information on working with their verticals.



In general, the key feature of iMonetizeIt is that it offers a maximum of useful affiliate marketing solutions and exclusive in-house offers, suitable for virtually any traffic source, including conditionally free promotion methods.


How to withdraw money from iMonetizeit

The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the payment system you choose. The gradation in this case is as follows:


  • $80 for Paxum, Dana, Skrill;
  • $200 for BTC;
  • $500 for USDT;
  • $1000 for bank transfer.


Payments can be received automatically upon reaching the minimum threshold or requested manually. To set up your preferred payment method in your iMonetizeIt account, you need to go to the payments section and click on the "Add Payment Method" button.



Feedback on iMonetizeit

Positive and negative reviews about the affiliate network can be found online, but positive ones outweigh the negative ones by far. It's important to understand that the longer the affiliate network has been in the market and the larger the base of webmasters, the greater the pool of cases with misunderstandings in communication between the network's managers and affiliates.


Users typically note:


  • Good customer support and personal manager assistance;
  • Timely payments;
  • Wide GEO coverage and numerous verticals;
  • Convenient tools for analytics and campaign optimization.



So, if after our review you're interested in working with this affiliate network, feel free to register through our link or reach out to a manager specializing in your preferred vertical. Don't forget to mention that you came from AffJournal. Good luck!


Dating and Nutra — Manager Alexander: 


Gambling — Manager Andrey:    


Sweepstakes — Manager Denis: 

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Editorial opinion

iMonetizeIt is primarily known for its variety of offers, verticals, and payment models. Within a single platform, all popular affiliate niches and even a SmartLink are represented. Everyone will be able to find what will specifically convert their traffic. And the main feature, IMI SmartLink, will definitely save your time and budget on tests. In general, if you are looking for a variety of offers and automation, then checking out iMonetizeIt will definitely be worthwhile.










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  • 5000 offers in one place. Review of the multi-vertical platform with a SmartLink | iMonetizeit