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AdsEmpire Review: dating affiliate network with exclusive offers and Smartlink

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AdsEmpire has been in the market for several years, and they were often seen at various events they are sponsoring. Many of our team members from the editorial department approached their booths to learn more about the specifics of working with dating. The managers of this affiliate program are excellent specialists in this field. So, when the question arose about who to add first to the list of CPA networks dedicated to dating, the answer was obvious.


Below, we’ll take a detailed look at the offerings of this affiliate program, find out what might be of interest to webmasters working in the online dating vertical, and we ask you, our dear readers, to actively leave feedback so that everyone knows about worthy partners. Let's go!

  • Year of foundation:


  • Inhouse offers:

    have exclusive offers

  • Payment frequency:


  • GEO of offers:

    50+ WW (tier-1/Europe main markets)

  • Minimum for cashout:


  • Referral program:

    5% during first 6 months of sending traffic

  • Verticals:


  • Payment systems:

    Bitcoin, USDT, Wire, Paxum, PayPal

  • Tools:

    Smartlink, API

Review of offers in the AdsEmpire affiliate program 

The affiliate networks can be reviewed endlessly, but the main thing webmasters look at is offers. That's why we'll start with them.


Partners can choose from 1000+ offers in the online dating vertical with a fairly wide geography: 50+ countries worldwide, with a focus on tier-1 and European markets.



We consider it important to pay attention to the presence of exclusive offers. There are some of them:



One of the main features of AdsEmpire is the Smartlink. In short, the system based on known user data (location, nationality, age, etc.), selects the most relevant offer from the affiliate network's assortment or your own split test.


And, of course, let's touch on the topic of payment models. Here, there's nothing surprising, as the team adheres to all dating industry standards, and most offers can be run on a CPL SOI basis. However, they also provide an opportunity to EARN MORE for those partners who know how to generate high-quality dating traffic. For such webmasters, there is a RevShare option (in addition to CPL DOI and PPS).


If you're still a newcomer to dating, you can learn more about payment models in this vertical in the article: How to drive traffic to dating offers: an affiliate marketing guide.


Why you should work with the AdsEmpire affiliate program

We are confident that after the section on offers, you've already been able to draw some conclusions about this CPA network. However, let's emphasize some additional features of AdsEmpire. What we personally noticed:


  • Exclusive offers. Working with offers from direct advertiser always means quick feedback on traffic quality, the possibility of rate bumps, and other pleasant features when you have traffic. 
  • An experienced team of managers with deep expertise in the dating industry who will provide consultation and assistance in case of campaign difficulties. 
  • A wide pool of GEOs WW: USA, Canada, Australia, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, and more. According to Statista data for the year 2021, the dating market turnover in the USA alone amounted to $1.43 billion, so there's plenty of room to thrive. 
  • The ability to drive traffic on a RevShare basis. We emphasize this again because if you have a source of hot dating traffic, these guys monetize it to the maximum advantage. 
  • Two collaboration options: one with direct CPA offers and the other with the Smartlink system. You can work with both platforms simultaneously (more on that later). 
  • A rich list of available traffic sources – they accept everything except spam, SMS, fraud, and motivated traffic. 


Let's get down to business. Let's take a closer look at how things are with registration and what you can see in your personal account.


By the way, for those who are interested, these guys have received numerous recognitions from various awards and polls.



How to register and start working with AdsEmpire

One distinctive feature of AdsEmpire is the presence of two affiliate accounts: CPA and Smartlink. Each partner can independently choose the best option based on their experience and traffic source. Additionally, you can run campaigns simultaneously on both platforms.



Let's take a look at how it works in practice and also explore the registration process in this affiliate program:


  1. Go to the adsempire.com website. 
  2. Choose the format that interests you more. If you're directing traffic from review sites, you’ll likely find it more interesting to work with each specific offer separately. If you're running push traffic to a broad audience, then the Smartlink option is probably more suitable. But that's just something to consider. 
  3. Afterward, fill out the registration form. It's quite extensive, but the more information you provide, the fewer questions you'll have from the manager.
  4. After filling out the form, you'll wait for your account to be approved. If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to contact the manager, the contact information is provided at the beginning of this review. 


After registration, you'll find yourself in a fairly standard and user-friendly interface, familiar to most affiliates. If you're interested in offers, head to the section with offers.


If you need to clarify payment details, you can do so in the “Payout History” section. If you want to set up a Postback, you can do that in the corresponding section as well.



To start working with an offer, select the one you're interested in from the list (additional information opens upon clicking), and request access.



In general, we recommend closely collaborating with the manager, whose contact information is provided in the top left corner of your personal account. He can assist you with setting up a postback and selecting the right offer. 


How to withdraw money from the AdsEmpire network

Payouts are processed once a week/month. You can receive your money through any convenient method: Bitcoin, USDT, Wire, Paxum, PayPal. Please consider the minimum payout threshold for each payment system: 


  • Bitcoin, USDT: the threshold for weekly payouts is $1 500;
  • Wire, Paxum, PayPal: the threshold for weekly payouts is $2 000;
  • Bitcoin, USDT: the threshold for monthly payouts is $250;
  • Wire, Paxum, PayPal: the threshold for monthly payouts is $2 000. 


You can stay updated on all the changes in the ADSEmpire blog.


Feedback about the AdsEmpire affiliate program

If you already have experience working with this affiliate program, we encourage you to leave comments below and share: which offers you worked with, the GEOs you targeted, the traffic sources you used, how the payouts are, and so on. Cases are welcome.


Best of luck and profit to everyone!

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Editorial opinion

The affiliate market can boast a considerable number of dating affiliate programs, but not all of them can provide advantageous terms and unexplored offers for foreign GEOs. In AdsEmpire, you can find both. Additionally, the team has developed two separate dashboards for CPA offers and Smartlink so you can choose the direction that suits you best.










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