Smartlink: what it is, how it works and what it is used for


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Who it is for

  • 1. webmasters
  • 2. affiliate

You must have noticed Smartlink offers while working with CPA networks. This usually applies to Dating or Sweepstakes verticals. Actually, Smartlink in affiliate marketing is a URL with a built-in TDS (Traffic Distribution System). The algorithm tracks the parameters of the user who clicked on the ad and directs him to the appropriate landing page.


What parameters does Smartlink track?

Smartlink can track and distribute transitions depending on the specified parameters. The most commonly used CPA offers are:


  • GEO — to distribute clicks on landing pages of one offer in different regions;
  • Search terms — distribution is configured based on the text that users enter when searching;
  • Device— traffic is distributed between offers for mobile devices and computers;
  • Operating system — TDS substitutes different offers for Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS users;
  • Connection type (cellular / WiFi) — depending on the type of network connection, traffic can be directed separately to wapclick offers (operator mobile subscriptions);
  • Telecom operator (carrier)— mobile traffic often requires distribution of clicks on offers from different mobile Internet operators (different providers have different subscription offers).


Smartlink systems are being optimized as they flow. Managers who, based on the data received at a distance, set auto-rules that help increase the envelope.

Since the system does almost all the work for the webmaster, the main task of the latter is to choose a traffic source, set up the flow correctly and optimize the advertising account.

Why smartlink is needed in affiliate marketing

Many CPA networks mislead webmasters by claiming that a smart link helps to increase earnings. It is not always so. 



The webmaster launches one campaign for a wide audience, the system analyzes the user's parameters and directs him to a site with a suitable language / advertising offer / creative.


Smartlink saves the webmaster's time, allowing them not to deal with distribution on their own. Also, the system does not allow exceeding the daily traffic limit. Managers on the advertiser's side monitor the caps and relevance of offers, if necessary, changing the offer to the next most popular one.


Using the TDS function, the smartlink redirects repeated clicks to landing pages with other offers. Unique traffic, if possible, is sent to fresh offers, if there are none, to any relevant or Traffic back URLs.

Which verticals use Smartlink

The system is rarely used or not used at all in the vertical of information products, goods, and partly in the inside. It is also worth considering that not all CPA networks work with smart links.


The most popular smartlink offers in the following verticals:


  • Dating and Adult. One of the most favorable verticals for a smartlink. Advertisers accept almost any traffic, which allows the webmaster to use a variety of sources and run ads on a wide GEO.
  • Sweepstakes. Most often in conjunction with pushes and popunders. Smartlink helps to segment the audience by distributing users according to the most relevant offers.
  • Gambling and Betting. Smartlink selects the most relevant offer for the player depending on his GEO. Suitable in cases where the advertiser does not cover all the territories where the audience can come from.
  • For example, a webmaster sends traffic from streams to a casino that only works in Brazil by default. In order for all Portuguese-speaking players from any GEO to follow the link of the offer, a smart link is created that redirects traffic to other slots of this advertiser.
  • Crypto & Finance. Offers in these verticals initially require the use of a smartlink, as they include offers from brokers and banks. The system combines many such offers into one link and gives the user a landing page of the most relevant profile.

Editorial comment AffJournal

Smartlink is not a universal solution, but it can open up new opportunities for working with non-segmented traffic, greatly facilitate work and save money on numerous tests. 


It often happens that you are simply not able to separate the incoming organic traffic. Content promotion, videos, streams - everything that is not targeted advertising, as well as the entire category of cheap traffic (redirects, pushes and pops) is difficult to segment. Smartlinks help with these sources.



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