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Where to get materials for promotional materials for gambling and how to work with them


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If you do not have the skills of a designer, it will be very difficult to develop promotional material for a casino on your own. It should be colorful, dynamic and evoke emotions in the user. In the article, we will analyze the stages of creating a dynamic creative in the format of a standard approach: emotions of a living person, interactive graphic elements, dynamic music and live voice acting.


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A little reminder

Before creating creative, always check what your competitors are showing your audience. You can view competitors' creatives for free in the Facebook Ads Library. For example, to find a gambling creo, we set the necessary geo and the necessary keywords in the search, for example: bonus, jackpot, free download, etc. 

Step 1. Find the video source

In gambling, when creating promotional material, bright and strong emotions of real people are often used - because it works. It is important to find not stock videos, but native ones that look like an unplayed momentary emotion. Such videos can be found on Twitch, Youtube and streaming sites. Click on TikTok in the "Interesting" section, search for content by thematic hashtags. Removing a watermark from a video will not be a problem, there are enough services for this task. 


The reactions of real people can be found in the following ways:


  • look for videos on Youtube with emotional moments: for example, a guy gives a girl a gift. Situations can be different, the main thing is more emotions, gestures, surprise, etc. 
  • capture the screen while streaming on Instagram or TikTok - this is a real way to capture a cool moment for creo.
  • use videos from Twitch - this is where you can find streams of gamers who are constantly emotional and reacting. Also find streams of pretty girls who emotionally react to donations. 


Such short emotional videos are dynamically complemented by appropriate visual and sound effects or card replenishment notifications, which directly explains the reason for a person’s emotions. 


Step 2: Working on the audio

To enhance the dynamism and integrity of the video with audio, add invigorating music and sound effects, such as the sounds of falling coins, balance replenishment notifications that match the graphics. Free sounds can be found in the library Freesound.

If there is or is supposed to be additional voice acting in the video, then only a lively and convincing voice should be used. Also, a prerequisite when using voice acting is the overlay of subtitles. Because for many users, for a number of reasons, video can be played without sound. 

Step 3. Customizing for geo

For reliability and persuasiveness, you always need to customize your promotional material to the GEO and national characteristics as much as possible. For example, when displaying a balance replenishment notification, use the logo and name of the bank that is often used in the GEO you are running the campaign on. 


You can create a notification with the transfer of money yourself on your smartphone using a screenshot, and then edit it according to the geo. All graphic elements should also be uniqueized under GEO: flag, currency and language. You can qualitatively translate text for creative, voice acting and subtitles using Deepl


Step 4. Find graphic elements

Frequent tricks for creating gambling creatives: spinning wheel of fortune, visualization of the game, winnings, payout messages. All these thematic materials can be found on   freepik and download a vector or high-quality JPG for free, then edit and uniqueize for any purpose. Up to 10 files are available per day for free from one account.


Step 5. Text on our creative

There should be little text: you need to keep within one capacious sentence and immediately point out the benefits (discounts, bonuses, etc.). Do not write banal calls to action that do not cause a WOW effect. The call to action should express a key benefit, for example: welcome bonus, cashback to the balance, play and withdraw in the demo version, fast withdrawal of funds. Cling to audience triggers: play and win, get 200 free spins and more. It is important not to set too motivated traffic, and not to promise in the text that everyone will definitely win. 


Life hack: how to work with a vector to create creo

We found a video with the right emotions, downloaded a vector with suitable graphics, and now we need to lay out the elements in Adobe Illustrator in a special way in order to animate specific elements in our video. Let's see why and how to do it. 


The vector gives maximum opportunities for the uniqueness of graphics and subsequent animation. Unlike the option of using transparent png for animation, the vector is multifunctional in editing and detailed animation. 


  1. Downloading the required vector file. 
  2. In the downloaded vector composition, select the graphic elements that we need - remove everything else unnecessary from the document. 
  3. Elements for animation that do not need to be edited are grouped into a separate layer.
  4. Delete unnecessary text, and replace it with your own, if necessary.
  5. Each individual element or group of elements that will subsequently need to be animated or effects will be applied to them must be grouped into separate layers. This is necessary for correct work with layers in Adobe After Effects.
  6. Next, when the file is prepared, save it in EPS format and load the vector into Adobe After Effects, as in the screenshot. After that, the vector file will be decomposed into ready-made layers in the composition. 

Ready! The vector file is now ready for further processing and animation in Adobe After Effects. There is already a matter of technology: you need to set animation keywords and apply various effects.


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