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The easiest guide on how to run twitter ads without paying for advertising


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One of the few guides on Twitter Ads,which are so lacking in the media space for affiliate marketing. Today, let's talk about how to run Twitter ads without paying for advertising, what to run, whether to set up cloaking, and a bunch of other useful info. Let's go!


What to drive traffic to with Twitter Ads

Cryptocurrency: It has become popular on the Twitter platform, where various crypto enthusiasts gather. Various companies create pages here for their products. For Twitter, cryptocurrency has become almost a norm, except in cases where arbitrageurs try to run ads through this social network.


Nutra: It's not only promoted on Facebook; primarily, it's driven through Twitter to landing pages with supplements, where payment for the product occurs on the website via bank card.


White e-commerce: This is mainly a less developed direction on Twitter because it’s not in high demand among the audience.


Scam: Various phishing sites, clone sites, and so on – this is the most popular theme when it comes to traffic draining through Twitter among arbitrageurs.


Is anyone cloaking Twitter?

No, cloaking is not used on Twitter. The main rule is to create default text without mentioning STOP words like crypto/trading/bitcoin, and so on. These words and all "gray text" can be placed on the image. Below are examples of creatives:



And here is the guide to setting up ads

It's better not to farm accounts yourself, as it's not an easy task + you need to buy a tick (something like Twitter Blue), which provides access to Ads Manager for launching ads. Also, to farm accounts, you'll need to spend a lot of time and money on consumables such as emails/proxies, etc.


Overall, the easiest way is to buy a ready-made account.

You need accounts with a description similar to the one in the photo above. The main thing is that it mentions a $500 bill and/or a linked card. The essence of such accounts and the whole work with Twitter Ads (why arbitrageurs still use it in our time) is that Twitter provides a credit line for advertising campaigns, usually in the amount of $500 (sometimes slightly less, around $450 - depending on the advertising tax, etc.).


After purchasing the account, there are two possible ways to receive the data:


  • You’ll get a token from the account (a combination of letters and numbers, for example, FD24KSKADJ52SD6JSGK).
  • You’ll get cookie data, similar to Facebook, enclosed in square brackets.


If in the second option it's clear how to log in to your account, in the first case, you need to open your account in the browser and go to the main page of twitter.com and add the extension.




You insert the token and press the button, and you're logged into the account. Then, you press More, and a tab will open with options to navigate to, where you select the Ads Manager.



Choose Simple.


Next, choose website traffic since 99% of the time you'll be driving traffic to a website.



After that, insert the main text and the photo you’ll use in the creative (remember that the text over the photo should not contain trigger words).



After that, you need to set up targeting, and then you can launch the ad. Here are some important points I've noticed while running ads on Twitter: it's not recommended to target worldwide (WW) as Twitter seems to be triggered by it, and don’t include keywords related to trading/crypto, and so on in the keywords section — your ad will be immediately rejected, and your account may get banned. Unbanning Twitter accounts is practically impossible.


All that's left is to specify the budget for the ad and you can hit launch. Don't forget to specify where you want to direct the traffic (computers/mobile), and be sure to specify people's interests as shown in the photo below. To be more precise, these are not interests, but rather the channels they are subscribed to, and your ad will be shown to these people (in my case, I'm targeting crypto/trading education and such groups suit me).


One of Twitter's advantages is that ads are approved/banned immediately, and you don't have to wait for hours like on Facebook.



If everything goes well, you'll be able to spend a decent amount of money until your account gets banned or your ads stop running due to lack of funds on the card.




I can't say that I'm a big expert who has been running Twitter ads for 100500 years, but I've noticed more cons than pros: difficulty with unbanning accounts and not being informed about the reason for the ban, accounts are quite expensive, there are many sellers and the majority are just scammers, there will be A LOT of bots in your traffic, to understand how many real users and bots you have, you'll need to use a tracker (like Keitaro), which is an additional $100 expense per month. I've run ads for various offers like crypto/nutra/dating, and I can't say that the traffic here is better than on Facebook; in my opinion, it's much worse. One of the positive points is the $500 bill, but there are times when you buy an account for $30-50, set everything up, and then see a BAN within a minute, or after the campaign, you realize that despite spending $500, you only earned 3 cents, and most of the traffic turned out to be bots. And yes, many will immediately ask if there's a way to get rid of them. The answer is no, that's the reality of Twitter.





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