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What is a "bundle" for a webmaster in affiliate marketing and where to get them


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We often use the word "bundle" in our articles. Some people know this term under another name "creative pair", which the editorial team and I considered not the most accurate definition. In this article, we will explain what is meant by "bundle" and show some examples of how it looks in practice. 

What is a link for a webmaster in CPA

A bundle is essentially what a webmaster uses when working with traffic. Let's list it all:


  • creative/promo material (+ its format - static/video);
  • traffic source (and placements, if any);
  • offer, GEO and affiliate network where he took the offer;
  • target audience and targeting nuances;
  • the presence of pre-landing or its absence;
  • landing (if the advertiser offers several to choose from);
  • technical points: what accounts, payment instruments, tracking, cloaking were used.


The actual indication/presence of all these items or part of them is the bundle. Advertising bundle. When they say that they are "testing combinations", they mean trying combinations of all the above points. Converting bundle- a combination of the above points, which gives a profit / brings leads.

Why do arbitrageurs hunt for bundles?

The converting bundle is one of the main assets of an affiliate marketer. It takes a lot of time, effort and, most importantly, money to search for it by sorting through different combinations. The leak of the working scheme to the masses means that the community will “squeeze” it out very quickly, and it will cease to generate income. Knowing the profitable solution, it remains only to scale the advertising campaign and receive payments.


That is why affiliates use services  cloaking  to hide creatives, landings and pre-landers not only from bots and moderators, but also from their colleagues.



Affiliates are not very fond of sharing their expertise on ready-made bundles with each other so as not to compete directly. Among other things, in affiliate marketing, it is considered bad form to completely copy methods of work. At the same time, many media buyers build their work solely on borrowing other people's methods of work, preferring not to develop their own bundles.

Examples of bundles in different verticals

In some verticals, there are already well-established sets of bundles components. We have given examples of the most popular:


Vertical: Nutra
Description: Creative usually demonstrates a doctor, some method of treatment/offer, and the disease itself.

Nutra traffic is almost always launched with a pre-landing. It often mimics the page of a popular site, which publishes a “real” story of an illness (or other actual problem) in the first person and its quick solution with the help of a promoted product. Also, on the pre-landing page, they create the illusion of live communication in the comments, which further encourages a potential client to purchase. In a conspicuous place is a link to a landing page with an order form for a miracle remedy.

Vertical: Gambling
Description: in terms of creativity in gambling, the most working story is the emotions of the players, the demonstration of winnings, push messages from the bank with the receipt of winnings on the card, etc. Example:




When clicking on a link from an ad and a creative, a pre-lander is shown to the user, which “warms up” him for the subsequent deposit. It usually promises big winnings and shows bonuses that are provided after registration. The focus is on the button to go to the main landing page, where the user is already waiting for the casino website or mobile application.


How to create your bundle

There are two main ways to create an effective bundle:


Implement your own approach. A good webmaster strives to create a unique approach to promoting an offer. Specialists who can generate bundles on their own are always in good standing in teams and media buying agencies. Come up with an idea for a pre-landing, develop the components of a sales funnel (from creative to landing page content), test their combination and bring it to profit - this is how creating a bundle looks like.


It is usually difficult for a beginner to implement the entire cycle from scratch, so most often media buyers are engaged in the creation of individual unique components, rather than a whole bunch.


Adapt an existing bundle. To search for other people's ligaments use SPY-services.It is enough to set filters in the interface, after which the program will show all available materials for the selected categories.



Complete copying of competitors' content usually leads to a quick burnout of the bundle due to its use by several webmasters or even teams. 

Editorial comment AffJournal

Constant work with bundles (development of hypotheses, their search and testing) is the only thing that really increases your competencies in CPA marketing. Unlike creating bundles, the entire technical part of the work can be delegated and automated. It is the ability to create new approaches that distinguishes a successful webmaster aka media buyer.




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