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How to drive traffic on Facebook with the purpose of "Message": a step by step guide


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The Message goal can be applied to almost any niche, as long as you have enough imagination when creating a funnel. Of course, the classic verticals in the form of a product, e-commerce will be the most effective here, but no one has canceled dating, crypto, or nutra.


For those who have not yet figured out this goal of campaign optimization, we will explain that in this way FB selects an audience that is most likely to start a correspondence with you on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and the user will have a "Send message" button in the advertisement itself.


That is, when setting up your campaigns in this way, you should be ready to process requests in the messenger with high quality, or, in addition, organize a chat bot for yourself.


So, with that figured out, now let's get started.

We tie Instagram to the fan page

Go to your FanPage settings. 


Then we move on to Instagram. Here we have our Instagram already tied up. If you are not tied up, then this is done in a couple of clicks.


If you need to transfer the fan page to another account, then copy the link to the desired account, go to "Roles on the page", in the "Assign a new role on the page" field, drive in the link and give the role "Administrator", click "Add". Thus, the fan page from Instagram will be transferred to the account that you linked. 


Setting up a campaign and Campaign budget optimization on Facebook

Go to ADSmanager, click on "+ Create", select the goal of our campaign as "Engagement" and click "Continue".


And now the most effective launch, which can be used for almost any vertical:

  • Give the name of the campaign (for convenience, we called it "Test").
  • Enable Campaign budget optimization.
  • Click "Next" and give the ad group a name (we'll call it "Business" for convenience).
  • In the "Conversion Event Location" field, select "Messaging Apps".


Next, select our fan page (we have it "Logistic") and select Instagram in the list of messengers. Let's see him pull up.


Now, actually, why CBO was included: to give a comparison of different audiences. We do not make a hodgepodge, 5-7 interests for each campaign are enough.


Then we move on to prom-material. Creatives, preferably at least two. We add further we have such a form with a greeting. Click "Edit" (if you get lost at this stage, check the video).


Here we can set up automatic replies so that the fanpage will greet and respond to users. It's like a mini chatbot.

Then we make a quick copy, add the second creative.


Then we make a quick copy of "business" and collect a second pool of audiences by interests, which, in our opinion, will be relevant to our offer. And so, depending on how much you see fit. So, we got three audience pools - for tourists, investors and for business (conditional names). You can do the same.


Thus, due to Campaign budget optimization, it is possible to compare at the adset level which target audience will work on Instagram and the "Message" goal is better.


Actually, here is the simplest, one might say classic, setting up advertising for a message. Do you have any questions? Ask in the comments 🤘

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  • How to drive traffic on Facebook with the purpose of "Message": a step by step guide