TOP 10 CPA Trackers (TDS) for Affiliate Marketing


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If the offer does not convert, you can endlessly sort through the reasons, change creatives and set up new bundles. You can get a high profit only by minimizing your costs and constantly working on the effectiveness of campaigns. To do this, affiliates remove non-working bundles, increase the conversion of profitable solutions. 


By tracking key indicators, CPA trackers help to detect problems at the start of campaigns, helping not to work in the red. Below is our TOP 10 trackers for working with offers from CPA networks (including free solutions).


Keitaro – one of the best server trackers on the market and more than just a tracker. Through it, you can easily cloak, optimize advertising campaigns, monitor the effectiveness of traffic acquisition channels, as well as: 


  • Build a job without redirects - upload landing archives directly to the tracker;
  • Automatically download expenses from Facebook;
  • Park domains and use them as campaign links;
  • Edit the landing page code directly in the tracker interface;
  • Transfer postbacks from order forms on the site to the tracker and affiliate networks;
  • Send and receive postbacks from landing pages of partner networks via API;
  • Create and use Smartlinks;
  • Connect PHP, JS and WordPress sites to the tracker on other servers and hostings;
  • Create users with different access levels;
  • Generate a variety of reports using 30+ different metrics to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and much more.

There is a free trial for 14 days, and the basic plan will cost $53 per month ($43 per month if you buy at once for a year).


Binom – self-hosted tracker, which has the absolute leadership in the speed of processing clicks and generating reports. By choosing this tracker you get:


  • Works without problems with a million clicks per day;
  • Click processing in 7ms on any volumes;
  • The highest report generation speed on the market;
  • Group reports on campaigns;
  • Large-scale updates once a month;
  • The fastest and most convenient interface;
  • Flexible system of users with access rights;
  • Average support response time - 2 minutes.

There is a free trial for 31 days. Base tariff- $99 (when buying a license for a year - $69 per month).


Adspect – cloud tracker and cloaking service. All in one! Find and exclude bot sources quickly. The service checks all transitions to your landing page or affiliate offer and classifies each one as targeted or non-targeted. Targeted traffic is freely admitted to the content, while dangerous visitors are redirected to another page. Additionally:


  • The ability to advertise anything in any advertising network;
  • Long-lived, continuous advertising campaigns;
  • Less expenses for non-converting sites;
  • Built-in tracker with flexible funnel statistics;
  • Automatic split testing of offers and landings;
  • Automatic rotation of landing pages on a timer;
  • Full CDN support, including Cloudflare in proxy mode;
  • REST API for managing traffic flows;
  • Do not use KYC, do not ask questions.

"Anti-fraud" tariff - $300/month (without cloaking, limit of 20 streams, statistics are stored for 3 months, suitable for filtering fraud in contextual and media advertising).


“Cloaking tariff” – $500/month (advanced cloaking, supports Facebook, Google, TikTok, Bing, no stream limit, no click limit, 6 month statistics, includes VLA™ machine learning, HyperLogLog filter and REST API).


Voluum – manage all your campaigns from one cloud tracker. Track, optimize and automate your ads with partner tracking software recommended by digital marketers from all over the world!


  • Rule based targeting;
  • Direct Tracking Pixel;
  • Tracking user conversions;
  • Ability to manually work with data;
  • More than 30 metrics about each impression, visit, click and conversion;
  • Monitoring the performance of campaigns in the mobile application.


We did not find a trial period. The base tariff costs $149 per month. When buying immediately for a year - $ 119 per month. 


AdsBridge – is a universal cloud solution for businesses of different sizes. Provides a wide range of tools for work, does not limit the functionality - it does not depend on the tariff plan used. Solves all the problems that good software faces.


  • secure cloud hosting;
  • easy to use platform;
  • a huge selection of functions;
  • super-fast redirects;
  • flexible reporting system;
  • scalable infrastructure;
  • auto-optimization of campaigns.



There is a trial for 14 days. The base tariff is $29. Annual subscription - $299. 


OctoTracker – powerful and flexible tracker for CPA webmasters. Offers 2 options for work: both cloud service and server.


  • Reports grouped by 20+ slices;
  • Filters by blacklists and by individual parameters;
  • Built-in analysis of traffic quality, detection of bots and clicks by 20+ parameters;
  • Distribution of traffic from the source by pre-landers by 25+ parameters;
  • The only tracker with full support for lead statuses;
  • Integration with 120+ sources and affiliate programs;
  • Fast generation of reports of any complexity;
  • 3 types of redirects.



The basic tariff will cost $30 (the cloud solution is $5 more expensive).


RedTrack – in no way inferior to more expensive analogues. All-in-one cloud tracker helps you improve your affiliate campaigns and find actionable insights to increase your ROI.


  • Improved tracking without redirects;
  • Automated rules;
  • Multi-user access;
  • No 3rd party cookies tracking;
  • A/B tests with redirects;
  • Checking clicks and conversions for “bots”;
  • Flexible postback settings;
  • Filter by anonymous and proxy IP.



The base tariff will cost $149. Buying an annual subscription can save $298.


Peerclick – server CPA tracker. Allows you to manage, track, analyze and optimize advertising campaigns in real time. The functionality declared:


  • Instant redirects;
  • Autodistribution of traffic;
  • Antifraud protection;
  • Teamwork;
  • Pixel tracking;
  • Preset templates;
  • API Reports.



Peerclick used to have a free tariff, but currently the minimum tariff is $99 ($80 if you buy a 12-month subscription).


CPAtracker — completely free and one of the oldest server trackers on the market from russian developers. The best solution for beginners without a budget. By functionality:


  • Lead status check;
  • Cloaking and hiding URLs;
  • Track views, clicks and conversions in one place;
  • View broken links;
  • Fraudulent clicks on tracks do not count;
  • Link optimization;
  • Ability to set up guest access for third parties.


Of the minuses - the tracker is available only in russian.


As mentioned above, the server tracker is absolutely free. But developers also have a cloud tariff for 29€ per month.


ClickMagick — tracker with a free trial version for 14 days. The most affordable tariff costs $27, which allows you to process up to 10,000 clicks per month.

The peculiarity is that it allows you to track the conversions of individual parts of the funnel. Its other features:


  • tracking user actions from different devices;
  • determination of target actions from mobile devices;
  • use of dynamic links;
  • click fraud monitoring;
  • dynamic bot filter.

The disadvantage of the service is that it does not support popunders, work with exchanges and other sources of mass traffic. 


The base tariff will cost $49.

Comment from the editors of AffJournal

So, we named 10 trackers for affiliate marketing. Many of them have a free version or a trial, which will help you explore the convenience of the interface, features and speed of work. Having studied various offers, you can easily find the best CPA tracker that suits both the price and the opportunity.



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