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We recently talked about what Smartlink is and why this system is needed. If you came across this article by accident, but are interested in affiliate marketing, then be sure to check it out. Well, below we have prepared 10 affiliate programs where you can find smartlink offers for every taste. We also note that the order is conditional, just choose the one that is more suitable for the terms of cooperation. 



Trafee - 2000 promo offers in 20 languages

Large international affiliate specializing in Adult, Dating, Gay Dating, Cams and Sweepstakes. They work directly with advertisers, so the range of offers and promotional materials is constantly updated. Now Trafee has about 2,000 promo offers in 20 languages. You can pour by PPS, PPL, CPL, RevShare, CC Submit. 


In order for a smart link to give the maximum conversion, Trafee monitors the quality of traffic, so before starting cooperation, webmasters are asked to tell about their experience, traffic sources, which CPA partners they have worked with and share screenshots of recent statistics. 


Payouts every Tuesday. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100. Hold 7 days. 




ClickDealer is one of the leaders in CPA marketing with a worldwide reputation

Quite an old affiliate network and a huge assortment - more than 13000+ offers for Sweepstakes, Dating, Mobile Subscriptions, iGaming, Utilities. We have our own tracking platform, an automated smartlink and a team of experienced managers.


To register, you will need to provide an address, phone number, first and last name. And then talk about the experience of working with traffic. The application for account activation will be considered within 3 business days.


Payments are made once a month. The minimum withdrawal amount is $500.




LosPollos - CPA network only with smartlink offers

An affiliate program featuring only smartlinks. There are smartlinks in several main categories: dating, mainstream, gambling. Most offers are in the dating category – you can drive traffic to standard dating services or sex dating sites.


To register in it, you need to come up with a username and password, specify an email address, login in any messenger. And also tell us about your experience and how you learned about the affiliate program. After that, you will be contacted and asked a few questions, and then your account will be activated.


Payments are automatic, weekly on Tuesdays. There is no hold. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100. 




GoldLead - advertising grid project AdsCompass

Multi-vertical affiliate network with 100+ offers for dating, gaming, sweepstakes and installs. Among the GEOs, all countries are available, but most of the products are tailored for Tier-1 and solvent regions of Europe. You can drive almost all types of traffic using CPA, CPI, CPS, CPL and Revshare.


The partner transfers money to the account immediately after the end of the hold. As a rule, traffic verification takes no longer than a month, and for some products it is not required at all. There is no minimum amount. 




TraffCore is a smartlink platform focused on traffic monetization

TraffCore is smartlinks for every taste, issuance of dating and gambling applications for FB, TT, UAC, a lifetime referral program of 10% for premium partners and its own machine learning algorithm for traffic optimization. 


The guys have the following types of smartlinks: Adult, Mainstream, Sweepstakes (CPL, CC, CC/CPL), Crypto CPL and CPA, Adult games, Webcam. Affiliate pays daily. Minimum withdrawal amount is $10. 




Adverten - adult smartlink affiliate program

The affiliate program comes from Hong Kong. They have been working since 2015 on CPA and RevShare. You can work both through smartlink and without. Of the verticals, a purely adult direction is represented (chats, games, dating sites, etc.). For a number of GEOs, payment for a target action reaches $15. 


To register, you need to fill out a short form, write to the manager and wait for the account to be activated. They will also ask for screenshots of statistics and tell about their experience in CPA. 


Payouts immediately after the end of the hold. Minimum withdrawal amount - $100. 




Mobidea - smartlink for mobile traffic

A well-known affiliate program in the English-speaking community with offers for mobile traffic in adult and mainstream topics in the verticals of mobile subscriptions and installs. They can also assemble a custom smartlink at the request of a partner.


Registration is standard: we fill out a questionnaire, talk about work experience and wait for account activation. Money is also withdrawn upon request. For newregs, the minimum withdrawal amount is $100. 


Link: - only smartlink CPA-network

Affiliate specializing in mainstream, gay and adult dating verticals with 1900+ exclusive offers from direct advertisers. Games, video chats, questionnaires and casinos are also available upon request. Worldwide coverage, traffic is accepted from any GEO. The key difference is that network partners work exclusively through a smart link, and offers are connected through a manager. 


To register, just fill out a standard form. Payments are made automatically every day. The minimum payout amount is $10. 




Alfaleads - iGaming affiliate network with smartlink

CPA network with smartlink and a wide variety of offers: financial topics, gambling, sweepstakes, insurance, dating. Trusted partners are given free Android and iOS applications.


To register in the affiliate program, you need to specify an email address, a nickname for communication in any messenger, and also answer questions. How to fill out all the forms, get access to your personal account. 


For beginners, the hold is 30 days (talk to the manager, the guys are willing to make concessions). Minimum withdrawal amount - $30. 





ProfitSocial is a dating smartlink affiliate program from Togetherads

The main theme of the affiliate program is dating sites, although there are offers on other topics. The platform uses Smartlink technology, which analyzes the data and determines where the visitor is more likely to convert and generate more revenue. The webmaster does not need to segment the audience, all traffic is merged into one link that redirects each user to the optimal offer.


The system implements automatic payments once a week or twice a month, depending on the amount of income. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $250. 





Collaborate with other affiliate networks that have a smart link? Write the name in the comments, we will add it to our TOP. Profit everyone!



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