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The goal of affiliate marketing is not leads or product sales, but money. The webmaster can earn in any way, but in the end, everything should end with the payment and withdrawal of funds from the affiliate program. Money comes instantly. They go through several stages, they can be brought out in different ways and used, by the way, also in different ways. Let's figure this out.


Payout mechanics in CPA - networks

A payout is a webmaster's income for verified leads delivered to the CPA network, RevShare payouts, or referral deductions that meet the advertiser's requirements and have been verified. The target action determines the offer payment model.


The amount of payments and the conditions for their implementation are indicated in the offer card (there are also displayed the requirements for KPI, additional conditions and a possible hold period).

A Hold is a period of retention of the webmaster's earnings on the balance of the CPA network until the advertiser checks the quality of the leads. It exists as a precautionary measure against unscrupulous webmasters, fraud and other surprises. 


After checking with the owner of the offer, the money is transferred to the balance of the webmaster. At the moment he needs, he requests a payment through the account or chat with the manager. You can also order a withdrawal through your personal account, you need to go to the appropriate section. 



To order a payout, you need to select the currency, the withdrawal method and link the wallet to which the money will be withdrawn. In the FAQ / “Help” section or with the manager, you can find out the amount of the minimum payout. In some CPA networks, for the first output, the webmaster needs to fulfill a kind of KPI - collect the minimum number of approvals for the selected vertical and wait for the traffic to be checked.


Important! In the article, we indicate the average location of blocks with money. Each CPA network has a unique payout interface.

Withdrawal methods

To provide a quality service and take into account the vast geography of webmasters, affiliate programs support withdrawals through most popular tools. Often this is:


  • Wire и Debit Card— payment to your bank account and a card linked to it. If you prefer to work in white, then this option is for you.
  • Webmoney — the international settlement system supports several types of wallets that correspond to different currencies. Each wallet has its own title symbol, which corresponds to the currency/type of property.
  • Capitalist — Internet payment system designed for online business, one of the most popular services among webmasters. At Capitalist, all transfers (except for internal ones) have a commission of 2%. To register, all you need to do is enter your phone number.
  • PayPal — debit electronic payment system. The service is known for its strict attitude to accounts - for violations of the rules of the site, it can be banned. With this payment system it is convenient to pay for consumables and infrastructure.
  • Payoneer — international payment system. The service is popular when working with foreign partners. 
  • Paxum —Canadian payment system. The biggest difficulty in Paxum can be with account verification. It requires proof of identity and proof of residential address, and the verification process can take up to three months.
  • Zaleycash and Eprofit — advertising account replenishment services. Funds from affiliate programs can be withdrawn to these services, after which they are manually distributed by the webmaster among advertising networks. When withdrawing from affiliate programs, bonuses from 3% to 5% are provided. 


Cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets — many CPA networks have introduced token settlements Tether (USDT). This is a digital asset pegged to the exchange rate of fiat currencies. Introduced in order to stabilize the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies. Tether stablecoins (USDT) are pegged to fiat currencies (specifically USD) at a 1-to-1 rate. Most often, webmasters use the stock exchange Binance, wallets Trust Wallet and Metamask.


If the CPA network transfers money using bank details to a legal entity or individual, then depending on the country in which the affiliate is registered, the transfer can take from one banking day to five business days. In addition, if the CPA network and the legal entity are located in more than one country, it is necessary to negotiate contracts.


Payout schedules in affiliate networks

Each CPA network pays out according to its own schedule. Most often the process looks like this:


  • Automatic withdrawal of funds - when the minimum amount for withdrawal is accumulated on the balance, the affiliate program automatically transfers it to the specified service.
  • Manual withdrawal of funds - the webmaster requests a payment in his personal account or in a chat with the manager, the request is transferred to the department responsible for this, after which the requested amount is credited to each webmaster.


In the case of manual payouts, it can also be that the CPA network pays out money on a specific day of the week, for example, on Fridays, regardless of whether there is a minimum amount in the account or not. In other words, affiliate networks can have planned payouts, payouts on demand and emergency payouts (out of turn payouts for top webmasters).


An additional word from the editors of AffJournal

Affiliate programs always pay their webmasters (unless you are involved in fraud, of course)! Of course, there are exceptions, but only with new affiliate programs that have no reputation and are not afraid to lose it. Therefore, the best option is to work with proven CPA networks that have been on the market for many years and who value their reputation. All of them are presented in our catalog in the header of the site.. 



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