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There are many ways to make money on the Internet under the age of 18: a YT channel, selling things and advertising on the site, online traffic arbitrage, cryptocurrencies, and even computer games. After all, the Internet is a place where they do not look at your diploma, but first of all evaluate professional qualities. Or, if it is sales and services - on the quality of the service. We analyzed all the main options that are available to minors.  


Content generation and earnings on affiliate links


For all teenagers who are looking for a job and are wondering how to make money on the Internet, we recommend starting with the generation of online traffic and its subsequent monetization. Why? Because usually minors have more free time to devote to editing simple videos, developing their own ideas for content and implementing them, and income can exceed all the wildest expectations.


Let's get closer to the point and specific examples. We have identified several options for attracting traffic:


  • Working with social networks and video hosting with a recommender system. It is natural YouTube, TikTok, Instagram.
  • Creating your own content sites and blogs. 


Now it is important to note how to monetize this. There are CPA networks (CPA - cost per action), ready to pay for clicks, user registrations for their offers, who will follow their links from your resources. That is, to make money on the Internet for free on a website or social network, you need:


  1. Get social networks / sites / other resources to attract traffic (users / subscribers / viewers / readers).
  2. Register in the CPA network, choose an offer and get affiliate links.
  3. Generate content on topics relevant to the offer and motivate people to click on your links.
  4. Watch how your amount on the balance of the CPA network grows


Real examples of how to generate traffic to offers from CPA networks:


For example, you understand Apple technology and can tell something about it. It is not necessary to have all the gadgets with you. Beautiful footages from photo and video stocks are quite suitable. Then you need to choose an offer. To do this, you can use our directory of CPA networks and choose the one with offers for, say, the iPhone raffle (look for the sweepstakes vertical).


Next, we register, get an affiliate link, upload content and attach an affiliate link in the description. And in the video we definitely mention the draw. In order to get traffic from YouTube, TikTok or Reels, it is important to post content regularly, then you will get more views. 



Similarly, you can generate traffic from TikTok. Here is an example of a channel where a webmaster works with a gambling offer (affiliate link in bio). Strictly if your age is eighteen plus. If you are planning to make money online before the age of 18, then it is better to choose more neutral niches. 


Actually, in the same way, you can collect regular sites on constructors and get traffic to your affiliate links from Google, Bing, etc. 


Earnings on pumping game characters, accounts in social networks and selling game currency 

If you find it difficult to work with social networks or are not interested in selling things on websites, then computer games are the perfect way to make money online for a student. You can do this in the following ways: 


  • upgrade game accounts of popular online games;
  • upgrade player accounts in mobile games;
  • upgrade in-game items that are valuable for subsequent sale on specialized sites.


Actually, there is nothing more to say here. We simply create accounts in popular games that are valued in sites such as, play, put the account up for sale.



An example of selling a boosted account of a popular mobile game:


An example of how much top in-game items can be sold for:



Play2earn games can also be singled out separately. We are talking about crypto-games, where players initially buy an NFT character, upgrade it in in-game quests, and then sell it for a large amount. At the same time, as the game becomes popular, the cost of the in-game currency itself grows, for which you can sell your NFT avatar.


For example, if you bought an NFT avatar for 10 game coins, which cost $1 per coin, and then sold it for 50 game coins, the price of which increased to $3 per coin, then it turns out that you earned more than $140 net. 


Perhaps the most popular example of such a game is Axie Infinity, where the cost of game characters at the peak reached several hundred dollars. Now this game is no longer relevant, but every day there are new projects.



Important! Such games are the purest financial pyramid. The profit is received by the one who entered at the first stage of the development of the game and exited it in time by selling their in-game assets. 


Well, finishing the topic of pumping things that have value online, it is worth mentioning Facebook accounts. Yes, yes, they also have value and are willing to pay generously for them (real live accounts that are more than 1 year old are valued). You can find relevant ads on specialized sites.



Earnings on likes, subscriptions, questionnaires and applications

If you are looking for a way to make money online quickly and reliably under the age of 18, that is, to get money here and now, while doing simple actions, then welcome to CAP sites (Active Advertising Sites).


What to do:


  1. Register on these sites. It can be, for example, (there are a lot of such sites).
  2. Choose any task you like. This can be writing a review, subscribing to a profile on a social network, visiting and scrolling a site, downloading an application on a smartphone, rating an application on Google Play, and performing some other simple actions.
  3. Get profit! The only drawback is the price for such tasks. Since no skills are needed for this, employers are not ready to pay much for such work. Usually for 1 task you can earn from $0.05 to $2 depending on the difficulty. 


You can also pay attention to applications for making money. We have already talked about them in detail in the article "How to make money online from your phone." Let's go very quickly here. There are many applications that are willing to pay for such similar simple actions (most often, users are asked to take surveys). But they pay with vouchers from popular marketplaces: Amazon, Walmart, etc.


Freelancing (UpWork and others)

In addition to all of the above, no one forbids teenagers to earn on freelance. Having the right skill, the employer will not care who makes a design for him, mounts a video or writes a text. 


Other than that, if you are thinking about how to make money online as a full-time minor, then you might want to consider running social media for a small online business or internet project. Thinking up and posting the announcement of a new article on Facebook, conducting active correspondence on specialized forums for native advertising of the project, generating content to increase sales, and so on is quite within the power of a teenager with creative thinking. And the employer, in turn, can get a responsible and low-paid employee. 


Thus, you will receive a constant income and experience that can be profitably monetized in the future.



Reselling items from AliExpress

Trade is the engine of the economy and the well-being of the population. A well-known postulate for everyone who wants to make money. Here, the earnings scheme is quite simple and, if desired, you can combine it with the methods voiced earlier. 


The essence is the following:


  1. You find an interesting WOW product on AliExpress.
  2. Monitor prices and demand for similar products in your city.
  3. Set the price below the market (since you do not have the goods in stock, you will have to lure the buyer with tasty prices).
  4. Create profiles for your store on Facebook, Instagram and message boards.
  5. Promote the store through mass liking, mass subscriptions to profiles of the target audience.
  6. Receive money from customers and order goods. 


Also, if you have a hobby that can be monetized, you can make custom products: custom clothing, scented candles, costume jewelry, selling canvases and sell them through Amazon.



Online teaching for elementary and middle school students and speaking clubs

Perhaps the most ancient and easiest way to earn money for teenagers who study well at school. Not all parents want to spend money on expensive tutors to prepare for exams, not everyone who learns a foreign language has the opportunity to practice with native speakers, not everyone who learns to play the guitar will be able to comprehend the instrument through YouTube. In all this, you can also help people and earn decent money from it. 


Abusing and cryptocurrency arbitrage

And finally, we left the most exciting and, in a sense, gambling way of earning money for any age category (and for teenagers, it can be especially curious). 


What is the essence (we will explain as simply as possible): dozens of projects appear on the crypto market every day, each of which wants to attract the interest of users and investors. To do this, they issue their own tokens. By buying tokens, you are essentially investing your funds in this project. Like stocks in the stock market. 


But first, in order to raise interest in the project, these tokens can be obtained for free by simply reposting from the project page on social networks or by completing other simple tasks. So, by collecting hundreds of tokens from many projects and storing them in your spot wallet, all you have to do is monitor new projects and monitor the cost of old ones. If the project takes off, the price of the tokens you got for free will also rise and you will earn your premium 👌.


If it doesn’t become clearer, it’s better to watch the profile video: 


Prompt: projects release some fixed number of tokens in one hand. If you want to get more, use the anti-detect browser. What it is and how to work with it, we told in the article "What is an antidetect browser".



Any minor and high school student can earn money online. Age is not a hindrance! You can earn from your website, sell things, open your channel on YT, generate traffic and monetize it through CPA networks and even playing computer games. The possibilities online are endless, the main thing is desire! Bookmark our site if you want to learn more about moneymaking on the Internet! Let's earn together 💪.



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