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The world has become accustomed to illustrations and articles generated by artificial intelligence, but what if anyone, without coding knowledge, could create a website using a neural network in literally 1 minute? This is not an exaggeration: AI Website Builder can generate a professional website for you in mere seconds. Of course, we're talking about a simple WordPress-based site, but if you urgently need a landing page or a pre-landing page and there's no option to delegate this task, the neural network becomes a real lifesaver. Let's see how it works.


How to create a website using neural network

Step 1. We go to Click on “Generate Your Website”.



After this we click on “Create a new website with AI”. 



Additionally, with the help of 10Web, you can also migrate an existing website to WordPress, but in this article, we won't need this option.


Step 2. Choose the type of business for which you need a website - there are 80+ options available, from a personal blog to a legal firm's page.



Step 3. Select a style and color scheme for your website.



Step 4. Choose the design and structure of your website. The text and images for the content will be generated using AI.



Step 5. Now, let's move on to personalization. Enter the name of your website and describe your business. Ideally, include a description of your target audience and a unique selling proposition that sets you apart from competitors.



Highlight the four main services you provide or the problems your product solves for customers.



Add contact information (you can skip this step).



Finally, choose the tone of the content - formal or informal.


Step 6. Register or log in through your Google account to see a preview of the website.



Step 7. Now, all you need to do is click “Publish” and start generating the website. In less than a minute, you’ll have your website ready.



The website is generated in both desktop and mobile versions simultaneously. 



The neural network didn't replace the image, it kept the one that was in the template. However, you can edit everything, rearrange, and customize it without any coding knowledge, just by dragging and dropping blocks. 


For beginners, they offer a 7-day free trial without requiring a credit card, and the overall cost starts at $10 per month when subscribing for a year.



For this price, you not only get a website builder but also hosting, an SSL certificate, and other perks. Additionally, various widgets are available, and you can reach out to support for advice on what to add to suit your specific needs.


Overall, this is an interesting tool. If you need a webpage “like yesterday” and don't have much time or extra resources, creating a website with the help of a neural network is a good solution. The service's capabilities allow you to assemble a basic online store or a high-converting landing page. For more complex tasks, of course, you'll either need to delve into coding or hire a specialist.


Can AI completely replace programmers? Not yet. However, today you can create a website with the help of a neural network without coding knowledge or design skills - trying out the free trial for one week is definitely worth it.



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