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How to choose a gambling offer: a case on Brazil with a 105% ROI on the NineCasino offer


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Who it is for

  • 1. webmasters
  • 2. affiliates

Despite the wide selection of iGaming offers on the market, finding one that will bring stable profits in the long term is challenging. Before turning a profit, a buyer may need to test dozens of offers targeting different GEOs and spend a significant portion of their advertising budget. For those who want to save money and time on searching, we’ll show a case on promoting the Nine Casino offer from the Chilli Partners affiliate program in Brazil and explain how we select offers for testing!


When choosing an offer, we paid attention to the option of making deposits via Pix. 99% of all online payments in Brazil are processed through this payment system. During the testing phase, we noticed that using the payment system icon in creatives has a positive impact on the overall conversion rate.


For the ad campaign, we used the following:


  • Antidetect: Octo Browser;
  • Proxies: privat;
  • Payment cards: Private cards with a low risk payment trigger;
  • Accounts: a mix of in-house and third-party accounts;
  • Fan Page: a new type with warm-up from our in-house farming department;
  • Tracker: Keitaro + a custom analytics platform;
  • Apps: Android apps developed in-house and adapted for the campaign;
  • Creatives: motion videos + static images from our in-house production;
  • Accounts: agency accounts with high spending limits.


During the phase of finding the right combination, we launched 2-5 ad sets within a single campaign with small budgets. 


For the campaign, we selected the Fortune Tiger app, the Fortune Tiger landing page, and created creatives featuring this slot, which is currently the most popular among Brazilians.



Targeting settings 

We recommend starting with manual targeting settings. Manual targeting (age, gender, device type and OS, as well as placement) allows you to achieve better KPIs, conversions, and attract higher quality traffic. 


Targeting settings:


  • GEO: Brazil;
  • Age: 23-50;
  • Gender: М;
  • OS: Android.


We chose an Android-based app for two reasons:


  1. The majority of the country's population uses devices with this operating system.
  2. Android-based apps are easier to create with a high-converting design compared to iOS. They can be easily adapted for the combination and scaled.


There are two main approaches to creatives for Brazil: 


  1. Creatives with slots and emotions. You've seen them many times, but if not, you can easily find them in spy for inspiration and create something similar. The idea is as follows: first, show the game in the top slot, and then showcase the big win, the emotions of winning, and the withdrawal to the card.


Key nuances are originality and install optimization. In the beginning, installs are always more expensive, and you just need to overcome this because it’ll eventually result in profits through increased bets and long-term players. It's also essential to achieve a mandatory decrease in the install cost as the volume increases. As a result, you’ll have a working combination for volume.


  1. For large teams with the capacity to run high volumes, a branded news-style approach is suitable: well-made with voiceovers in the GEO's language and brand mentions in the voice. This creates additional trust and affects both conversions and quality. I'm sure everyone is aware that money flow approaches (money, beautiful girls, Lamborghinis, and Rolexes) work in BR. So, if you do this with the highest quality, it’ll convert exceptionally well.


Since this is our working combination at the moment, we can't showcase our creatives. However, in spy services, you can find a multitude of options tailored to your target GEO, such as these:



The target action is making a minimum deposit. The reward is paid on a CPA model and 

amounts to €30.


As a result of the ad spend, we obtained the following cost values:



  • Average cost per FTD → €14,63 (total of 3367 deposits) 
  • Average registration cost → €1,87 (total of 26 349 registrations)
  • Average install cost → €0,86 (total of 57 294 installs)


We scaled through budget and duplicate ad sets and campaigns. Both approaches yielded good ROI. We don't always use automated rules, and when we do, it's primarily for setting the installation price.

In summary, the total revenue from the advertising campaign was €101 010 with expenses of €49 273,17. As a result of the campaign, we earned a net profit of €51 736,82. The ROI was 105%.





How to choose an offer using the example of the NineCasino offer

Why we chose it:

  • Full localization for Brazil. The product's website is translated into Portuguese with a Brazilian dialect and optimized for the local mentality;
  • Bright interface in the colors of the Brazilian flag. The styling has a positive impact on the platform's trust level and the ad campaign's CR;
  • A wide selection of slots. The advantage of the online casino is the availability of the most popular local slots, including Fortune Tiger (which displaced Aviator from the top position in the top 5 in Brazil), Gates of Olympus, Crazy Time, Crazy Coin Flip, Plinko, Mines, Sweet Bonanza, Spaceman, and Auto-Roulette;
  • Sports betting. In addition to the online casino, NineCasino offers players the opportunity to place bets on sporting events, which is super important for locals since they are incredible sports fans;
  • Bonuses. Personal bonuses for all new users and weekly prizes in the “Wheel of Fortune” section;
  • Adding funds through local payment systems. Users can make deposits through national services (Pix, which is used by 90% of Brazilians, Boleto Bancario, Santander) in 17 currencies, including cryptocurrencies;
  • Mobile device support. The ability to play on any gadgets;
  • 100% player safety and confidentiality. NineCasino employs standard security protocols, encryption, and authentication using reliable encryption and key exchange;
  • Support. Round-the-clock player support in Portuguese and localized VIP support;
  • Loyalty programs. Frequent tournaments and actions with substantial prize pools in the national currency;
  • Quality SMM. Active gaming communities on social networks.



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