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Often, affiliate programs emerge out of nowhere and disappear just as mysteriously. Nowadays, launching a couple of offers and setting up the admin panel on Affise or Scaleo is no big deal. However, when experienced teams with the resources of major holdings take on the task, the difference in product quality becomes extremely noticeable. As you may have already guessed, today we’ll be talking about one such affiliate program - CpaRoll, the brainchild of the guys at RollerAds.

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    Antivirus, sweepstakes, whitehat, igaming, finance, crypto

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    Wire, Capitalist, Payoneer, Paxum, PayPal, Webmoney

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    Custom postback, promo-materials

As usual, let's explore what makes this affiliate program interesting for affiliates, what offers are available, how to register and start working in it, how to withdraw money, and we'll also look at a few reviews from webmasters.



Review of offers in the CpaRoll affiliate program

CpaRoll offers partners 400+ offers in any GEO. The full list of verticals starts with antivirus, sweepstakes, utilities, and VPN, and extends to crypto, finance, whitehat, and iGaming. Let's consider a few examples.


SG - McAfee - CPS. Since the affiliate network is primarily known for its wide range of antivirus offers, let's start with them. Here is an excellent offer for Singapore, where webmasters are willing to pay $32 for the installation and purchase of a license for the popular McAfee antivirus. The landing page is adapted to the GEO (with a photo of a local user and the local currency specified). Additionally, on the landing page, we see a discount that will further warm up the user.



DE - Makita 250 EUR - CPL. A classic SOI sweepstake for Germany. It’s interesting primarily due to the original prize and a clearly defined target audience. You can narrow the target and get a more predictable lead cost, plus it's easier to run campaigns, for example, on CPM with Facebook.



BD - GrameenPhone Carrier - Games Park - OTP. MVAS offer (mobile subscriptions) that caught our attention with its payout. It is quite high for Bangladesh. 



By the way, let's not forget that most of the presented verticals are perfect for push traffic, pops, in-page pushes, which you can find on Roller Ads. Moreover, these guys have an in-house push-subscription collector, so insert the monetization code into your landing page and get additional income.


Okay, we've covered the offers, now let's move on to something equally important — the service for affiliates.


Why it’s worth working with the CpaRoll affiliate program 

If you're already too lazy to read further, let's briefly list the key points you should know about this affiliate program:


  • A wide selection of offers, some of which are exclusive: currently over 600 in various verticals with payment models including CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS, RevShare, and others. If one vertical doesn't perform well, you can easily switch to testing another within the same platform.
  • High payouts! You can run offers with payouts up to $5 per install, up to $7 for SOI, and up to $35 for CC.
  • The team is ready to help! Upon request, the manager will provide ready pre-landers, creatives, and funnels for existing offers. They’ll also assist for free with landing page and pre-lander design, postback setup, smartlink creation, provide trusted sellers of agency accounts, and configure API integration.


Also, it might be worth noting that most offers have no source restrictions. You can use Email, Facebook, Push, Pop, In-Page Push, PPC, TikTok, Snapchat, SMS, etc. Naturally, fraud and incent traffic are prohibited.


How to register and start working with CpaRoll

Registration here is closed. They have a quite unique assortment of offers, and creating a thoroughfare from the affiliate program is not the case. To start working, you need to fill out an application: provide your name, surname, address, phone number, email, messenger contact, information about your experience, sources, traffic volumes, etc.


It's advisable to fill out the application in as much detail as possible, as this will increase your chances of getting your account approved. After confirming your email, you can expect to receive an approval confirmation within 24 hours at the email address you provided.



After approval, you’ll receive a link to your email for accessing your account, where you’ll need to create your future password. That's it, you're in your personal account!



Next, everything is standard. Go to the tab with offers, choose the vertical you are interested in. For offers that require approval, request access from your manager (contact information is provided when clicking on the person icon). Also, keep in mind that many offers are private, so if you haven't found something interesting, it's better to ask your manager for additional options.



It's important to mention a few words about the CpaRoll in-house platform here. As you can see, the navigation, dashboard, and overall design are custom. In addition to being visually appealing and user-friendly in terms of UX design, there is also a lot of functionality here that you won't find in other affiliate programs. For instance, in the account settings, you can notice notification customization (only a small part is shown in the screenshot).



The navigation between sections is also conveniently implemented, allowing for quick navigation through all the functionality available on the platform.



And last but not least, it's worth noting that despite such multifunctionality, everything is implemented very skillfully and without unnecessary “overloaded” functionality This is clearly evident in the postback setup form.



How to withdraw money from the CpaRoll affiliate program

To withdraw money, the CpaRoll platform supports several main payment systems: Wire, Capitalist, Payoneer, Paxum, PayPal, Webmoney. In your personal account, you attach your details and choose your preferred currency (USD payouts are available).


For partners with significant volumes, they are accommodating in terms of withdrawal methods and schedules!


The minimum withdrawal amount is $50. Payouts are made once a month. The hold depends on the offer and subject matter, but in the majority of verticals represented in the affiliate network, there is none by default.


P.S. By the way, these guys also have a referral program. So, referral partners can also earn their 5% and withdraw funds in CpaRoll.



Feedback on the CpaRoll affiliate program

If you already have experience working with this affiliate program, we encourage you to share your feedback in the comments below. Tell us about the offers you worked with, the GEOs and sources you targeted, how payments are handled, etc. Cases are welcome.


Here are a couple of reviews from other platforms:



Good luck and profitable ventures to everyone!


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Editorial opinion

Utility and sweepstakes offers are often unjustly overlooked due to low payouts. Although the market volumes and the ease of traffic acquisition in these niches far exceed those of, for example, nutra or e-commerce. If you've just entered affiliate marketing or have good experience working with pop traffic, then with CpaRoll, this is the place where you can get up to $5 per install, and it's not mandatory to target Tier-1 GEOs. Ideal for beginners, stable for experienced marketers.










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