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Multi-vertical network with in-house offers and a smartlink | Review of Zeydoo

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Nowadays, it's hard to find affiliate networks that offer good rates for simple targeted actions on utilities, software, and mobile apps. In most affiliate networks with utilities, rates for installs or registrations are either very low, or the offers are only given to trusted partners with a long history of working with the affiliate network.


Zeydoo, on the one hand, provides competitive rates, and on the other hand, offers accessibility to such offers for new partners.

  • Year of foundation:


  • Inhouse offers:


  • Payment frequency:

    twice a month

  • GEO of offers:


  • Minimum for cashout:


  • Referral program:


  • Verticals:

    Surveys, Sweepstakes, Mobile Apps & Utilities

  • Payment systems:

    Webmoney Z, PayPal, Bank Account

  • Tools:

    multi-vertical smartlink, monetization features

The affiliate network has several other advantages that will be interesting to a wide range of affiliates, making Zeydoo offers worth testing. Towards the end, we'll also explore what those who actively work with the affiliate network have to say about it.


Review of offers in the Zeydoo affiliate program

Zeydoo has around 150 offers, with over 25 of them being in-house. They also have about twenty Top offers, which are known for their high conversions and more favorable conditions compared to others. Most offers come with several pre-landers and landing pages for testing.



Zeydoo are considered experts in verticals such as sweeps, financial offers, utilities, software, as well as surveys and push subscriptions. The most offers, including top ones, are among the surveys and sweepstakes.


These are approximate figures, and for specific offers payout amounts may vary significantly from the overall picture.


Payout models include CPI, CPL, CPS, SOI Registration, and Free trial. There are other payout models as well, but currently, Zeydoo doesn’t have offers that utilize them. Sweepstakes, mobile apps, and utilities typically offer CPI and SOI. Software-related offers pay for trial version usage and purchases of the paid version. The majority of offers have only one payout format, with only a few featuring combined ones.


As for GEOs, most offers are practically worldwide or have a wide selection of countries, resulting in a variety of rates. Speaking of rates, they are as follows for most offers:


  • CPI and SOI — $0.01-$0.2 for tier-3, $0.2-$1 for tier-2, and $1-$2 for tier-1;
  • Free trial — $8-$10 for tier-1;
  • CPS — from $25 to $100, depending on the offer rather than the GEO.


Recommended offers are listed in the top row, and various promotions are showcased above them.



For example, the screenshot suggests paying for testing of a couple of Social Networking & Chats mobile app offers. Similar promotions are regularly held in Zeydoo.


In addition to regular offers, the affiliate network also provides a smartlink. 



“Smartlink” can encompass offers from verticals such as sweepstakes, mobile utilities, finance, as well as desktop games. It all depends on where you place it and the audience you target. The system will match suitable offers based on the visitor's operating system and GEO, then compensate you through revsharing. The rotation of offers in the smartlink can be configured in coordination with the affiliate network managers.


Why it’s worth working with the Zeydoo affiliate program

This affiliate network is suitable for both beginners and experienced affiliates who want to promote something other than products related to weight loss, anti-aging, and “dick creams”. Instead, it offers many other verticals that cater to affiliates with almost any specialization.


The abundance of payout models and GEOs makes it possible to start with Zeydoo, whether you have $20 000 or $1000 to begin with. Moreover, many offers allow working with less demanding traffic sources, such as push notifications, native ads, and teasers.


Zeydoo has a very extensive and developed system of additional monetization measures. For any offer, you can integrate a push subscription form, which will bring in an additional income.


In the affiliate network, new promotions are constantly emerging, such as “Extra money for tests”, “Funds for your tracker or ad network account”, and other useful bonuses. In addition to this, there are regularly held prize promotions, where the affiliate network offers everyone who increases their volumes to get a payout bump and valuable prizes.


Promotions appear both at the top above the list of offers and in notifications on the news feed. The news feed also publishes summaries of the average conversion for each GEO on a particular offer.


If your traffic exceeds the KPI and is profitable for the advertiser, lead payouts will be automatically increased—there is no need to request rate bumps.


Zeydoo has a mobile application that makes it convenient to check statistics, view new offers, and retrieve affiliate links if your PC is not nearby.


How to register and start working with Zeydoo

For registration, go to the homepage and open a partner account.



Next, add your first name, last name, email, and also a scan of your passport. KYC verification is necessary to later connect to offers.


After creating your account, you need to activate it. To do this, go to the email that the CPA network will send after registration and describe your experience in affiliate marketing, specify the desired traffic sources, and attach screenshots. Sometimes, the account activation may be denied, and in that case, you’ll need to contact support. If you haven't run traffic anywhere before and are taking your first steps in CPA, describe the approach you plan to use and the verticals you are interested in. Usually, after such an email, the account will be activated.


If you don't attach a passport scan and your account is approved, you’ll have to go through verification later to connect to offers.


After selecting an offer and connecting to it, a personal manager will contact you. If you wish, you can create a group chat in Telegram with him and one or two more affiliate managers, where you’ll discuss work-related issues.


How to withdraw money from the Zeydoo affiliate program

Payments are made twice a month. Withdrawal is possible to Webmoney Z (dollar wallet), Paypal, and a bank account. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100 for electronic wallets and $1000 for a bank account. The amount is transferred in full without any commissions.


Payments are made upon reaching the settlement date if the minimum withdrawal amount is met. Suppose you want to slightly shift the settlement date to accumulate a larger amount on your account before the payout, avoiding the need to wait until the next settlement date. You can contact your manager, and he may adjust this date for you.


Feedback on the Zeydoo affiliate program

Practically all reviews about the partner program are positive, and if there are any negative ones, they are either two or three years old or have been resolved with the representatives of the partner program.


A couple of recent reviews about Zeydoo on Partnerkin.


Last year's negative review on Partnerkin, closed by a Zeydoo representative.


A similar situation with reviews can be observed on other resources as well. For example, here are some reviews that appear on Zorbas.



Also one positive reviews about ZeyDoo on trustpilot.com, which also speaks about the excellent service and reputation of the affiliate program.



Therefore, the Zeydoo affiliate network deserves attention and, at the very least, a couple of tests of their offers. What do you think about this affiliate program? If you have any experience working with it, be sure to share it below.

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Zeydoo is one of the few affiliate networks that is almost free from negative reviews online, even though it’s used by a considerable number of affiliates, and cases related to it are not uncommon in affiliate publications. Therefore, let's take a closer look at this affiliate program and address the most relevant questions about it.










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