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ADLEADPRO - direct advertiser with in-house apps and exclusive offers on sweepstakes and mVas

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When you have experience with dozens of CPA networks, you constantly notice the same offers from the same advertisers. It's really annoying! Today on the review are the guys who prioritize not the quantity, but the exclusivity of offers for their partners — ADLEADPRO.

  • Year of foundation:


  • Inhouse offers:


  • Payment frequency:

    every day

  • GEO of offers:


  • Minimum for cashout:


  • Referral program:


  • Verticals:

    Sweepstakes, mVas, Nutra, Gambling, Betting, Mobile Content, CPI, Finance

  • Payment systems:

    USDT, PayPal, Capitalist, Wire

  • Tools:

    API, payment cards and agent accounts for Facebook, Google, TikTok, Bigo

Overview of offers in ADLEADPRO

Since there are a lot of offers now, we asked the manager for the most converting offers. Now the guys have a good convert on mVas to Asia with inApp, Push, Pops. Adult and mainstream content is consistently poured. 


Especially worth noting are 1click flow offers. What does it mean? The user subscribes in one click, the webmaster receives payments for each successful click. A small team of 3-5 people, partners make 8,000 daily conversions. Plus, you can combine offers with different flows. 


Speaking of mobile subscriptions, let's look at some interesting options.:


  • #3643 Truemove-Body Health. GEO - Thailand. Vertical - mainstream. Flow - 3click. Payment to the webmaster - $0.56. There are no restrictions on OS, devices and traffic sources. Average CR - 0.8%, EPC - $0.0045. The best source of traffic - pops.

  • #3066 Entel-MINIME. GEO - Peru. mVas-offer, where you need to promote a mobile application on GEO Peru. Payment to the webmaster - $0.66. CR is 9.42% and EPC is $0.0677. There are no restrictions on mobile operators.

  • #2852 Entel-Games LP6. GEO - Chile. CR - 9.03%, EPC - $0.0948. The payout is $1.68.


Well, do not forget that the guys have a decent inhouse. Several large projects are under development. They give you a test in private. Write to the manager!


Features and Benefits of the ADLEADPRO Affiliate Program

Perhaps the main feature of ADLEADPRO is working with local advertisers that no one else has on the market. This implies the presence of unique offers that have not been squeezed out, a GEO pool, private caps, no limits and high rates that will pleasantly surprise even an experienced webmaster. 


We have noted the following points: 


  • Huge selection of verticals (including quite rare ones): mVas, Mobile, Sweepstakes, CPI, Finance, Nutra, SP-offers, Insurance, E-com, in-house Apps.

  • WW: Latin America, Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, Africa, CIS - 198 Tier 1, 2, 3 countries.  

  • Lots of private offers. In total, there are 5000+ offers in the assortment. 

  • Tools to help the webmaster:rental apps, TikTok, Facebook and Google advertising accounts, payment cards, discounts on partner services.

  • They work with all traffic sources: Facebook, TikTok, VK, Instagram - any other social networks, push, pops, in-app, banners, Google, messenger traffic, etc. The main thing is that it be of high quality. 

  • Payouts every day. I wrote to the manager - I received the money on the same day.

  • Support with a cool expertise. If you are not yet well versed in setting up and turning advertising campaigns into a plus, the guys are ready to help and share their experience, insiders, because they are really interested in your profit.


To start working with ADLEADPRO, just enter your mail, create a password, leave your Skype or Telegram, and follow the link in the mail. We get access to the LC immediately. If there are any difficulties, then support will quickly answer in Telegram.


How to withdraw money from ADLEADPRO

Payouts are made individually upon request in Euros, US dollars and Singapore dollars. You can withdraw to USDT, Crypto, Capitalist, any WW and PayPal cards. Hold — from 1 day (depending on the offer).

Reviews about ADLEADPRO


And if you already have experience with ADLEADPRO, share it in the comments below - we always welcome real feedback from experienced and novice webmasters. All profit!

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Editorial opinion

The CPA network pleased me with a simple registration, an abundance of offers and useful tools. A beginner will not have to look for them all over the Internet, you can just get them through the manager. The media activity of the guys and participation in all Affiliate World conferences are also pleasing, so you definitely shouldn't worry about SCAM here. We definitely recommend testing.










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