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Get up to a 30% bonus on your deposit in 30+ advertising networks | ZaleyCash Review


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The affiliate market is rich in services that make the lives of webmasters easier. But few know that there are services where you can fund your account in multiple advertising networks and get up to 30% extra on your balance. A significant boost to ROI, isn't it? Below, we'll delve into what this service is, the specific services it offers, the pitfalls present, and the real benefits it provides — all in our new review of ZaleyCash. Let's go!


As a tradition, we don't forget about promo codes for our readers: register via this link and get +5% on your first replenishment to your advertising budget with the promo code ZCBONUS5 until February 5th. 


What is ZaleyCash and what bonuses are available here

But let's go in order. When we trust our money to a service, reputation plays a crucial role. And here everything is clean. We checked. Screenshots, by the way, will be at the very bottom :)

Alright, all jokes aside, the project was launched in July 2017 and was initially focused on affiliate marketers. Now, of course, the guys are diversifying into other niches, but the backbone of the service remains the same — to help webmasters increase profits from their CPA campaigns and conveniently transfer funds between their wallets, affiliate network balance, and advertising networks.

Let's delve into this in more detail. ZaleyCash allows you to: 


  • Top up the balance of 35+ networks (including agency accounts for Facebook, Google, and TikTok) with bonuses up to 30%.
  • Not only top up but also return funds from the network balance back into your turnover.
  • Replenish the balance of advertising networks with funds from the affiliate program, bypassing withdrawal to your requisites.
  • Directly work (via agency accounts) with networks that are difficult to access independently. For example, with Huawei Ads, Xiaomi Ads, Telegram Ads, and others.
  • Use payment systems for topping up the account that the advertising platform itself may not support. In other words, if you have funds in USDT and the network only accepts PayPal, you can "convert" through ZaleyCash and get an additional bonus.


And, most importantly, all of this is available in one interface! 


In addition, the team has good connections with the moderation of the platforms featured in the service. Therefore, through this service, you can receive consultation on the source and creatives, as well as obtain an agency account and work without bans (only for white verticals).


How to start working with ZaleyCash

Any collaboration with services begins with registration, and ZaleyCash is no exception. Go to the link, click on "Registration", and fill in all the fields.



Be sure to enter the phone number that is in your physical possession. SMS verification is required both at the registration stage and in the future, serving as an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access to your finances.



After SMS confirmation, you immediately gain access to the platform. No additional checks, approvals, or KYC processes are required. You get instant access to your personal account.


How to replenish the balance and what commissions are there in ZaleyCash

Right after registration, you can top up your balance. Funds in the ZaleyCash personal account can be allocated among all available ad networks at your discretion. You can replenish your account in the service using Capitalist, WebMoney WMZ, a bank card, and cryptocurrencies (USDT, USDC, ETH, TRX, etc.).


And the most pleasant thing, as we already mentioned above, is that you can transfer money directly from your affiliate program. Many major CPA networks are on the ZaleyCash list:



By the way, about topping up your account directly from affiliate programs. In this case, not only will you replenish the balance without a commission, but you’ll also receive a 5% bonus depending on the affiliate program.


So, it's a double benefit. You earned $2000 and decided to reinvest it back into traffic. You put this money into ZaleyCash and get $2100 in your account, which you then use to replenish, for example, Google Ads with a 20% bonus. This way, your $2000 turns into $2420. Nice? Very :)



Also, regarding fees! The ZaleyCash service itself is free. It simply takes its percentage from your operations on the side of advertising networks. But there is a fee for topping up the advertising account, and it’s not related to an attempt to earn extra from you, but rather due to transaction costs. If they wanted to earn from you, there would be no 0% commission on some forms of payment:


  • Capitalist — 0% commission for replenishment;
  • Cryptocurrency — 1%;
  • Bank cards — 2.5%. 


At the same time, keep in mind that you’ll receive a bonus much larger than when replenishing. So, users of the service will hardly feel these fees.



And you can also earn extra through the referral program: 1% of all payments from your referrals for the first 4 months, then 0.5% on a permanent basis. It may seem like a small percentage, but just bring in one major advertising agency with a good turnover, and you can continue to run traffic without using your own money for a lifetime :)



Which advertising networks can be replenished through ZaleyCash (full list) and how to do it

In addition to the agency accounts of Facebook, Google Ads, and TikTok, you can directly top up your account in the following advertising networks (by the way, since ZaleyCash initially operated in Eastern Europe, there are many local advertising networks from the CIS):




Important! In the personal account itself, you won't find mentions of specific bonus percentage rates for each advertising network. This is related to certain nuances of cooperation with specific advertising networks. However, if you are interested in a specific advertising network and its bonus rate, you’ll get a direct answer to your request from the support. By the way, the support team works in both Russian and English languages.


Additionally, the guys have a bunch of partners (proxies, antidetect browsers, cloaking services, trackers, etc.) that also offer bonuses to ZaleyCash partners. You can find them right under the list of available advertising networks. There are a lot of them, so we'll limit ourselves to one screenshot.


Feedback on the ZaleyCash service

As a tradition, all registered AffJournal readers can leave their feedback on any service featured on our website. If you have already worked with ZaleyCash, we look forward to hearing from you in the comments. To everyone else, we wish you successful tests! ✌️





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