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Pre-landing: what is it, why is it needed, how it happens and where to get it


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In affiliate marketing, pre-landing plays a special role. Without it, half of the profit of affiliates in the gray verticals simply would not exist. So we are sure that every beginner should definitely get acquainted with this tool and take it into service. Actually, what is pre-landing, why is it needed, how it looks and where to get it, we will tell in this material.


Pre-landing for an offer in the crypto-vertical


What is pre-landing and what functions does it perform

Pre-landing page (often found in slang as "laying") is an intermediate content page between the traffic source (Facebook, Google Ads, etc.) and the offer page (landing / website). This is one of the components of the sales funnel that "warms up" the visitor and redirects him to the landing page.


The gasket contains information that motivates the user to purchase. The intermediate page itself does not sell anything, but performs the following functions:


  • “Warming up” the user. The user needs to be interested in the product and persuaded to purchase a product, subscribe or order a service.
  • Weeding out inappropriate traffic and bots. Some users click on advertisements by accident or for the sake of interest. Screening pads are used to avoid blocking the offer due to “empty” transitions and improve the quality of traffic in advance.
  • Traffic rotation to different landing pages. When testing several funnels, a pre-lander can be used to collect and redirect traffic to the landing pages of different advertisers who work in the same offer vertical and find out where it will convert better.
  • Сloaking. When working with gray niches, the pre-lander can be used as an additional page for moderation and blocking bypass.


Additionally, we note that non-targeted traffic can also be monetized by redirecting the user to the storefront. About what it is - how much we will tell. 

Showcase with CPA offers


Types of pre-landers and user engagement techniques

Based on the fact that pre-landers mainly present the product, there are several design options:


  • Blog styling. To increase the user's level of trust and encourage him to purchase a product, pre-landers are quite often designed in the form of a blog. The authors tell how their life has improved, share advice and “from the bottom of their hearts” recommend buying the product.
  • Expert opinion.Prelanding can be designed as an article from a professional on a topical issue. In most cases, the content of pre-landers affects the solution of any everyday problem. Talking about ways to resolve the user's pain, the expert mentions the product of the offer several times. For example, in the nutra, doctors are usually experts.
  • Before “and after” pages. A subspecies of pre-landers that can be integrated into any view. Such articles provide a clear example of how the product works, allow the user to be convinced of the effectiveness of the product, which fuels his interest and motivates him to buy. 
  • Pages with reviews or in the format of "question and answer". Positive and laudatory reviews create a good reputation and increase interest in the product. There are still many users on the Internet who believe non-existent reviews of non-existent people.
  • Мini games. For example, pre-landers for the sweepstake vertical of this kind are used by webmasters everywhere, and there are a lot of them in spy services. The user spins the wheel, the third time the script gives out a prize.
  • Survey website. A marketing technique that involves the user in the sales funnel. After completing the survey, the user is offered to go to the landing page and perform a targeted action with a product that is supposedly selected just for him.
  • News. Fake pages designed to look like popular media sites. Quite often misleading inexperienced users, but work great.


IMPORTANT: be careful with the use of pre-lander news. Mimicking a website for local media can be considered a crime in many countries. This will create problems not only for the advertiser, but also for other participants in the process. By using a fake of an existing popular site, you are deliberately infringing on copyright. So it goes. 


Where to get a pre-lander for CPA offers

You can ask the affiliate network manager or borrow someone else's pre-landing in a spy service. Most webmasters limit themselves to slightly adapting other people's work to their own approaches (a superficial knowledge of HTML is required). 


In fact, the pre-lander is just as important a step in the sales funnel as the landing page. Creation of creatives, landings or pre-landers is the creative part of CPA work. Therefore, it is more correct to try to come up with approaches and create pre-landings on your own.


Also note that embedding sites are not used in all verticals. When working with a “hot” audience (traffic of premium products, crypto, finance and real estate), which is already ready to make a purchase, it is more profitable to invest in creating an attractive landing page.


Editorial opinion

CPA marketing is not only technical knowledge, but also creativity. Creating pre-landers and landing pages is an integral part of any successful advertising campaign. A rare product can sell itself, but promotion almost always requires an “approach”. A real media buyer himself generates bundles and creates pre-landers, landings and creatives, and not someone who can just poke buttons in ADSmanager.




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