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Often, various extensions flash in our manuals that help to pass authentication, create a FP, or can tell you why FB gave a ban. Actually, here is the whole list with links. Load extensions into the anti-detect browser and work comfortably: 


▶️ MaskFb - the extension will tell you what FB banned. 

▶️ FBHelper - a real multi-tool that combines information about the status of your ads, proxies, cookies, etc.  

▶️ FB Acc Status Plugin - another useful extension where you can get all the information on your accounts (limits, spend, linked card, etc.) and in addition to this create BM and FP. 

▶️ Facebook Pixel Helper - allows you to check the correct operation of the pixel on the site.

▶️ 2FA Authenticator - generates two-factor authentication codes right in the browser.

▶️ Dolphin - An extension from antidetect-browser of the same name allows you to quickly create an account in the self-hosted version of the Dolphin autofill by adding an access token, cookies, proxies and tags.


And in the comments they attached a sign with a description of what this or that ban means. 👇



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