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How and where to buy Facebook accounts for multi-accounting through an anti-detect browser


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Who it is for

  • 1. webmasters
  • 2. affiliate

We often see on the forums that some webmasters farm accounts on their own and warm them up in order to get at least some trust in the eyes of Facebook. At the same time, few people say that high-quality farmed accounts according to certain scenarios can be freely bought from dozens of shops. What are these shops, where to look for them and how to buy such accounts - we tell in this material.



In which shops can I buy trust Facebook accounts

Let's start with a list of shops that are on the market. Here is just a small part of them. All links without referral links, so not advertising, but friendly advice. But do not rush to run away, below we will tell you how not to get on SCAM.


rocket-farm, fb-dealer, 1fb.shop, ddtfarm, ttshop-acss, mammothacc, akks.top, aqtraffshop, lorem_impsum, fbstore, hamster-store, makemoneyshop, savannaaccs, toxic-kings, abruzzofarm, fb_fuck, afterzavod_shop

How to understand that the seller is not deceiving you

Considering that many newcomers have joined affiliate marketing over the past year, and many shops even for old clients sometimes turn out to be empty, here is a little note on how to understand that the account bought from the left seller was really farming. Everything is simple here:


  1. Checking the activity log. To do this, go to your account settings, select the item "Your information on Facebook" → "Action log" → "View". This is what a 14+ day farm looks like.
  2. Checking interests. Go to the FB feed, see if there are ads. If it is not there, then this already tells us for sure that this is just an autoreg. If there is, then click on the three dots on the ad and on the item "Why do I see this ad" → "Ad settings" → "Change advertising preferences" → "Categories of interests". If interests are not indicated → this is not a farm. 


These two simple steps will save you from 99% of bans due to a weak account. Let's go further.

What accounts are on sale and what to choose

The supply adjusts to the demand, and there are many schemes for working with FB. If you are a beginner, then you should start with a standard setup - this is a farm account and several autoregs.


The essence is simple: we take a farm account, create a FanPage on it (if it doesn’t exist), link autoregs with it and use the trust of the farm account to launch campaigns from the autoregis ad cabinets, thereby saving the farm account from bans. 


To assemble such a setup, we need:


  1. Go to any shop using the links above and first of all pay attention to the farming section. Farm 14+ days today is standard. If it's less then don't take it. Also pay attention to the GEO of the account. In this case, the guys are selling Ukrainian accounts. If you do not want to lose trust, then take care of the proxy of the same GEO. Next, you can pay attention to the presence of a BM (business manager). Advertising can be run on behalf of BM, which can also be used in your setup. This will be a definite plus. 
  2. Next, open the description of the account and familiarize yourself with the bundle. What you see in the screenshot is a necessary minimum for convenient work.
  3. Next, we buy autoregisters in the appropriate section. As you can see, their price is lower than pharma. In recent months, by the way, polish autos with passed checks normally spend without being tied to the farm, so you can experiment. 


When buying accounts, immediately think about what setup you will collect. Actually, the process of buying and preparing an account for work will be shown below.

How to buy an account in the shop and what it is

In most of the shops presented above, you can buy accounts in two ways - through the website and through the Telegram bot. Let's take a look at each one and see what we get.


Be sure to read the description before buying. Attentively. After that, add the product to the cart. Then we click on the basket, select how many accounts we need and, in fact, proceed to payment. Enter the mail to which the file with the account will be sent. Enter the coupon, if any. Choose a payment method. It's great that there is USDT.


We pay and pick up accounts by mail.

By purchasing an account, you get this file with the following information:


  • Username and password separated by a colon. The colon does not need to be copied;
  • Mail linked to the account and password from it;
  • Date of birth specified when registering an account;
  • Link to acc;
  • User agent;
  • EAAB token;
  • Cookies. Anything that starts with [ and ends with ] are all cookies.



In the case of a bot, everything is the same, only in the Telegram interface. Simply choose the item you want and pay for it. The issuance of an account is automatic. There will be problems - you can always write to the support, the guys are usually responsive.


How to get it into the antidetect browser

Actually, now we go to the antidetect browser, in our case it is Dolphin, and click on the "+" icon at the top.


In the tab that opens, we give the name of the account, write tags (it is convenient when there are many accounts in operation), add proxies purchased in advance for the GEO of the account and see the field with cookies. We go to our previously received file and copy all the characters from one square bracket to another.


Then click "+Create". Update proxy and click Start. 


Something like this. Buy accounts, read AffJournal and be happy.



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