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Want to do it well — do it yourself! Case with 249% ROI on W-LOSS (Hungary) from Forever Young Team


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Who it is for

  • 1. webmasters
  • 2. affiliates

With you today is the Forever Young Team, and we have a case for you on a weight loss offer with 249% ROI! As for choosing the offer: my colleague and I used to work in different teams before, but then we decided to create our own. We’ve promoted this offer before and knew that it performs well.


In the usual scenario, webmasters would typically just make their traffic unique and run it blindly, hoping for conversions. However, after forming our team, we completely changed our approach to promoting this offer. We created new creatives, videos, and texts, and improved our setup. Essentially, we developed an entirely new combination based on the existing one. We thoroughly tested every detail multiple times. The result: 249% ROI and $9 349 in net profit.


In general, if you want to do something well, do it yourself. If you adapt someone else's setup, do it thoroughly.


Basic information: 


  • GEO: Hungary
  • Campaign period: 01.01.2023 — 16.05.2023
  • Total leads: 1124
  • Confirmed leads: 480
  • Bid: $28
  • Approval rate: 42,7%
  • Expenses: $3 755
  • Revenue: $13 104
  • Profit: $9 349
  • ROI: 249%


Features of running traffic

We have a time-tested workflow: we start with a test run of 3 ad sets per campaign, comparing their approval/cost-per-lead metrics and other indicators and selecting the best ones. We deactivate the underperforming ad sets. We start with spending accounts, setting budgets at $25–50, but sometimes up to $250–350. For the campaign, we typically allocate a budget of at least $50, with $15–20 for each ad set. As the accounts gain traction, we increase the budgets. We run campaigns non-stop 24/7. Our target audience's age range is 35–60 years old.


Separately I’d like to emphasize the importance of a serious approach to FP. For each advertising campaign, we either create or carefully adapt well-filled FP. The entire text of the FP must be written in the language of the target GEO. In this case, when creating FP, we used photos and designs related to weight loss. Practice has shown that this approach works well.


Regarding proxies: we use IPv6 (HTTPs). We take different GEO proxies, but it's not crucial. We purchase the proxies from the service proxy6.net. We use Dolphin anty as the antidetect. Payment is done through Adpos. Our tracker is Keitaro. We cloak using the standard tracker filters. We don't attach more than two advertising accounts to one account. We acquire domains using the CheapNamesBot bot. Creatives consist of 1 photo and 1 video. The primary and additional texts are always written by us.



We used texts like follows:


  • Csak két csepp naponta! (Just two drops a day!)
  • A gyorsabb fogyásért. (For faster weight loss.)
  • Éjszaka fejti ki hatását. (It works while you sleep.)
  • Javítja az alvást. (Improves sleep.)








During the campaign period, we spent $3755 on advertising for this offer and earned $13104. Unfortunately, we can't provide a screenshot from Adpos since we're simultaneously working with several affiliate networks, and we don't track Facebook spending in our tracker; we calculate everything manually. In total, our net profit was $9349, and this is just from one offer in a specific GEO. If you consider that we're not farming consumables but buying ready-made ones, the ROI could be even higher than 249%. However, we're not too greedy, and a 3,5-fold profit in exchange for saved time suits us just fine. :)



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  • Want to do it well — do it yourself! Case with 249% ROI on W-LOSS (Hungary) from Forever Young Team