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  • 700 million clicks on Web Push and In-Page Push formats | Review Push.House

700 million clicks on Web Push and In-Page Push formats | Review Push.House

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The success of advertising push campaigns depends on multiple factors: engaging creatives, optimization skills, the freshness of the ad network's database, the quality of the anti-fraud system, the volume of traffic in your desired GEO, as well as in-house solutions that enhance the clickability of advertising formats. As you can already tell, today we are talking about a source where all of the above is available — Push.House.

  • Date of creation:


  • Traffic volume per month:

    700 million clicks + feeds

  • Formats:

    Web Push, In-Page Push

  • Forbidden subjects:

    no adult

  • Average click price:


  • Top up methods:

    Visa/Mastercard, USDT, CoinPayments, Capitalist, Bitcoin, PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney

  • Minimum deposit:


  • Referral program:


  • Tools:

    Buttons, badges, audiences, integration with any tracker, free Spy service

Below, we will discuss how much traffic is available in this push network, what advertising formats and custom tools are provided to partners, the amount of traffic in the top 10 GEOs, the cost per click, the minimum deposit, and more. Let's go!

Advertising formats and available GEOs in Push.House

You can familiarize yourself with the advertising formats directly on the landing page of the advertising network. Here, you can also see animations that demonstrate how this format appears on the device of your potential target audience. Although, of course, experienced media buyers are already familiar with these formats - Push, Inpage, Native, and iOS Push.

A bit lower, you can find the TOP 10 GEOs by traffic volume, minimum/average/recommended bid sizes, and the number of clicks in the last 24 hours. By clicking “View all countries”, you'll be taken to a complete table of all GEOs. You can filter the positions you need and immediately determine how much traffic you can get and at what price in Push.House.

TOP GEOs by traffic volume in Push.House


Please note! In addition to their own push subscription base, the team also connects additional sources. Since Push.House is a project of the House.Group holding, which also includes the push subscription monetization affiliate program Partners.House, the multi-vertical CPA network CPA.House, the traffic filtering service (which we have already reviewed) Cloaking.house, and Spy.House - a free SPY service, the advertising network has multiple additional traffic sources that every partner can use!


The administration of the advertising network will provide additional information about new feeds in the news feed in the personal account.

Summary of the advantages of working with Push.House

Now, let's take a closer look at some points we'd like to highlight in more detail. When partnering with Push.House, affiliates receive:


  • A complete guide on traffic launch, macro configuration, audiences, and all custom settings;

  • Badges and buttons to boost CTR of creatives. For example, you can add an icon of a missed call or a message from Tinder to your push notification (we'll demonstrate this below) and configure a Call to Action button;

  • The ability to run campaigns for 18+ landing pages (without explicit nudity in creatives);

  • The ability to estimate the approximate amount of traffic you can get with your current bid and targeting settings (campaign settings will be shown below);

  • Quick moderation (typically 20-50 minutes); 

  • Creation and saving of audiences based on black/white lists. This allows you to use the same lists in different campaigns and set up retargeting based on them.


And of course, bonuses are a must. Just like on other House.Group projects, in the “Bonuses” section of your account, you'll find numerous promo codes from project partners.

How to start buying traffic in the Push.House advertising network

Any work begins with registration, so let's start with that. Push.House is great because they won't ask you to fill out a bunch of financial documents, provide all your details and passport information, specify your relationship with the network owner, and so on.


You simply click on “Sign Up” → enter your profile name → enter your email and password, Telegram/Skype contact → confirm your email, and you can immediately proceed to top up your account.

You can top up your account in the “Finance” section, but we'll come back to that later. For now, let's go to the “Create campaign” section and set up our first campaign.


For starters, we give our campaign a name and choose the vertical for which we are launching traffic. Then, add the link to which users will be directed when they click on your creative. You can also add the necessary macros to the link here. When you reach this setting, all macros values will be displayed on the right. You can also choose the subscription base to work with. You can leave one or enable both.

Next, you select the offer's GEO based on the GEO data from the table above and the recommended CPC, and set the optimal value for you. Like in other advertising networks, the more you pay for traffic, the more premium placements are chosen by the auction, and the better traffic you get.


Here, you can further customize targeting by cities, devices, language, OS, browser, and subscription age. We'll talk more about audiences below. You can also set the budget and click limits here.

Next, set the schedule for displaying your campaign and upload your creatives. Pay attention to the option to choose an icon relevant to your vertical, as well as macros for the city and country (which will be automatically selected based on the user).

You can also use another feature here - “Text for button”. Here's what it looks like in action.

P.S. In the end, if necessary, don't forget to check the box next to “Stop after moderation”. 


Once your advertising campaign is launched, it's important to optimize it promptly to avoid spending your advertising budget on an audience that isn't relevant to your offer.  After spending a certain budget and receiving analytics on platform IDs, you can set up black and white lists, as well as retargeting based on the white list. You can do all of this in the “Audience” section and then add this audience in the settings of your advertising campaign.

In the “Tracking” section, you can set up integration with any well-known tracker. What's great is that you can immediately ensure that everything is working perfectly and that clicks aren’t lost during the test conversion: the system generates a test banner with your target URL, you click on the banner, land on your landing page, perform the desired action, and if your S2S postback settings are correct, the system will record the conversion. Convenient!

We also recommend checking the “Rules” and “FAQ” sections before starting work. They are there for a reason, and to avoid misunderstandings and account blocks, familiarize yourself with all the rules of the advertising network (fortunately, they don't require anything supernatural from your combinations). If you have any questions left, feel free to contact support through the ticket system or directly on Telegram.



Ways to top up your balance and minimum deposit in the Push.House advertising network

As you can see in the screenshot below, you can top up your balance in Push.House using Visa/Mastercard, USDT, CoinPayments, Capitalist, Bitcoin, PayPal, Paxum, and WebMoney. The minimum deposit is only $50. 


P.S. By using the AffJournal promo code, you get a 10% bonus on your balance from the amount of your first deposit.

By the way, you can also top up your turnover through referrals. Bring in friends and receive 3% of the amount of their top-ups.

Feedback on Push.House


As a tradition, we encourage everyone who has already launched campaigns in this advertising network to share their feedback, and ideally, case studies! Help us develop the recommendation system on our portal, and may the holy ROI be with you :)

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Editorial opinion

Push format is being buried every year, but the cases suggest otherwise. A 40% ROI with minimal expenses is the minimum you can expect from this source. But not without nuances. In addition to constantly sorting white/blacklists and searching for new approaches, you need to find high-quality traffic. Push.House is one of the few sources you can trust and start making your first profit with this advertising format.










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  • 700 million clicks on Web Push and In-Page Push formats | Review Push.House