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  • 10 Billion daily ad impressions worldwide across 15,000 exclusive traffic sources | Review of AdMaven

10 Billion daily ad impressions worldwide across 15,000 exclusive traffic sources | Review of AdMaven

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Today, we are reviewing an advertising network that many don't need an introduction to — AdMaven. However, if you're just starting your journey in affiliate marketing, know that this network combines the uncombinable: it’s large, and rigorously maintains its brand in terms of traffic quality, while remaining quite accessible. A deposit of just $50 will give you access to premium tier-1 and tier-2 country platforms, allowing you to acquire a significant amount of traffic at a reasonable price.

In summary, in our review of AdMaven, we'll explore the network, the advertising formats it offers, as well as the tools and features it provides.

  • Date of creation:


  • Traffic volume per month:

    10+ Billion daily ad impressions WW

  • Formats:

    Popunder, Push, In-Page Push

  • Forbidden subjects:


  • Average click price:


  • Top up methods:

    PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, Epayments, Bluesnap, Wire

  • Minimum deposit:


  • Referral program:


  • Tools:

    Auto Optimization

It's worth starting with the fact that the network has been in the market since 2015 and currently generates 10 billion impressions daily on over 15 000 platforms. Moreover, you can pay for both impressions (CPM) and clicks (CPC). By the way, there is also a CPA model, but we haven't tested it, so we won't focus on it.


Moderation here is lenient, but blackhat is not tolerated. However, you can promote Adult! It’s strictly prohibited to promote tech support, scareware, malware, illegal activities, which is generally understandable. A great solution would be to test traffic on offers from dating, browser extensions, software and utilities, and applications niches.



We almost forgot about the promo code! Guys gave us the promo code "Extra50", with which you'll receive an extra $50 on your balance when depositing $200 or more. In short, you deposit $200, and they credit you $250. The promo code is valid until March 1, 2024, and only for newly registered. You can activate it through support.


Advertising formats and available GEOs in AdMaven

When it comes to advertising networks of this level, all GEOs are accessible. Let's close the discussion on that :) The only thing worth emphasizing is that this network is primarily focused on traffic in tier-1 and tier-2 countries. However, you'll find sufficient traffic for tier-3 as well.


Here are some statistics from AdMaven, which you can download from their website using this link if you wish.


Some statistics on traffic volumes in a number of GEOs for the push format.


And some more similar statistics on popunders.


AdMaven tested and offered different types of advertising over the years, but these two have stood the test of time, as you can already gather from the information above:


  • Push notifications and In-Page Push. These are classic pushes that everyone knows and successfully uses. They are suitable for any vertical mentioned above. This format is also excellent for beginners and a working tool for experienced affiliates who know how to optimize campaigns effectively and scale them.


  • Popunder. This format is still widely used for traffic arbitrage in various verticals, from adult and dating to gambling. After all, it's impossible not to notice it, and you have a good chance of grabbing the user's attention with a compelling creative. In other respects, it’s recommended to work with straightforward payment models, as repeat interaction with the user, and consequently, any form of retention, is not possible within the format.



Which format to choose is entirely up to you. If you have never worked with pop traffic, try push notifications. They are simpler and easier to grasp. If you have experience with similar formats, you already know what suits you best.


Summary of the advantages of working with AdMaven

Let's additionally highlight a few points that make it worth testing AdMaven:

  • Click limitation by IP. Arbitrageurs working with AdMaven can limit the number of clicks for each IP, thus regulating the frequency of mailings. Normally, push notifications are sent to each user once per hour.
  • Impressions bypassing ad blockers. AdMaven distributes push notification and pops using an internal technology that ensures bypassing ad blockers. According to statistics, this technology increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by 20% or more. With this approach, there's no need to worry about anti-fraud.
  • Simple integration with a tracker. It's enough to just insert the link and set up the necessary macros (the interface will be below). 


The network also offers the opportunity to earn through its referral program. Share your link with friends and receive 4% of their advertising budget throughout the year. The guys wrote more about this in their blog.



How to start buying traffic in the AdMaven advertising network

To begin any kind of work with an advertising network you need to register first. Go to the AdMaven website, click on the "Sign Up" button, and choose that we are an Advertiser. If publishers are reading this, then select the corresponding option.

The registration process itself involves standard questionnaire filling, where you need to provide your name and email, create a password, specify the country of residence, provide a contact for communication in any convenient messenger, and give the marketing team a bit of analytics by answering the question "How did you hear about us?".



After that, approve the registration by following the link in the email, and that's it.



Next, you replenish your account (more on that later) and get acquainted with the personal account.



And, of course, we proceed to create our first advertising campaign on AdMaven. To do this, click on "Campaigns". Choose the advertising format. For our example, let's take the push format and get down to business.


If you already have ready creatives, the campaign can be launched in just 10 minutes. In the first window, enter an arbitrary name for the campaign, set budgets for the campaign, daily spending limits, and the cost per click. Then you can choose how to spend the budget — Evenly or ASAP, the number of daily clicks, and how many impressions and clicks per one IP. Basically, everything you see in the screenshots below.



Click on "Next" and configure targeting by GEO, language, ad display time, operating systems, types of devices, browser, type of network connection, and mobile operator. All of this is conveniently presented in lists with the ability for quick filtering. There is also a feature called "Auto-include new browser versions".



After that’s done, click "Next" again, and all that's left is to add your blacklists, enable smart bid optimization (if desired), and configure integration with your tracker, which we always recommend doing.



The final step is to add creatives and the affiliate link. Once you've done that, submit the campaign for moderation. As soon as it's checked for Policy violations, it’ll be approved, and you can start running traffic.



If you get confused, a comprehensive guide from the AdMaven team is available to help you. With over 40 articles, it addresses all frequently asked questions.


Ways to top up your balance and minimum deposit in the AdMaven

In conclusion, let's say a few words about replenishing your account in the network's dashboard. Go to the "Budget Manager" tab and click on the "Add Funds" button. A form will appear, and if you have diligently filled in the information during registration, you just need to toggle the "Billing information same as account information" switch to the active position. If not, you'll have to fill in the fields separately.



After that, click on "Next step" and see the available top-up methods. If, for some reason, the image doesn’t load, the available payment methods in AdMaven are as follows: PayPal & Credit Card (Processed by PayPal), Credit Card, Wire & More (Processed by BlueSnap), Paxum, Capitalist USD. You can also replenish your account with a coupon if you happen to have one.



That's about it. Enter the desired amount, choose the payment method, and fill in the details. Remember that the minimum deposit here is $50, and if you top up $200, you'll get an additional $50 as a gift using our promo code "Extra50". Good luck!


Feedback on AdMaven

As a tradition, we encourage everyone who has already launched campaigns on this advertising network to share their feedback, and ideally, case studies! Help us develop the recommendation system on our portal, and may the holy ROI be with you :)


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Editorial opinion

Companies like AdMaven are quite rare in any market, not just among affiliates. It's not often you come across teams that are so motivated to maintain their brand while also not filtering out a large group of webmasters with a high minimum deposit requirement. Therefore, for everyone working with white verticals that perform well with pops & push traffic, we’d recommend testing this traffic source first! Profit and success to everyone 🤝










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  • 10 Billion daily ad impressions worldwide across 15,000 exclusive traffic sources | Review of AdMaven